Leaves Rules for Federal and Provincial Govt Employees

Leave rules 1981 are still applicable and there are amendments and explanations time to time. Leave rules for all the civil Govt Employees of Federal as well as Provincial Govt Employees has been fully described here. The detail of Leaves on full pay, leave on half pay, medical leave, special leave for female staff, maternity leave, disability leave, leave without pay is as under:

How Leave is earned

  •  A Govt servant earns leave as and when he is in service except on earned leave. When an employee is on earned leave, there will be no count of leave in his credit of the period he/she is on earned leave.
  • A period spent by a Govt servant in Foreign Service will qualifies him to earn leave but the condition is that he/she must be paid by the Govt.
  •  A Govt employee of Non-Vacation department (or an employee who has not vacations round a year .eg summer holidays, winter holidays etc) will earn 4 leaves on full pay in a full calendar month. Duty period less than 15 days in a month will not be credited in to the leave credit of an employee. If the duty period is more than 15 days, it will be credited into his/her leave credit.
  • A Govt employee of Vacation department will earn only one leave per month and the vacation period will not be considered as part of his leave credit.

How Much Leaves on full pay can be availed

The leaves on full pay can be availed at one time at the following conditions:

a-      120 days leave without medical certificate

b-      180 days leave with medical certificate

c-      365 days leave in full service on medical grounds

Note: All these leaves will be deducted from the leave credit of the employee.

Leave on Half Pay

If an employee needs more leaves than leaves in his credit, then there is option for an employee to convert some of his leaves on full pay into leaves on half pay or entire full pay leaves into half pay leave. The example of this condition is that suppose an employee needs 50 days leave and he/she has only 25 leaves on full pay in his leave credit, then he can convert 25 days full pay leave into 50 days leave on half pay.

Leave without Pay or Extra Ordinary Leave

An employee can avail leave without pay for a maximum period of 5 years at a time on any reason but the condition is that the civil servant must have rendered a minimum continuous service of 10 years.

If the civil servant has not completed continuous 10 years service then the employee can avail 2 years leave without pay at the discretion of the head of the department.

A civil servant can avail 5 years leave without pay more than once after a spell of 10 years each time.

Special Leave for Female Civil Servant

A female civil servant is entitled to avail 135 days leave on her husband’s death. Such leave will not be debited from her leave credit. In this condition the female servant will provide death certificate of her husband and the leave will start from the date of death of her husband.

Maternity Leave

(1) Maternity leave may be granted on full pay, outside the leave account, to a female civil servant to the extent of ninety days in all from the date of its commencement (as specified in the application for leave) or forty-five days from the date of her confinement, whichever be earlier.

(2) Such leave may not be granted for more than three times in the entire service of a female civil servant except in the case of a female civil servant employed in a vacation department who may be granted maternity leave without this restriction.
(3) For confinements beyond the third one, the female civil servant (in a non-Vacation Department) would have to take leave from her normal leave account.
(4) The spells of maternity leave availed of prior to the coming into force of these rules shall be deemed to have been taken under these rules.
(5) Maternity leave may be granted in continua¬tion of, or in combination with, any other kind of leave including extraordinary leave as may be due and admissible to a female civil servant.
(6) Leave salary to be paid during maternity leave shall be regulated as for other leave, in accordance with the existing instructions of the Government.
(7) The leave salary to be paid during maternity leave will, therefore, remain unaffected even if an increment accrues during such leave and the effect of such an increment will be given after the expiry of maternity leave, in the event of resumption of duty by such female civil servant."

Disability Leave for Civil Servant

An employee disabled by injury, ailment or disease can get leave on disability grounds for a maximum period of 720 days. The condition is that this disability be a hindrance to serve his/her duty.  Such an employee will get full pay for 180 days and half pay for the remaining period.

Study Leave

Study leave is granted for a maximum 2 years on half pay in the entire service to the civil Govt servant who has 5 years service. This leave is granted to study scientific technical problems.

Leave without pay can be combined with study leave but the condition of 2 years will not now apply in this case.

Ex-Pakistan Leave

This leave is granted on full pay to the civil servant who applies for proceeding abroad during leave or at the time of posted abroad.

Such an employee will be paid for the actual period that he spends abroad for a maximum period of 120 days.

Ex-Pakistan leave can be granted on full pay, half pay or without pay which ever is applicable.

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  • salam sister. plz reply edu. kpk deptt. class4 2007 m barti hua ta. kitna ex pakistan leave lay skta hay

  • one of my friends serving (bps 17) in a degree college of KPK got injured /fracture in a road accident. he wants medical leave till recovery. how should he proceed ? what are the govt rules about it ? will he get full salary or not ? kindly reply.

    • Dear Raza, he should submit Original Medical Certificate duly countersigned by the MS and handwritten application to the office. all the remaining process will do by the office. During this leave he will get all pay and allowances except Conveyance Allowance.

  • Dear sir,
    I am working in the department since last 5 year (continuously). First 3 years were on contract and after that I have got permanent appointment. Do I apply for study leave?

  • AOA, I want to know the procedure for study leave in federal govt. employment.Please guide.


    • Dear Shahid just study the "study Leave Rules" at this site in the heading of Leaves.

  • Dear Shumaila Kamal

    AOA, I am working as Lecturer Economics for 04 years and 04 month in Higher Education Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, I have started My Ph.D in Economics, I am interested for study leave.
    What are the current existing rules for study leave, and what is meant by Half Pay, 75% Pay i.e about Basic Pay and Allowance in case of Half Pay?

    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Ejaz Ahmad Khattak

      • Asalamu Alayekum Shumaila,
        Please do inform me too about the meaning of Half Pay ??
        Is it the (BASIC PAY + PERSONAL PAY) divided by 2
        Gross Pay & Allowances divided by 2 ?

        • Dear Talha half pay means only the half of the basic pay. Allowances will not be included in it.

  • Sister i am working in federal govt on probation period, can i avail study leave for m.phil (abroad) after competion of my one year probation period? what will be procedure?

    • Dear Sabir Baluch, u cannot avail study leave at this time. Minimum 5 years service is required according to the Leave Rules.

  • Dear Madam,

    I am serving in a federal government chartered public sector University on bps 18 for last six years in a non-teaching administrative capacity. I am intending to go abroad for a phD studies with pay.
    In our University so far more than sixty faculty members have gone for phD but no one from administration side. Kindly guide me what is the quotable rule? am i eligible? i am told indirectly that i will have to resign from administrative position if am wiling go for phD.

    Guidance please!

    • Dear Ghulam Uddin, I think you can go for the study of scientific subjects as mentioned in the leave rules. Plz contact your account office for the full details.

  • Madam i want to know that whether government has changes the study leaves duration from 24 months to 48 months??? i heard that the study leave notification dated 10 june 2004 or 2005 is about to increase in the duration of study leave? is it correct info?

    • Dear Umar it is not confirmed news As soon as i receive the confirm news i ll publish the same at mine site.

  • if a principal of a federal govt sch takes station leave in summer vacation , whether he loose 48 annual leave, if so, please specify rules, if not, then what solution?

  • Dear Madam/ Sir,

    I got a job at pecso in kpk n i joined it in jan-13. i went only 4 days afterwards i got typhoid and sent them medical leave.

    the actual issue is i am having weak parents at home and my presence is a must for them to take care for.

    i am posted in abbotabad which is far away from peshawar. i have submitted application for transfer on humanity basis which is not accepted.

    Please tell me what to do or if there is any way for long leave, without pay. (Study leave etc)

    Thank you

      • that is what they have accepted, but now i, interested in long term leave (leave wihout pay) or transfer to my home town.

        please suggest if you have any idea.

  • dear madam: i am working in a federal government organization as a senior officer. i have availed four year study leave according to rules and regulation. my department give me NOC in 2009 that they will pay me 50% salary during this period and 50% remaining salary will be paid after my joining to the department.i have completed my Ph.D and joined my department within the time frame( July, 2013) . now the department is not paying me remaining 50% salary. they said rules and regulation amended in 2012 and they will also implement this rule on me. i need your comments.

    • Dear Zafar Iqbal, if the rules changed then they should pay you the amount prior to 2012. You must get the copy of these rules.

      • Dear sir/madam

        I have sent many mails and telephonic calls to the department for my remaining 50% salary. but they even dont bother to reply. I am fedup of PCSIR management and their sluggish system. Now let me know, what should i do, they are not paying my four years 50% salary and not responding my requests. I was on leave from sep.2009 to july 2013. joined back department, well in time.rule changes in nov. 2012 but they have implemented this rule on me, as i was on leave from 2009. pl. respond

      • Dear , i have copy of this rule " Federal Government study leave rule F.R 84 & appendix 9 of vol-II, which states that study leave will be granted on half pay for a maximum period of 2 years. the study leave beyond two years will be treated as EOL.
        how some body can this rule,,, how anybody in the world can complete his Ph.D in two years. Government dont want to promote the education. Punjab government offer full salary during ph.d studies. i am really confused and fedup with this system.

  • AoA!Mai 01-11-2004 se EST k tor per punajb govt mein service ker rha hu.main 19-10-2009 ko regular hua...ab mai abroad jana chahta hu private affairs k liay...mjy leave k konsy ways suit kerain gay
    mjhy department k deputy sab kehty k main ex pakistan k liay koi b leave nhi leskta jab k clerk ne meri earned leave 96 days with half pay aur baqi ki without pay bna k total 2 years banay hain
    ap kya suggest kerti hain..kindly guide me...thanxx in advance

  • madame mairi 2 year ki service howi hia kpk mai ab mai study leave laina chahata hon kya mai study leave lai sakta hon ya mai leave without pay lai sakta hon.plz mujhai mail karen

  • my is not responding my application,it is over four months, what should i do. i have given phone call several times. they said in next meeting they will decide. but still no answer. how i can go to court or i should wait.

  • AOA. I am appointed as a Medical officer in KPK on 1 year contract. The day i got my orders, i delivered my baby. can i avail maternity leave soon after giving arrival for the job and how many days they can grant me maternity leave? regards.

  • Following is mentioned in your article:
    "A non-vacation department female civil servant or female employee who is not entitled vacations (summer, winter vacations etc) can avail maternity leave without any restriction and the leaves will be debited from her leave account credit"
    can you please give the reference of this in leave rules 1980.

    para 13(2) of leave rule 1980 states that:
    " Such leave may not be granted for more than three times in the entire service of a female civil servant except in the case of a female civil servant employed in a vacation department who may be granted maternity leave without this restriction"

    which means may not be granted except employed in vacation department.

    kindly give me the reference of debiting the leave of account of non-vocation department upon maternity leave. thanks in advance.

    • Dear Shakeel Shahzad I think there may be some error in the paragraph plz correct the same according to the leave rules 1981. Thanks

      • I suggest, that following is correct,

        "A vacation department female civil servant or female employee who is entitled vacations (summer, winter vacations etc) can avail maternity leave without any restriction and the leaves will be debited from her leave account credit"


  • hello,

    i am a contract employee in govt dept...i want to know about entitlement of earned leaves to contract employees and relevant rules....

    As per the terms of fixing contract appointment a contract employee in non vacation dept/post earns 10 day E/L per year to be availed by him during the contract...

    As there 12 months in a year and entitlement of e/l is only 10 days so how many leaves a contract employee will earn each month.

    your reply on the said matter will highly appreciated

  • Dear Shumaila Kamal,

    First of all its really great effort from your side about keeping informed about rules and regulations.

    Please Attach a Latest Service rules in Handbook shape so that employees can attach relevant rules while sending their applications.

  • It is submitted that I am a civil servant. I applied for study leave for MS Elect. Engg from Sweden but my department granted me Study Leave + EOL. My total length of service was 8 years at that time. Because EOL has been deducted from qualifying length of service, my promotion has been deferred. I have applied for conversion of EOL and into Study leave to the head of department along with all necessary documents (Foreign Degree + Passport + Embassy of Pakistan Letter) but they refused of my request.
    Sir, I would request you to please help me by providing appropriate leave rule in lieu above cited statement. Should I proceed for litigation in Court or FSTC. Because my promotion has been deferred due to EOL. Please advise me.

  • my name is asif raza ,i take two year leave in which 8 month with half pay and remaining is with out pay .during my without pay my father heart operation is done . so can any one tell me medical treament facility is allowed during without pay leave for depandant .


  • I am a Punjab Govt. servant in BPS-17. I want to avail myself of my leave-credit comprising 1300 leaves. Could anybody guide me

  • AOA
    Dear Shumaila
    I am working as lecturer in chemistry in Higher Education Department of KPK. I was trying for study leave for Ph.D. But instead of study leave I was granted 2 years (5-9-2008 to 4-9-2010) Ex Pakistan leave (without pay) and 310 days(5-9-2010 to 10-7-2011) EOL(without pay). I did my Ph.D. form China during this period and joined back the department. As my leave was without pay so I was debarred from 3 annual increments for the said period. Now I want to convert this leave into study leave or at least get the lost 3 annual increments. Would you please guide me that how can do that. The department is not ready for it.

      • Assalamu alaikum dear shumaila

        i am working in education department as a teacher ,my total servic is 3 year .no i want 2year stdy leave for mpil(in botany). Please if u have any rules relatd ths email me and guid me .

        email= seducater@gmail.com

        regard saeedullah

        • Dear Saeed Ullah just contact your office for the full details. I hv only the details that I have published here at this post.

      • aoa

        i am federal govt employee having more than 8 years service of which 6 years s contract.plz tell me what s rules for contract period and what will be the maximum period of study leave and what will be the pay means haif basic pay or half netpay.
        if any latest notification plz upload that.
        thanking you in advance.

        • Dear Sajid, study leave rule in case of contract period is silent. U can consult from ur department. Pay means only Basic pay and not allowances. Thanks

  • Dear concern person,
    I want to avail a study leave for visiting research program for 6 to 8 months. Is any one suggest me under which category i lies for study leave.

    I serve almost 2 and half years on contract lecturer and 2 and half years on regular. Total time period of my service is about 5 years.

    Some one suggest me please. here is my email id (r.haq.qau@gmail.com)

  • Dear sister,
    I am serving as lecturer of Punjab government from August 2009 to January 2013 on contract basis and from january 2013 to present as regular employee. I want to go china for PhD. i want to apply for study leave. Can i avail study leave?

      • Madam I have two year contract and 3 years regular/permanant service with the same case as Saima said. Either it is justifiable for me to get study leave

  • My query is regarding study allowance to federal government employees. Is there any study allowance is applicable to FG employee during his study leave for PhD????

  • This Q & A thread is very informative.Very thankful to all of you.

    My case is similar to to contract followed by regular service: Study leave required.
    I have worked on contractual basis for four yrs and then got a permanent appointment by applying through proper channel without any gap.Total service is around six years out of which 2 years is on regular basis.But there is a differnce, my contract says that the officer will get all the benefits and allowances including annual increments as per BS-17. Also appointment notification says that rules leave for regular employees will be applicable to contract employees.

    After discussions and research I found following options
    1. Including contract service towards the length of service (which has proved to much complicated )

    2. Try to earn advance study leave i e submit an affidavit that I will come back n service the department (no idea about it)

    3. convert leave on full pay into leave on half pay and than apply for EOL for two years>

    What will you recommend me and how it will be possible

    Kind Regards

  • I am proceeded on (80) days eanred leave, however, I have availed only (35) days earned leave and submit arrival report for duty and request for cancellation of remaining (45) days earned leave. The authority has desire me to not join my previous position and directed to report to the authority for further posting orders.

    I shall be much oblige if any one indicate rules can I resume previous position or report for duty to higher ups for further posting, please.

  • dear shumaila,
    i am working as lectuter in punjab government from 2009 to present, regular services period started from january 2013. now i want to go china for PhD. what type of leave can i avail?

  • I m on service in provincial govt as a sub engineer i want to get leave for B.E nd m service is 3 years so which rules vl be applied

  • Dear sister,

    I am in punjab police department. Now a days i am availing medical leave for 290 days.my service is 8 years. Due to an accident i am not able to do my duties so that my department head grants me medical leave of 290 days but account department says that there wil be some deduction into your pay and you wil not avail full pay. Kindly guide me accounts departments wants to cut of fixed ta/da . Risk allowance. As wel as my basic pay wil be deduct they are giving me half basic pay. Any guideline for this matter plz.


    • Dear Hifza,

      Is this Punjab Government - Finance Division Notification or by Federal Government?

      Kind Regards,

    • Dear Hifza,

      I am working as Assistant Director (Foods) in Federal Government of Pakistan and covered seven years of my service as regular servant. I am going to apply in phd program where i have leave rules of 1980 only for federal government employees while punjab government is following leave rules 1981. I just got information from your above post that study leave rules revised in 2004 enable the servant to avail study leave for 48 months but all other leave rules permit maximum period of 28 months. It is requested in your good self if you can send me copy of this revised rule 2004 on ar_uaf@yahoo.com because i browsed a lot on net but couldnt get this worthy information from there. Looking forward to receive your commendable cooperation in this regard.

  • Dear shumaila, I have less than 10 yr service. I am availing 2 yr EOL. Can my deptt grant me more EOL? If they do, either it will consider illigal or it will just deptt authority?

  • Dear, i'm a newly appointed contract based sse in a high school. I want a study leave for my phd.Can I get leave without day?

  • Basically i want a study leave without pay for my phd (chem) and I am newly appointed contract SSE.kindly confirm me this

  • Kindly sent me the rules regarding the Extra ordinary leave (without pay) can avail after one year completion of PhD. The dept is in view that the said leave can be granted after three years of regular service. While there is no detail in extacode.

  • dear shumaila i'm working as clerk in court department i want to apply for 3 three month earned leave on study ground but i havn't any proof for applying on this ground plz if any friend have any notification about that plz inform me.

  • I am a primary school teacher and i have injury in my knee for which i need 20 days medical leave.my quest is that department will stop my salary until i attend the school are i shall get my salary regularly.thanks

    • Dear Sana Ullah, during medical leave salary is not stopped. Only Conveyance Allowance will be deducted for 20 days of ur leave.

  • Dear Sir,

    I am required 20 days leave only after 45 days of service in sindh privicial govt. How can I get. can I avail 15 Casual leaves.in a month

  • If all Casual Leave avail before ending the calender year, and employee required (each month) 2 days or more which not exceeding 10 days in the month cant get EOL. ? step by step

      • Salam Respected shumaila kamal
        I am working as PST in education department since 18-7-2011 in Malakand KPK as a permanent servant . now i am interested to take leave without pay how i can take it? how

        secondanly how i can take study leave?

        Please send me Update study leave and Extra ordinary leave rules of KPK Elementary & Secondary education department

        Please send me on the following email

  • salam
    ma'am main 2007 say punjab govt k under contract policy2004 k teht kam ker rahi hoon. please mujhy btain contract employee k per year earned leaves kitni hn or main phd k liy leave ly sakti hoon ya regular hony k 5 years k baad leave ly sakti hn.

      • maam hamary contract letter per s&GAD k contract policy 2004 k rules ka likha hy. zyada terms & conditions nehi hn hum ny 2004 k policy ko follow kerna hy. or mery pass purana policy letter hy . jubki policy 2004 main time to time ammendments atti rahi hn. please aap contract policy 2004 k roshni main latest earned leaves or study leaves for contract employee k updates dain

        • Dear Sadia, according to my knowledge there are 10 leaves per year. But you can confirm the same from your office. Thanks

  • what is the difference between EOL and leave without pay as punishment. What is the impact of leave with out pay not EOL on the Government Servants entire service.

  • i am working as field assistant in bps-11 and intend to study BSc Agriculture classes. kindly guide me which authority is authorized to issue NOC for the purpose.

    Muhammad Farooq
    Agriculture Department Punjab

    • Dear Farooq, mujhay aap kay department ki higher authorities ka ilm nahin hay. Aap apney office say contact karain. Thanks

  • Respectful madam!
    I have required 3 months leaves (without pay)
    only after 50 days of appointed as jst bps14 in education deptt: in sindh to reign from my old job in a commercial bank

    I'm regular employee in sindh gpvt

    Kindly guide me how can I avail 3 months leaves without pay.

    Waiting for your kind response

    • Dear Imran, I think it is hard to get the leave. However you can submit your leave without pay to the higher authorities.

  • I have appointed on contract basis for a period of two years. I want to get earned leave for a period of 4 months. Can I apply for these leaves. Please reply soon with leave rules. Thanks

  • Hi,

    I am federal govt employee of BPS-17 since 2005 and currently on study leave for 4 years. For first three years I was being paid full however this year my department has reduced to half of my pay.

    Kindly advise me is it in line with Federal Study Law?


  • Salam. Kindly tell me one thing, If annual leaves are applied for more than continuous one week between two weekends. In that case will the weekends be included in the paid leaves?

    • Dear Uzma these week ends will not be included in the leaves. However if the week end comes between the leaves then it will be counted.

  • I am a Federal Government employee and getting house ceiling from department. I have now applied for Ex-Pakistan study leave on LHP, will I still be getting house ceiling during LHP period?



  • Aa dear shumaila i m working as a health educator on contract basis for last five years waiting for regularization but still not can i avail for ex pakistan leave.if yes then how much if u know kindly guide me

  • assalam o alikum im umer ,,, assistant sub inspector in punjab police and my total service is 12 years. now i ve got admission in Ph.D. May i get study leaves for my doctrate degree. bear in mind my Ph.D is in islamic economics...

  • If a federal govt avail 10 days E/leave his conveyance allownce of that 10 days is deducted from his salary ? Rulling regarding this please

      • Can you please give me any reference for this, as i could not find the same in ESTA code or Revised leave rules 1980. Please guide. Thanks

  • dear sis,

    i am working as a lecturer in faculty of physics since 2009, in 2013 i got permanent..
    since 2011 i am doing my PH.D . now, i want study leave, can i avail it now, as my ph.d is in final stages, and without study leave it is hard to complete it.

  • aoa.
    i am a lecturer of punjab govt. since 2010 in physics. became permanent in 2013 . can i avail study leave now

  • Dear
    I am working on contract basis in Provincial Govt. I have got medical leave. Now department started process for regularization. I have already submitted fitness certificate before getting medical leave. Will this affect my case for regularization?

  • Please sent in detail with notification if possible the following regarding the Federal Govt Rules of Pakistan

    i. The duration for the service period after PhD is 3 or 5 years?
    ii. The duration of the service bond when started either from the joining of Department after completion all PhD formalities at University or after Notification of PhD or after awarding the degrees.
    iii. If some one want to discontinue the parent department after two or three years what will have to deposit to the department.
    iv. If the scholarship stopped without any reasons that the rules for 5 years serving to the department will stand remain or not

  • Salaam Dear...
    Plz tell me main Anti Narcotics Force main service kr raha hun plz mujhy btaen k meri salana (yaerly) or monthly ktni common leaves hen. Ktni leaves k lye apply kr skta hun or ktny period k bd

  • Dear madam
    I need a marriage leave.Im a contract employee appointed in edu deptt in 2014.How much leave I can get? Will it be with pay or without pay?

  • Dear Sir,
    I want to get clarification for postdoc studies. Could i get study leave for postdoc? and please mention notification for the same. I have not found any material related to postdoc in leave rules 1981.

  • Slam. I am a primary teacher in Punjab Edu Deptt. I want to take 3 years leave without pay due to some inevitable reasons. My service is above 12 years. Can I make a reference to your page, if required (mean to indicate leave types and leave rule authenticity)?

  • how much time / day required for joining
    if transferred done in absence of an employee in case of he is on ex pak leave

  • Salam
    agar kisi dost ka pas Special Leave for iddah (iddat) ka lia widow ko milti ha ka notification jo ka sindh government ka ho to please mujha mail kar da.

  • sir,,kindly guide karen, agar c/l ka balance hone k bawajood bose c/l grant na kar k mustrol per A likh kar Absent show kare to kya ye legal hay ? jub k employ regular, punctual hay.....koi warning or letter nahe deya hay. kindly give reply... thanks.

  • i am a govt servant in pakistan railway. i face a attack of paralysis and want to get medical leave, what will be the method of medical leave in pakistan railway

  • Salam,
    My mother tooked 90 earned leaves starting from December 15, 2015. From 4 March 2016 , on death of my father, special leaves were granted. Now the issue is does these leaves have a effect on total balance of (25)casual leaves ? Are they shortened to only 10 days ??
    BPS 17 , Government of Pubjab , Population department.

  • AOA Dear,
    I am federal gov employee serving since last 8 years now i want to do PHD and take leave for 5 year, kindly suggust me it is possible to for whole 5 years half average pay or not.
    2. i just send 8 years, can i avil 5 year leaves.if yes send kindly share me some document, through the help of those doc i put my case to my management.

    kindly share me

  • I am a primary school teacher.my joing date is 02.04.2012. I applied for ex-Pakistan leave for one year...but l allowed just for one month....I need more leaves?? How can I do this??

  • kindly brief me about grant of maternity leave to HOUSE JOB OFFICER of Govt of sindh. further any notification regarding above may kindly be mail. thanks

  • Dear Shumaila Kamal, Assalam o alaikum, kindly advised me regarding leave on half pay . how I calculate the salary of the employee, which is on leave on half pay serving in Govt of sindh . if any notification issued in this regard kindly mail me. Thanks.

  • Please I need a rule regarding regularization of contract employees from BS 1 to BS 15 who are completing their 5 years continuous service...

  • Dear Shumaila,

    Can you please let me know that if any employee based on site project for more than 6 months, what is the leave procedure for them, and how many leaves are allowed them.


  • Hi
    Please can any one confirm or give me a reference about "Deduction of Conveyance allowance of an employee after availing LFP". Thanks.

  • Dear sumaila Kamal,
    AoA iam working as a PST from 6 years, now Iam interested for Ph.D from china 3 years study leave, so what are the current existing rules for study leaves, and please tell me can i got full pay leave or helf or with out pay? what is show in rules, please tell me and if any role in ducumentery send me in jehanmari@gmail.com

  • I need leaves for engineering in uet taxila.my service
    period is round 14 years in a public sector organization.
    what will be the procedure to take leaves for 4 years
    while the rules for non gazatted staff are very strict.

  • AOA, I am a Government teacher, want to know that is there any monthly limit of casual leaves. coz my superiors told that you can avail only two casual leaves per month and third one is illegal, what so ever is the case. in case of 3rd or 4th leave, the same may be granted by District Officer (transferring authority). Sir only one month is left in this calendar year and 12 casual leaves are still on my credit, and I am in need of 5 days leave, what should I do. Please Guide..

  • Please specify under what specific rule i can apply for LPR after 25 years service. MY colleagues say now u can apply for LPR after 30 years not after 25 years. under Rule 14 of Sindh Civil Servatns Leave Rules, 1986 civil servant can apply for LPR after 30 years of service.

  • aoa .mam i want to ask about the casual leaves in punjab govt.24or 25in a year we can avail.plz conform.will b thankful

  • sir mae nae diploma civil mae kiya hai and degree v,diploma 2013 ka passout hu and degree 2016 and mae je diploma k base pae laga hu recently phe depratment mae j&k mae but unfortunately meri last sem mae eik supply aii hai jis k liyae mae nae revel b bara hai and mae us subject ka special exam attend krnae k liyae casual leave lae k gaya..ky degree enter kara nae mae koi issue toh nai ho ga.. mujae sectrait sae permisio lae k jana chya tha.. kindly rply me plz

  • Dear Madam, i m working for last 12 years in Government SEctor as IT Incharge now i want to go abroad for 2 and half years, so which kind of leave is suitable for me. plz tell me a full detail i will be very thanks full to you for that.

  • Dear madam i want to know about study leave for M Phil .I m a teacher in sindh govt .as it is noted that many have gotten leave for MPhil 2 days per week .I have a notification of beneficiary person .what to do in this regard kindly reply.As i also want to avail same leave

  • Dear Madam
    I am working in Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, Islamabad since 2004. Currently I am on Leave on Half Pay from 1st March 2017. My question is, can i avail official medical facility / medical reimbursement ? What are rules in ESTA Code.



  • What will be the total pay during half pay leave.allowances will be deducted or not.half basic pay plus allowances or half basic pay only or total half pay.kindly explain.thanx

    • Sir have get cleared wht allonces are admisble in half pay....pls intimate me i have also taken one year leave on half pay...

  • i have attempt papers of MA Private it takes 8-12 days what should i do. do i have to take NOC to for it or just take leave without letting him know

  • what documents are required for hajj leaves application in Punjab? can you provide a link or two for specimen?

  • I'm SESE, appointed in 2016, I want to do M.phill in evening time.
    My headmistress is not ready to sign my NOC for M.phill.
    What should I do?
    What is the way to get my NOC

  • I m working as sst since 11.7.2015
    Head and ceo allow me to study as m.phil. now
    They are not allowing me to go for research.

  • madam
    i am the contract employ of Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Basically TMA is a Semi Govt Org. in Dec 2016 i am Selected as a Engineer through open Merit in KPK Sponsored Project
    now i am on leave without pay form TMA from Dec 2016,
    after collecting 7 months Salary project official says that can't Draw Market base Salary because you are Govt employ,
    So what you can say about my case ?

  • dear shumaila
    please guide me i am working in irrigarion dept from 8 june 2017 as sub enginer 14 scale
    but i m studying in bsc civil engg at uet lahore session 2014_2018 now i m in 7th semester
    i am on three year contract extendable
    i want to complete my graduation
    can i get any leave for 7 month ?????
    please guide me
    i am uder punjab govt

  • Respected madam Shumaila
    Asalam O alaikum.
    Madam I am a serving lecturer in education dept sindh govt; with 2.5 years experience. want to get study leave two years with pay. Am I eligible.
    Please reply with concrete evidence.
    Thanks. pleeeeeze pleeeeze reply madam.

  • Dear Ma'am,
    I was a regular employee three years back and resigned from that. Now I have another job offer (regular). Can I claim benefits(in terms of pension/increments) of that tenure ( approximately 2 years 3 months), with my current job (considering there is a gap of 3 years), so that in the end those 2.3 years count at retirement in terms of pension/benefits calculation. I would be very thankful for your guidance.

  • The person appointed against non-vocational post shall earn 10 days leave per year on contract appointment basis. Weather these leaves can be added in its regular service leave account. If yes can you provide any rule

  • Dear Sister Shumaila please ap muje bataya mara operation howa ha Kia muje 2 3 months ki medical Leave MIL sakti ha please jaldi reply kejiyga

      • Dear Sis muje advised nahi di appendix operation case ma milskti ha ap muje sirf itna guide kerde please mara operation howa mane whatsup k zariya 1.5 month ki application agy de di lakin ab tak wo approval nahi howi aur mari leave bi end hori ha :/

  • i had abortion n i m a govt employee from last 4 years how much leave i should apply any rule for tht?
    dr sadaf

    • Dear Sadaf no leave will be granted as maternity leave. However on the recommendations of the Dr you can get General Medical Leave for which period the Dr advises and the same will be deducted from leave account.

  • Dear, I am a Federal Employee and on a 1 year probation period, i want to do Mphil Abroad, can i get study leave without pay or not ,if i get studey leave without pay then whether i will be bound to serve the office or Not,,Please guide me

  • Ma'am
    My wife is SST (CS) bps 16, looking for extraordinary leave without pay under rule 9. Her file is already in process but no decision yet. They just delaying and dont respond or guide. Does she need to leave an intimation letter in the name of her head and leave or is she required to wait for the decision? Wats da rule of intimation

  • Dear Admin.. what are the rules of salary deductions..? Who is authorised to do so. And can any one can deduct salary without any showcase or explanation..?can complete pay may deduct in any case..? And last.. what if pay go in recovery in miss understanding..?

  • Respected Madame,

    Please guide that Hajj Leave and Study Leave granted to an employee shall be deducted from his leave account or not? Also please tell me except special leave which leave are not deducted from leave account? Please Reply

    • Hajj leave is deducted from leave account but study leave is not deducted from leave account.
      duty leave and study leaves are not deducted. further respectable ma'am may help you better.

  • Respected Ma'am, I work in HED Punjab as AP. I have availed EOL for doing
    phd,Am I eligible to claim annual increment ? if any notification is available in this regard, please guide me, thanks

      • Respected Ma'am, thanks for your concern but fortunately HED has confirmed that EOL meant for PhD is entitled for annual increment. notification is available,

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum!

    If some one take EOL before or after summer vacation, is summer vacation counted as well as part of EOL or will be accounted summer vacation in his credit?

  • AOA
    Are Contract Employees on BPS 16 or above recruited by Punjab Public Service Commission for Non-Vacation Dept. in Govt. of Punjab eligible for Earned Leave/Leave Encashment??

  • Someone applied for 60 days earn leave w.e.f 30.01.2018 to onward and submit his application on 28.01.2018. He was gone on leave without waiting for approval of earn leave. What rules will be applicable on him.

  • Our newly appointed in 17th grade headmaster bounded us to take 2 days per month casual leave
    in any case of emergency he does not grant us more,Is this an education departement rule

  • Respected Sir

    I Am a Employee BPS-11, in University College of Engineering & Technology The Islamia University of Bahawalpur,Punjab Pakistan since 9-August-2012 to date on contract basis .Now I want to get admission for P.hD studentship in china and want to avail Leave with pay, without pay or half pay, mean to say i am not willing to resign my job till completion of my Doctoral Degree. Please give me a Strong suggestion to avail study Leaves (with Notification).

  • dear madam, i have an question, is there any Punjab gov rule that contract employees cant avail maternity leave or 10 day medical leave, kindly tel me,

  • does government teacher need to submit an application for ex-Pakistan leave during her summer vacation, if she wants to go abroad such as the USA during her summer vacation, does she need to utilize her EX-Pakistan leave? please answer this!

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