Leave Encashment Revised

Leave Encashment has been revised vide the Finance Division Regulation Wing No. S.R.O 70/(KE)/2012 dated 29th August 2012. According to new rules the employees going on retirement and getting the benefit of Encashment will now avail the benefit of 365 days instead of 180 days.

Here is to mention that the employees availing the benefit of Encashment of maximum 180 days on retirement before this notification but now they can avail the benefit of 365 days leave if they have these leaves in credit.


Leave Encashment 365


Leave Encashment Federal


Amendments in Rule 19

Leave Encashment federal




  1. Istehsan says:

    Dear Ma'am kindly clarify that I have obtained encashment sanction now it is necessary that I also get retirement approval from competent authority or encashment sanction is also consider my retirement sanction. My service length is 32 years and my age is 52 years. Kindly guide me.

  2. latif says:

    I want to inquire about leaveencashment &LPR on 30 years qualying service alongwith 59years age. Both will be applicable or not.

  3. Muhammad Safdar Gondal says:

    pl clarify that a govt employee who at the time of appointment got upper age relaxation by the competent authority and retired at the age of 60 years but his service is less than 25 year i.e less than qualifying service for retirement then whether he is entitled for grant of 365 days encashment or otherwise. more than 365 days leave is in his credit.


  4. Mansoor Ahmad says:

    i have 6 years federal government service as Assistant Audit officer. Then,i was through proper channel appointed as Accountant in the same pay scale in a federal government autonomous organization. LPC, Service statement & share of Pension Contribution have already been submitted/provided to current department. 80 days earned leave was in balance in my leave account when i joined my new assignment. Will the said 80 days balance be court for in my new leave account balance or not? please some body help me in my case with provision of the rules at my email : mansoor.ahmad25@yahoo.com.

  5. Muhammad Kashif Sheikh says:

    Dear Mam...kindly inform me if a person retires on attaining the age of superannuation but his service is not 30 years, can he avail leave encashmenet. if yes then rule please

  6. Naeem Abbas says:

    Dear Sir, my question is about leave Encashment. please guide me what emoluments will be included in leave encashment bill.
    1. Basic Pay
    2. Special Pay
    3. Qualification Pay
    4. Personal Pay (Maximum Grade)
    5. Senior Post Allowance

    this question in posted with reference to calculation of BPS-22 officer's leave encashment.


    dear madam,
    I want to discuss that I am grade 16 Officer in Pb.Govt. and to-date i am qualifying 30 years service and remaining 10 years service, i want to going retirement. please clarify that a govt. employee 65% and 35% ratio. if he take 65% full payment and not take pension then what rule implement.
    thanking you

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