How to Calculate GP Fund Interest Amount?

You already know that GP Fund subscription is made from the regular pay of an employee. This amount of GP Fund is deducted on monthly basis and is noted this amount in the GP Fund Card that is in the custody of concerned Accounts Department of the employee. The record of this amount is maintained from July to June of the next year. Thus the calculation of interest is made on the annual basis by the concerned Account Office. After the final calculation a GP Fund slip is issued to the related employee. You can yourself calculate this amount of interest by using this formula.

 GP Fund Interest Amount Formula

GP Fund Interest =

(Rate of Subscription x 6.50 + Opening Balance) x Rate of Interest

Rate of GP Fund Subscription

It is the amount that is deducted from the pay bills of the employee on monthly basis

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GP Fund Opening Balance

It is the amount that is brought forward from the previous year or the last GP Fund slip.

Rate of GP Fund Interest

Rate of interest varies from year to year. Every year new rates of the GP Fund Interest are issued by the concerned department.

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  1. diksha says:

    Sir please send me calculation formula for gpf interest when interest rate is twice a year

  2. Wajahat Ullah says:

    Dear plz calculate GP fund (fund after retirment) for me of birth 19-03-1957
    date of appointment :27-10-1992 ,,,,date of retirment : 18-03-2017.........service 25 years ....BPS-20

  3. Syed says:

    What is the procedure to get House Building Advance Loan for BPS 17/18?

  4. Muhammad rafique says:

    please tell me about 6.5 appear in the formula. I want to calculate of GP fund interest for 5 months but useing the formula difference is occured.

  5. Muhammad rafique says:

    Please explain 6.50 used in above formula because less than one year subscription of GP FUND does not calculate true to use 6.50 in the formula. How to derive this?

    • Prof. Dr. Babur Baig Mitaly says:

      Please calculate period of amount remaining in your G.P.F account month wise and devide by 12. Then get total of these amounts. For example , Monthly subscription of BPS- 20 is Rs. 8050/-. If deduction is made from 01-7-2017 to 30-6-2018, total amount liable for profit is : 8050 x 6.5 = Rs. 52325/- .If deduction is made for less than 01 year i.e. from 01-10-2017 to 30-6-2018 , calculation will be as under :
      8050 x ( 9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 ) /12
      8050 x ( 45 / 12 ) = 8050 x 3.75 = 30187.5 So total amount liable for profit is Rs. 30187.5 and formula for these 9 months is 3.75 while for 12 months is 6.5 .

  6. Dilshad Asad says:

    hi dear Samiullah Sir.
    i need to check my GPF Balance, bcz the GPF slip 2015 is misplace from me with thanks or show me the way to get my GPF slip through net... Regards Sirajuddin.
    with thanks

  7. nazarkhar174 says:

    What is formula for GPF intrest when rates of subscription changed two time in a a year.

  8. Samiullah says:

    what is the history behind the figure 70 in Pension formula?

  9. Samiullah says:

    what is the significance of 6.50 in G.P Fund interest formula? plz reply

  10. Arif Khan says:

    Assalam o alaikum
    Madam .
    I am waiting my 16 March, 2013 querry regarding calculation of interest of GP Fund in case of two different G P Fund deduction i.e. July to December Rs. 265 and from January to June Rs. 540. How to calculate interest of G P Fund in two different amount. As the formula for calculating G P Fund Interest given in this website is not given correct answer. Kindly tell the correct calculation in case above situation.


    Arif Khan

  11. Raheel says:

    Sindh Govt. Employees
    claas III clerk k time scale kab aaengey?

  12. Arif Khan says:

    How to calculate if the amount of subscription changed in a year for example a person contributed to G P Fund amount during July to December Rs. 265 and from January to June Rs.540. How to calculate G P Fund interest if opening balance is 1oooo, rate of interest is 15%.

  13. ejaz says:

    Assalam o alaikum
    Madam .
    I am waiting my 10 November (GP Fund) Q kya mujhi mere sawal ka jawab 31 Dec tak mil jai ga

  14. Muhammad Saleem says:

    Interest calculation formumla of GPF is not crrect.Isupport it with example. O.B Rs50000 Subscription 1760 Rate of interest 15.
    1760*6.5*50000*14/500. In my opnion The correct formula is
    (Rate of subscription *6.5 +Opening Balance*Rate of interest.Calculation by both formula are given below.
    1760*6.5 *50000*14/500=160160

  15. Ejaz says:

    Wher is my commenst pls reply

  16. Ejaz says:

    Assalam o alaikum
    I don,t understand how the formula of GP Fund interest rate. Can you explain it? My opening balance of GP Fund on 30.06.2011 was 158,921/- . I am working in BPS 07 and monthly GP Fung deduction is 530 since July 2011. In my deposit on account of gp fund this year Total Rs. 21,804/- including my gp fund advance indtalment Rs. 1322/-PM. reply with example Thanks

    please reply must i m waiting thanks

  17. Gulzar Ahmed says:

    on one hand whole multiplied amount is divided with 500 in the above mentioned red colour formula and on other hand Shamim`s calculation is divided with 50000,From where this sum is derived from?

  18. Gulzar Ahmed says:

    This formula can not be gained please explain it with a comprehensive example. Thanks

  19. Shamim says:

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly send me total gp fund amount with calculation year wise with effect from 2008 - 2009 as I m failed to calculate as per given formula. I m working in BPS - 18. I have sent my last gp fund amount balance for the year 2007 - 2008 Rs.198,481.

    I m very grateful for act of this kindness.

    Early reply is highly appreciated.

    • AllahMuhammad92786 says:

      Dear If you have balance of GP Fund Rs. 198481/- on 30-06-2008 then your balance on 30-06-2009 will be as under:
      Total Interest= 1780 x 6.50 x 198481 x 15/50000 = 45928
      Total balance on 30-06-2009 = 244409/-

      • ZAHID says:

        Assalam o alaikum sir. I don,t understand how the formula of GP Fund interest works. Can you explain it? My total balance of GP Fund on 30.06.2011 was 29514 rupee. I am working in BPS 09 and monthly GP Fung deduction is 595 since August 2011. In July 2011 it was 365. Thanks

  20. Muhammad Farhan says:

    If a new one is hired and he has join on 15.1.2005 in B.P.S -05, what would be the opening balance for him according to your formula. please send me a detail E-mail, Thanks,,

    • AllahMuhammad92786 says:

      For a new comer there is nil balance of GP Fund. If he has come from other department then the opening balance will be his/her previous department GP Fund Balance

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