Recording of the Date of Birth of Govt Employee

Some times there is confusion at the time of recording of Date of Birth of an employee when there is no clear date of birth of the employee. Some time only year is known not the exact date of birth. This is really a great confusion matter especially at the time of retirement of the employee. Just think if the date of birth of an employee written in service book is 1970, then at what date the employee should retire? There are rules for the Govt in this matter. These rules for recording Date of Birth of an Employee are as under:

  1.  Where the year and month of birth are known, the 16th of the month should be treated as date of birth of the employee.
  2. Where only the year of birth is known, 1st July should be the date of birth of the employee.
  3. In case when both year and month are missing, then the Govt employee should be asked to state his approximate age. The number of years representing his age should be deducted from he date of appointment and in this way obtaining the date of birth 1st July of that year be written as his/her date of birth.

In Case the Date of Birth is Known:

  1. The Date of birth of the employee should be in Christian era.
  2. The declaration of date of birth should be supported by the Matriculation Certificate or if under metric then School Leaving Certificate and if he/she is illiterate then CNIC or the Municipal Corporation Date of Birth should be counted.

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Date of Birth




  1. Arif Mahmood says:

    Please share notification of above matter as the same do not exist in shape of notification any where OR plz. Share correct reference of rules
    Arif Mahmood

  2. Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali says:

    Respected Madam,

    Why the time period for submission of TA DA bill in accounts office by the controlling officer or DDO?

  3. From f says:

    Muhammad zeeshan
    Aoa Yar notfication chai hAy jis shaks ki date of birth na hu sirf years gu tu 30/6/ tak wo pay lay sakta hy nadra wAlu ko dekhana hay

  4. M. Ishfaq says:

    Madam, where the year and month of birth are known, 16th of the month should be treated.
    But any Notification copy available. please must provide for office purpose.

  5. M. Ishfaq says:

    Dear Madam. Any Notification if available about date of birth.

  6. kamran says:

    madam as ka matlab b bata do

  7. Shahid Dayo says:

    Age Once recorded can not be changed at any time,

    Govt of Sindh issued this Notification almost 1 year ago...

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