Grant of Teaching Allowance 2006 to FG Teachers and Its Clarification

The Federal Govt Educational Institutions’ teaching staff was granted Teaching Allowance at various rates according to their qualification vide Finance Division’s Office Memorandum No. F.1 (5) Imp./2006 dated 24th June 2006. The detail of rates and conditions for the same is as under:-


1 Matric with PTC/equivalent Rs. 500/- pm
2 FA/F.Sc with CT/equivalent Rs. 750/- pm
3 BA/MA with B.Ed/M.Ed and above/equivalent Rs. 1000/- pm


After the issuance of this notification various queries were aroused by the ministers/departments/divisions for the clarification regarding the admissibility of teaching allowance. The clarifications regarding various queries vide Finance Division Regulation Wing Notification No. F.17 (2) R-2/2006 dated 9th February 2007 is as under:-

Whether or not the Teaching Allowance is admissible to the:-  Clarification
1 University Teachers having the prescribed educational qualifications. No. The Teaching Allowance is not admissible to the University Teachers because most of the Universities are autonomous bodies having their own service rules.
2 Education Officers, transferred/posted amongst Headmasters/Headmistresses, entrusted with the administrative duties. No, unless they return back and are deployed exclusively on teaching duties.
3 Principals/Vice Principals of the Federal Govt Colleges who don’t possess M.Ed or B.ED qualification. No. Unless they are deputed on teaching duty and are in possession of prescribed academic qualification vide Finance Div Office Memorandum No. F.1 (5) Imp./2006 dated 24th June 2006.
4 PTIs, Drawing Masters, Workshop Instructor and Librarians having the prescribed qualification but not performing educational duties. Only PTI and Drawing Masters are entitled to the Teaching Allowance if they fulfill all the conditions mentioned in Finance Div Office Memorandum No. F.1 (5) Imp./2006 dated 24th June 2006.
5 Lecturers, Assistant Professors, Professors of Federal Govt Colleges having the prescribed qualification who are exclusively deployed on teaching duties. Yes, if they fulfill all the conditions mentioned in Finance Div Office Memorandum No. F.1 (5) Imp./2006 dated 24th June 2006.

Clarification regarding Teaching Allowance to Librarians, Sub Librarians & Assistant Librarians

Teaching Allowance has also been allowed to FGEIs Librarians, Sub Librarians & Assistant Librarians vide Notification No. F.17 (2) R-2/2006-30 dated 12th February 2009 & 17 (2) R-2/2006-818 dated 30th March 2012. See the detail here.



  1. Irfanullah says:

    Madam plz share notification of teaching allowance to FG teachers and it's clarification

  2. faraz says:

    i am an assistant professor working in FGEI Cantt garrison i have CT degree am i entitled to draw teaching allowance @750 per month my directorate sanction me to draw teaching allowance @750 pm but my CMA has objection on it furthermore if u please send me copy of F-17(2) R-2/2006 dated 9 feb 2007 notification copy at i will b thankful to you

  3. Umer says:

    is their M-Phil/Ms allowance for FGEI(C/G) Lecturers or any case in the court for this purpose.

  4. karim shah says:

    madam, plz share notification regarding ،،special teaching allownce for teachers who teach in special education institutions,, in khyber pakhtunkhwa,.

  5. Muhammad Asim says:


    Please clarify that Computer Instructors (BS-17) are eligible for this allowance or not. they are not paying to us.

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