Grant of Special Increment to The Accounts Clerk in the Punjab wef 01-07-2007

Govt of the Punjab Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.PC.40-147/2012 dated 16th March 2013 regarding Grant of Special Increment to the Accounts Clerk in the Punjab Province, applicable with effect from 1st July 2007.

Finance Department Govt of Punjab letter bearing No. FD.PC.40-42/2007 dated 7th July 2009 and 13th April 2012 on the subject noted above and to convey sanction of the Government of Punjab to the grant of Special Increment to the Accents Clerks in the Punjab wef 01-09-2007 on the analogy of Junior Clerks, Seniors and Assistants/Head Clerks. A Post delivered by Aamir Rashid.


Special Increment Accounts



  1. javed says:

    i am performing my duties as accountant but i am assistant, Is this special increment is applicable in my situation, if yes then, please explain it in short. Thanks

  2. javed says:

    what is mean by analogy of junior clerks,seniors and Assistant/Head clerk.

  3. Rafi ullah says:

    the case of adhoc allowances were in supreme court . is there any news

  4. hasan says:

    Hi. I want to know that i was junior clerk in Govt. College Mianwali. Now i promotted as Senior Clerk and on 13-3-2013 and given the charge of Accounts Clerk. Can i get thi benifit. And how can i apply to account office. Second. Will this incresment adjusted in basic pay or given as seperate allowance.. Please guide

  5. amjad says:

    can you provide letters referred in this notification..

  6. Saqib says:


    on 01-07-2007 i was LDC in BPS-05 and was up-graded in BPS-07 and I was performing my duties in Accounts Section since 01-07-2007 till date. In feb.2010 i was promoted from LDC to UDC in BPS-09 & now i am working as Accounts Assistant. Is this special increment is applicable in my situation, if yes then, please explain it in short. Thanks

  7. Muhammad Umar Khattak says:

    Dear Mam Shumaila Kamal

    I am serving in Comsats Institute of Information Technology Islamabad Campus, This is Sami Government Organization Autonomous Bodies Federal Government has Increase 20% Adhoc relief to all Government Sami Govt Org, Our Rector has not increase our salary.

    Second the Federal Government increase another 20% our Rector not give any type of increase my question is that CIIT has two categories one OG- Officer Grade Second S Staff categories CIIT has working under Ministry of Sciences and Technology Islamabad Minister is our Canceller. Please reply must

    Best Regards,

    Muhammad Umar Khattak

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