Request for Grant of 50% Adhoc Allowance to the Judicial Officers & Staff of District Judiciary

National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee Supreme Court Building Constitution Avenue Islamabad has submitted a request to the Secretary Finance Department Govt of the Punjab vide letter No. 14/275/12/Conf 2013/LJC-A) dated 17th June 2013 to grant 50% Adhoc Allowance to the Judicial Officers & Staff of District Judiciary as allowed to the employees of Federal and Provincial Governments in the Financial Year 2010-2011.

It is requested in this letter that the same case me be processed for grant of 50% Ad hoc Allowance to the Establishment of Lahore High Court including the District Judiciary and their staff from the financial year 2010-11 onwards whom such benefit was given to other employees of the Provincial Government.

The National Judicial (Policy Making) in its meeting hold on 8th June 2013, considered the issue. ( A post delivered by GHULAM MUSTAFA Ch.)


  1. Zia says:

    can any one tell me what will be the starting salary of BPS-16 employee of supreme court?

  2. Faisal says:

    Plz upload abovementioned letter no. 14/275/12/conf 2013/LHC-A) dated 17-06-13. I need a copy of the same. Thanks.

  3. ch.amir says:

    alas, superior courts and judges think, that the staff of district judiciary have no family, they do not have requirements. the superior courts judges can not give justice to their own staff(distrct judiciary staff). WHAT A JUSTICE FROM JUDICIARY?

  4. Mian Farrukh says:

    Is there any news about 50% allowance to Judiciary staff???

  5. Imran says:

    Dear kia hm omeed chor dy district judiciary ka 50% AR 2010 ka. Supreme Court NJP(Policy making) Committe letter can not effet the finance department.

  6. waheed says:

    dear shumaila, is there any progress regarding 50% adhoc, or rejectd plz reply

  7. imran says:

    Dear what about 50% of AR Allowance to District Judiciary..........any progress, still pending or rejected.

  8. Imran says:

    Dear what situation about 50% AR Allowance for judiciary

  9. Muhammad Imran says:

    we have heard that the notification for the adhoc allownace for district judiciary has been issued. Have any one confirmation of it?

  10. Abdul Rahim says:

    Dear Shumaila I appreciate your patient.

  11. Ali says:

    dear sis any info about 50%?

  12. Abdul Rahim says:

    Dear Shumaila. whether any correspondence is going on the subject of time scales to the Stenographers/P.Ss?

  13. Rizwan says:

    They will grant 50% adhoc to District Judiciary because Supreme court mentioned the name of District Judiciary and their staff in their letter because we are not getting the special judicial allowance and High court who has already availing the special judicial allowance will also get this allowance in addition to special judicial allowance

  14. Ali says:

    stil waiting ur reply

  15. Ali says:

    please reply as early as posible fr u

  16. Ali says:

    dear atif suna to h k CM sb n approve kr diya h lakn sirf high court ko

  17. Ali says:

    they wil never grant to district judiciary

  18. Rizwan says:

    it will be granted Inshallah

  19. Atif says:

    suna hy CM Punjab ne b approve ker dia hy is it true???

  20. Sardar Mobeen Hafeez says:

    abi tak notification to issue ni hua koi b,

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