Get Restored Your Pension from CMP Lahore Cantt

As you know Federal Govt has already issued the Notification of Restoration of Pension in the month of April vide No. F.13 (13)-Reg.6/2011 dated 11-03-2013 and the process on the said matter have been stared by the Controller Military Pension, Lahore Cantt. If you are included in the same category of Restoration of Pension, then you can restore your pension from the CMP, Lahore Cantt.

It is stated that all those retired army (JCOs/OR) and Defence Paid Civilian Pensioners, whose Commuted Portion of Pension has been restored wef 01-12-2001 to 30-06-2013 submit their application through their concerned Post Office/ National Bank to the Controller Military Pension, Lahore Cantt. The following documents are to be submitted along with application:

  1. Bian-e-Halfi (on Rs. 50/- Stamp Paper)
  2. Photocopy of Pension Book
  3. Photocopy of National Identity Card
  4. Letter of Restoration of Pension (Corrg PPO)

For details contact Mr. 042-99220702 (Muhammad Ali , PA to CMP), Cell No. 0332-4698531 (Mr. Rashid Rehan).





The specimen of the Bian-e-Halfi is as given above and you can download the same in MS word from below link:

Download Specimen of Bian-e-Halfi in MS Word



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  • All pensioners have already given the undertaking while applying on CSR.25 for pension for recovery of any excess paid against the rules. Para 3 of the application form is as under :-

    3. Should the amount of pension and / or gratuity granted to me be afterwards found
    to be in excess of that to which I am entitled nder the rules, I hereby undertake to
    refund any such excess.

    In view of this standing undertaking, what is the need for a new undertaking, for which each pensioner is now unnecessarily being asked to spend Rs.50 and a lot of time and efforts ?

    Will some pensioner take this matter with Min of Fin ? or Ombudsman ?

    Agha Amir

  • Hi. Is this applicable on the pensioners from Pakistan Air Force ? If Yes, then what is the criteria for this increase ?

    • Dear Junaid, if you get the pension from CMP, then i think it will also be applicable for PAF. For details you can contact the numbers given here at this post.

  • AOA. The scenario for retired Armed Forces personals is not clear. According to the notification, a retired employee should be benefited for this after 15 years of retirement. Whereas this rule is not being implemented to the Forces retired personnel.

    • Dear Akhlaq

      You have to please appreciate that restoration is due in the case of all pensioners (including Armed Forces pensioners) who retired before 1.12.2001.

      And the restoration is due on expiry of number of years for which the pension was commuted.

      15 years is the period for those persons who retired at the age of 60.

      Persons retiring at younger ages are given more than 15 years value of commutation.

      Persons retiring at age of 50 get 22.8911 years value.

      Persons retiring at age of 45 get 27.1990 years value

      Persons retiring at age of 40 get 31.7160 years.

      And the restoration will happen on expiry of those very years.

      I hope the matter is clearer to you now. So persons retiring between 40 and 59 years have to wait for more than 15 years, even upto 32 years, before the commuted part is restored.

      Agha Amir

        • For Shahzad, with reference to his comments of 21 Nov.

          No, to my knowledge there is no such benefit other than annual increases after 2004 which may not be in the knowledge of pensioners.

          The Tribunal Order and Supreme Court upholding that order in 2001-13 relate to the benefit which is applicable to pensioners retiring BEFORE 1.12.2001.

          All the best to all friends

          Agha Amir

          • Dear Awais Naseer, your comment of 23 Nov refers.

            To be honest I had not studied this case in detail. But one of my friends was continuously asking me as to what happened to this case orders on which had been reserved by Supreme Court. I came to know only through Galaxy that Supreme Court had accepted the government appeal against the orders of Service Tribunal.

            There is no legal remedy available (unless one of the party requests the Supreme Court for review of its orders) and I am afraid the desired benefit would not be available to the concerned pensioners.

            And I think the time for filing a review petition would also by now have expired.

            Agha Amir

          • Sir Aamir agha sahib , kindly speak on the case" Supreme Court issued the judgment and set aside the impugned judgment of the FST regarding Inclusion of Adhoc Relief allowances of Jul 1999, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2009 in emolument recoknodable toward pension."Sir have you studied this case thoroughly and if yes then kindly comments on this case. Tkanks.

      • Many thanks for giving such a comprehensive reply and clearing the issue. I have one question to ask that whether any move petition is filed by any retired person to get this restoration benefit for those pensioners who have retired after 2001 i.e. in 2002, 2003, 2004 etc of restoring benefit in the age of 75, as President Musharraf have terminated this benefit for those pensioners who retired after 2001, which was not just and a clear cut anomaly with those. Now, the people who retire before 2001 will get more pension/benefit who retire after them. I would be highly thankful to your kind self for this information. Furthermore, you e-mail address and contact has been given to me by Sister Shumaila and I have also mailed you for this clarification. I shall be thankful to you for this information, please.

        My regards.

        • Shahzad this refers to your latest email of 18 Nov.

          Annual increases in pension have been granted by government on Net Drawn (Gross + increases less commuted part) pension as under [before that date all increases were given on gross pension including the commuted part also]

          1.12.2001 - 5 or 10 or 15 % (depending upon date of retirement)
          1.7.2003 - 15%
          1.7.2004 - 8 or 16% depending ...............)
          1.7.2005 - 10%
          1.7.2006 - 15 or 20% depending.............)
          1.7.2007 - 15 oe 20% depdning .............)
          1.7.2008 - 20%
          1.7.2009 - 15 or 20%
          1.7.2010 - 15 or 20%
          1.7.2011 - 15 or 20%
          1.7.2012 - 20%
          1.7.2013 - 10%

          This is just a summary and respective government letter has to be seen for exact implication of the details mentioned in each letter.

          Increase for that year was granted on the commuted part also only for that year in which commuted part was restored.

          Agha Amir

          • Dear Agha Sb

            Many thanks once again for clearing the issue in detail. However, it is quite obvious and clear to all and the same can be seen on one's pension book also @ what %age an annual increase has been given, my question was that any other benefit which is not announced by the govt but was bestowed by the APEC courts like one has recently been given to restore the commuted part and grant of increase on that part also. I want to know if there any such incentive given to the pensioners after 2004 but is not known to general public for pensioners who retire after 2004, please.

            Once again thanks a lot.


        • You are welcome dear Iftikhar. Dear the answer of this question will give you Mr. Amir Agha sb if they read this comment.

          • Amir Bhai, taking note of your keen grasp over pension issues, I need your kind guidance if you can tell me the benefits of pension/increases announced by the government from time to time except that of annual increases like 7% living allowances in the pension etc, can you tell me if any such incentives given by government or by APEC courts in favour of govt servants who have retired after 2004.

            I shall be thankful to my brother for this help.


          • Many thanks for clearing the issue in detail as ever. I shall try my best to prepare any class to fight for this un-just termination of restoration of pension case, however many thanks for guiding us.

            My regards

          • Dear Shahzad

            No pensioner (retiring after 30.11.2001) has so far taken up the case with any authority to my knowledge.

            And please do not blame Musharraf. It is the whole ministry of Finance which has taken the decision.

            There are certain Associations of Retired Persons. One is at Islamabad, known as AWRP (Association for Welafre of Retired Persons).

            Pensioners need to take up this issue as a class, and not as individuals. Going to Tribunal also will be better as a class / group instead of as individuals.

            I would be giving my personal assistance to any such friends who want to enter into litigation.

            Agha Amir

  • Dear Sister

    Many thanks for helping almost all cadres of government servants. I have one question to ask from your good self that that this is a clear cut anomaly of government with poor pensioners who have retired after 2001 (thanks to Gen Musharraf who has killed the restoration option) for those who retire after 2001. Is there any way these people can approach court or FST to get the same benefit in the age of 75 as it was admissible to their predecessors. What is your advice/ruling in this matter and if there any move/petition filed by government servants who have retired after 2001 for restoration of their pension as well.

    I shall be highly thankful to you for updating me on the issue.

    My regards

  • Sir Agha Amir sahib, please reply one more question that a pensioner who's commuted potion of pension was already restored in 1995 without increased increments, is that pensioner is also eligible to apply in CMP for revision of restored pension with all increases on commuted portion of pension. I shall be very thankful to you.

    • Dear Awais

      If the commuted part was restored in 1995, then all increases from 1.12.2001 were given correct on gross pension, including the part which was previously but was later restored.

      Since no increase was denied on any commuted part, therefore, no additional benefit is apparently admissible

      Agha Amir

  • Dear Mr. Agha Amir,

    Sir, you are requested to kindly guide me for two of the cases sent to CMP, Lahore in last week of September 2013 details as follows:

    My Father Late Abdul Aziz Butt PC-952 (civilian) ex-employee of QMG’s Branch CAO’s Office, GHQ, Rawalpindi

    The case submitted by my Mother
    Mst. Mussarat Aziz Butt
    P.P.O. Number G-1/P/66668 from NBP, Satellite Town Branch, Commercial Market, Rawalpindi.
    Widow of Late Abdul Aziz Butt
    Retired on 14-10-1990

    & My Uncle Late Raja Abdul Qaddus PJO-38950 ex-employee of Pakistan Army
    [ REGT/CORPS: EME, Rank: Sub/Maj – Hon/LT ]

    And the Other case submitted by my Aunty
    Mst. Ghulam Sugra
    P.P.O. Number JCO/EME/18/97 from Post Office, Sector I-9, Islamabad.
    Widow of Late Raja Abdul Qaddus
    Retired on 25-03-1987

    • If application complete in all respects has been sent to the CMA P, then please pursue the matter with that office. I do not have any links there.

      However if you want me to check what increases have fallen due on restored part of commuted pension, then please let me know

      dates of birth of both pensioners
      gross and commuted pension amounts
      number of years for which commuted value was received on retirement

      Please use my email address because my hotmail address is not functioning currently

      Agha Amir

    • Dear Ahsan Butt

      If the applications have already been submitted to the CMA P, then please pursue those with that office. I do not have any link with that office.

      But if you like e to check what amount of increase is due on commuted part on restoration, then please send to me the following particulars :-

      Date of birth
      Gross pension and 50% commuted pension
      Number of years for which commutation value was received

      Please answer me at, as my hotmail is not working currently.

      Agha Amir

  • Sir My father submitted his restoration case and got proper diary in computer after being marked and ok by the concerned officer. But still havent received any response even after a month.

    How to follow that case now since we live inrawalpindi. Or we will have to go persoanlly again to ask for the progress.

    Regards and thanks

    • Dear Sher Muhammad I have not the email ID of CMP Lahore, however you can get the Email Id by contacting the cell numbers given in this advertisement.

  • Dear miss we submit application for 5611-OSP-75% REV-R1 family pension of sobedar Mashall khan (PJO 31262) in noshehrah center on 17-06-2015 but cannot receive any feedback about that.please send me information about that case on this email address.

  • Dear Sir, I was employed in Pak Army EME on 16/4/1968 and awarded disability pension on medical ground on 26/12/1988 after 20 years 08 months service. Gross Pension: Rs. 1178.00, 50% commutation portion Rs. 589.00 vide PPO No. D/OR/133/89. Now 28 Years completed after disablity Pension. Now what is the procedure for restoration of commuted portion after 28 years.

  • Sir I was retired from Pakistan Army on 31-01-2009 as a Havildar. According to Finance Division's Reference letter number F.13(13)-Reg.6/2011, dated 11-03-2013, can I apply for Commuted Portion of Pension? Am I eligible for this grant of restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension?

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