Decision of Punjab Mohtasib-Computer Allowance to IT/Computer Science Teachers/I.T Lab Incharges

Punjab Mohtisb has given its decision on 31-10-2013 in favour of the IT/Computer Science Teachers/I.T Lab Incharges who suited in the Punjab Mohtsib regarding Computer Allowance. This case was registered by Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti, Science Teacher, GovtHigh School, Shekhupura.

The detail of this decision is available on the copy below:


Computer Allowance



Computer Allowance IT


  1. Usman says:

    1st of all there should be a platform for computer operators secondly, there is clearly indicated in PC-1s of each and every Project or department for the grant of CA. i have the copy and can be provided. it is the right and every computer operator should be granted

  2. Shahzad Saleem says:

    All the computer Operators, Why u people are not raising hands for " Computer Allowance" as this is deemed fit only for the computer Operators. So, i humbly requests to all the computer Operators to recognise their right of C.A. and writ a petition for this allowance too.

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