New Clarification of Grant of M.Phil Allowance

Government of the Punjab Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.SR-I-10-6/85 dated 28th April 2014 in connection with Clarification of Grant of M.Phil Allowance.

It is continuation of this department letter of even number dated 24-02-2010. It is clarified as under on received certain queries from different quarters regarding the admissibility of M.Phil/special allowance equivalent 50% of Ph.D allowance.

Greatly needed the accuracy of this notification because several departments were many illusions occur?

This is

  •  Who is the Competent Authority for the grant of M.Phil/special allowance?
  •  Who is the Competent Authority to determine the equivalence of various degrees with M.Phil degree for the grant of M.Phil/special allowance?
  • Who is entitled for the grant of M.Phil/special allowance?
  •  Whether M.Phil/special allowance is admissible contract employees otherwise?

Hopefully now obscuring all departments regarding the notification shall be turned away.

Several universities are based in Pakistan, has almost all the M. Phil and Ph.D programs.

Instead, many private universities M.Phil & Ph.D Programme effectiveness and transparency are losing, many reasons for this, for example, Private colleges affiliation without roles & regulation, a lack of faculty to private colleges (i.e some places masters reader having M.Phil), independent colleges, etc. there are many other factors also need to be modified. Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Awais for the post.


M.Phil Allowence



Ph.D Allowence 2




  1. Rahmat says:

    What about LLM allowance? Are the LLM degree holder in Islamabad eligible for LLM allowance like Sindh and Punjab?

  2. Attiya says:

    Is MS allowance for unemployed people or not 😛

  3. Mubashar says:

    Mn na mphil equivalent certificate lea hy hec sa kya mjy mphil allowance mila ga?i m working as educator in education department.thnx kindly tell me

  4. Faiz Ul Hassan says:

    Dear All,
    I need MS/ Mphil equivalence certificate issued by HEC. Can any body share above said certificate at thanx in advance.

  5. Ahsan ul Haq says:

    I am MS Computer Science and want to get M.Phil allowance from a Federal Govt Department. Can any one have a circular or reference of HEC that MS is equivalent to M.Phil.
    Can any one tell me that same procedure will use to get equivalent certificate MS to M.Phil through Dy. Director Accreditation & Attestation HEC which is used for other Degree.
    Please inform at


    AOA. I am a Punjab government employee and recently have done MS in business Administration with thesis of 06 credit hours from Govt. College University, Faisalabad in 2014-2016. am i eligible for availing M. Phil Allowance or higher qualification allowance. If there is any supporting document of any kind like equivalence of MS with M. Phil, then kindly send me on and oblige.

  7. Arsalan Mir says:

    I have required certificate having clearification regarding MS equivalent to M.Phil (if issued by HEC more preferable)
    If any one have the same please please send me on following e-mail address :

  8. Gohar says:

    Please share MS equivalent to M.Phil notification to

    • Imtiaz Ali Khan says:

      There is no Equivalence Certificate holding MS equal to M.Phill rather Director Accreditation & Attestation in Higher Education Commission consider each case individually and keeping in view the Course studied and Credit Hours attended, issues the Equivalence Certificate in the name of applicant which can be used to get the Special Allowance granted.

  9. Asghar Surani says:

    Salam Dear Admn,

    As per Federal Govt notification that M.Phil allowance is 25% @ Ph.D allowance and other provinces also reproduce the same notification in their provinces, now the problem is that KP Govt issued another notification that it is not admissible to equivalent degrees. Can you give us any clarification or revised notification of federal govt regarding MS qualification or any example that federal employees are getting MS allowance the please share on

  10. ASMA says:

    madam ... i m MS ( botany) and working as teacher in punjab govt ... i want to get mphil allowance ... ... how can i get equivalence certificate that MS is equall to M. phill ... plz guid me madam .. thank u so much

    • Imtiaz Ali Khan says:

      You Should approach Deputy Director Accreditation & Attestation in Higher Education Commission to obtain Equivalence Certificate in terms of your degree of MS (Botany). Along with the said Equivalence certificate you should apply for the grant of Special Allowance @50% of Ph.D Allowance.

  11. Hafsa Anum Billal says:

    I want mba equal to mphill certificate for my allowance purpose. The clerk said that if i submit of any one else certificate so my process will be complete or i will be able to have my allowance. If any one has issued MBA to Mphill certificate kindly contact me that i can get my allowance...thanks
    Hafsa anum billal

  12. M Arif Khan says:

    i have confirmed from Finance KPK that those who have master degree and have equivalency of MS/Mphil are not eligible for getting Mphil/MS allowance per month

  13. Sajjad Farooq says:

    Respected Shumaila Kamal, please share any letter about admissibility of M.phil allowance to MS degree holders serving in federal government.

  14. muazzam says:

    I have got the equivalence letter Mphi l/ MS from HEC now can anyone tell me that, now am i eligible for Mphil allowance or not. If yes kindly guide me. Thanks

  15. Dr Musharaf says:

    what is the procedure to get notification of msc equalient to mpil from HEC

  16. Shahid says:

    Respected Madam,

    I am in need of govt of Punjab, Finance Department Notification No. FD.SR-U10-6/85 dated 12.05.2016. In which power has been given to concerned D.D.O (In-charge) for approval.

  17. Aamir Nawaz says:

    Respected madam, I am MS (mgm sciences), am I ellegible for M.Phil allowance as announced by the federal govt. if yes than plz send equallency letter. Madam u hav committed the same with Maryam on 22 Sep 2015. She is MS (Maths)

    • Asif says:


      plz visit hec website then go to "Issuance of Degree Equivalence Certificate" page and click on Link "Equivalence & Accreditation Committee" and then read all minutes of said committee.

      For MS equivalence go to minutes of 1st meeting page 4..

  18. Dilshad says:

    Aoa now federal govt announce 2500 as mphill allownce .. my query is i have done llm 2 years after llb from bzu multan . M i eligible to take m.phill allownce

  19. zeeshan says:

    can msc engineer get mphill allowance?

  20. Munir Hussain says:

    education department is requiring equivalent certificate which must show that MS is equivalent to Mphil to get Mphil allowance benefit. Dear Madam can u guide me in this regard?

  21. .munir hussain says:

    Please madam send me related documents of Ms equivalent to MPhil

  22. Tariq Hussain says:

    I have passed M.B.A (2.5 Years) after my master and I have gotten Equivalence Certificate of M. Phil from HEC. I am working as SST in PSED. Am I eligible for M.Phil allowance on the basis of Equivalence Certificate.

  23. Sharaf uddin Achakzai says:

    Is JVteacher eligible for m.Phil allowance?

  24. fariha says:

    if anyone have HEC or PU MS hons equivalence to M.Phil certificate , please kindly share here .

  25. amir says:


  26. shoukat ali khoso says:

    AOA i am working in a federal govt department i need a clearification regarding selection grade my department award me selection grade bps 11 to bps 15 from 26-3-1993 i enjoying 6 year BPS 15 after 6 year the department issued orders and with draw selection grade BPS 15 from 01-10-1998 due to excess from prescribed qouta 33% of exsisting sanctioned strength and our pay fixed in BPS 11 since 26-03-1993 i want clearification that my fixed pay in BPS 11 is under the rule or not , it is further request that i want help line in this regard to fight against department any notification in this case please help me thanks

  27. IT teacher says:

    Asslaam o alikum Maam
    me ne MS (Computer science ) kya hai merey pass HEC ka letter b hai jis me meri degree Mphil k equivalent hai. but department mjhe mphil allowance issue nai krra kya me admissible hun is k lye? ap k pass agr is se related koi letter hai tu plz share with me

  28. Qasim says:

    Respect Madam!
    AOK.... Kindly inform about Notification of M Phil Allowance for Federal employees, either they enjoy benefit of M Phil Allowance like Punjab Govt or not???? If you have notification, then, kindly send me or share details here with link.

  29. m. shoaib says:

    Kia koi bnda mjhy yeh bta sajta hy keh federal govt employee m.phil allowance lay sakta hay???
    Qualofication: MBA 1.5 YEAR equal to m.phil
    If this allowancs is allowed then plz send me copy of notification. I'll br very gratefull to you

  30. hamid says:

    DEAREST madam i m hamid (SESE maths)
    i have degree of ms(physics) instead of m.phil.....i want to take m.phil allownce but DO(elementry) said that i requir the equialvalance certificate..
    please send the notification of MS equal 2 M phil orders of punjab govt .kindly send punjab govt. employ.working as teacher

  31. usman says:

    Dear kia future me koi chance hai fedral employees ko MPhil/ma alliance milny ka es per kuch kam ho raha hai k nai.

  32. Izhar Ahmad says:

    AOA....Yaya non Teaching staff ko bi M.Phil ka allowance milta hai jaisy Police deptt.Agricuture.Paramedical staff....who are not in relative teaching profession .....please cleare it.

  33. Izhar Ahmad says:

    Dear ms.Shamila ....Asslam-o-alikum....Please clear my problem that are the Non Teaching employees in Punjab who have Degree of M.Phil are eligible foe M.Phil allowance ...such as Paramedical staff,Clerks, Police & agriculture etc.....>> I am serving in Govt.Government as a Pharmacy Technician having M.Phil degree... it is my bad luck not to move in school & College side.....Please clear it are Non Teaching staff are eligible for such allowance email.....>>>>> i shall be very thankful to you for this kindness.....Thanx.

  34. Awais says:

    aslamo elakum, madam hamari appiontment me m.phl k
    number add hoy hen. kya hamen m.phl allownce mly ga? i.;agr nahe to is ka koi notification mly ga?

  35. M Tehseen says:

    Dear madam what is policy about M Phil/MS allowance for federal government employees, I shall be grateful if you may please share some document clearly stating about this matter like the contents of captioned document.

  36. Muhammad Afzal says:

    Kindly any confirm me that i have completed my MBA/ MS 4 years after my 14years education. I am a govt employee. Kindly any one confirm me whether i am eligible for the allownce or not. HEC will provide equivalence certificate of MS.

  37. Maryam Amin says:

    AoA. ma ny MS mathematics (18 yr) kya ha. koi notification ha jis me likha ho k MS equivalent to mphil r ma allowance lay sakon ??

  38. Irfan Mehmood says:

    I have completed MS and applied for M.phil allowance after getting equivalence certificate from HEC but my department is asking for proof / copy of order if some one is already taking M.phil allowance on MS degree. please send me copy of such orders if you have. I shall be thankful to you. My e-mail address is

  39. Nouman says:

    whether LLM equivalent to MPHILL

  40. tehmina kousar says:

    aslamu alikum mam
    mn yh poshna ta k ager job m.phil ki base pa ho too b allownce milta ya nh?

  41. Siddique says:

    Dear Mam,
    I had completed my MS in 2014 and attended classes in evening. I had not aquire NOC in this regard from competent authority. Now can I apply for MS allowance. Kindly email reply. Thanks.

  42. Umair says:

    Can MS(CS) get M.Phil allowance after getting equivalence certificate from HEC. If someone has information on this and its acceptance by District Accounts office the please share.

  43. afzaal says:

    I have completed MS in business administration without research recently. Kia mai MPhill allownce claim kr skta hoo? Please reply

  44. dilshad says:

    aoa dear shumaila gee i have done llm 2 yrs from bzu .. do my degree is mphill or not guide me according to law.. email me or issue supportive documents.. thanx i realy need ur help

  45. dilshad says:

    dear shumaila gee please tell me that federal employees are entitled for mphill allownce ?, send copy of notification or email us link so we download .. thanx

  46. abuzar says:

    please file a case for the benifit of fedral gov servents

  47. sharik says:

    Dear Ms. Shumaila, Thanks for your response; I did my LL.B. in 1987 and I am Federal Government Servant. Accordingly to my information two advance increments for LL.B. were allowed only to the employees of Ministry of Justice and Law Division and employees of other Ministries , Division and Attached Departments were not eligible for these increments .In this regard a clarification was also issued by the Government; however, it is not confirmed. Is like this? I try my best but could not find anything. Kindly reply in details.

    • Dear Sharik, plz email me all these details along with the documents you mentioned if possible Thanks

    • m.anwer says:

      i pass the ll.b 1988 in the service. i appoint the income tax department scene 1980 now i am retired in the service .i am not avail the advance increments two for the ll.b degree.plz help with the notification and orders. thanks.

      • Dear M Anwar 1st aap apni Service Book main in increments ko check karain agar nahin lagi to aap apney department to with reason/documents apply karain. Thanks

  48. sharik says:

    Dear Ms. Shumaila, In pursuance of Finance Division’s O.M.No.F.1 (7) Imp-II/87 dated 1.7.1987 and 1(12) Imp. I/91 dated 29.6.1991, two advance increments for acquiring/possessing higher qualification were admissible to Government servants. For example, if basis qualification for a particular post was F.A. FSc. etc. and concerned employee passed B.A, B.Com., BSc.,or M.A. MSc. Degree then he was allowed four advance increments and where basic qualification was Matric then Master degree holders were allowed six advance increments . No increment was allowed for LL.B degree other than those who were not employees of Ministry of Justice and Law Division. However, Higher Education Commission vide their Notification No.8-I/HEC/A&A/2006/552 dated March 29,2007 declared LLB. Degree equivalent to M.A.Msc. Now my question is whether two advance increments were allowed in addition of two allowed for B.A. etc. in any Federal or Provincial government department other than employees of Ministry of law and Justice Division in Pakistan? Kindly confirm.

  49. fayyaz says:

    heloo,mujhy is notification k baad m.phl allwance mil gya ha thanks.mis ShumailaKamal ,i m sst at multan .,agr kisi ko mary odr copy chy tw call me on.....03137361910.thanks

  50. Muhammad says:

    Dear Ms. Shumaila,
    I have just received short-listed intimation from SINDH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION for the post of Lecturer commerce BPS 17. Could you please let me know the Slaray Pcakage of BPS17 SINDH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION for the post of Lecturer commerce?

  51. Muhammad Ilyas says:

    Yes, I intended to file a case against the Government for M.Phil allowance.
    Those who have MS/M.Phil degree and are interested may kindly send me their name and other details on

    It will be better if a person at Islamabad do the same.
    Any how we must do some thing.

  52. M ISMAIL says:

    kia ye allowance sindh ke empl ke liey bhe he ?

  53. Muhammad Ilyas says:

    Why the same is not admissible in the Federal Government?
    Can we file a case in the court against Federal Government?

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