Finance Department Punjab has Issued Notification of Increase in Pension 2014 & Minimum Pension

Government of the Punjab Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.SR-III-4-302/2014 dated 18th July 2014 in connection with Increase in Pension 2014 by Punjab Govt as well as Notification No. FD.SR-III/4-302/2014 dated 18-7-2014 has also been issued regarding Minimum Pension and Family Pension. All these increases have been made with effect from 1st July 2014.


Notification of Increase in Pension 2014 by Punjab Govt


According to this Notification, there is 10% increase in pension to the pensioners of the Punjab Govt wef 01-07-2014.

If the gross pension sanctioned by Federal Government is shared with any Govt in accordance with the rules laid down in part-IV of Appendix III to the Accounts Code, Vol-I, the amount of the increased in pension will be apportioned between the federal Govt and the other Govt concerned on proportionate basis. Other details are available at the copy of the Notification.

Increase Pension Punjab



Pension 2014 Punjab



Notification of Minimum Pension 2014 by Punjab Govt & Family Pension

The Notification of minimum pension and family pension has also been issued by the Punjab Govt. According to this Notification, minimum pension to the pensioners has been raised from Rs. 5000/- per month to Rs. 6000/- per month with effect from 01-7-2014.

In the same way the minimum family pension was Rs. 3750/- per month and now this amount has been raised to Rs. 4500/- per month with effect from 1st July 2014 by the Punjab Govt.


Minimum Pension Punjab



Special Thanks to Mr. Mujahid Hussain for providing the copy of the Notification of Increase in Pension & Minimum pension by the Punjab Govt.


  1. Sahar Ali says:

    I was getting two pensions being unmarried daughter of my late parents as they both retired from Punjab as government servant.Now AG Punjab is asking to refund one of the pensions of my late parent what to do

  2. hafeez says:

    my mother retired in 1995 is thius pension scheme is for her?

  3. Rana Iqbal says:

    Dear Shumailakamal. In the above notification dated 18.7.2014 the term "Net pension" is that pension being drawn minus Medical allowance. The civil servants retired after 01.7.2013 are admissible pension increases 15% of 2010,15% of 2011, 20% of 2012 and 10% of 2013. Hence their medical allowance should be calculated after inclusive of above increases and not on gross pension minus 35% commuted portion of gross pension. Are you agree?

  4. ASIF NAZ says:


  5. ASIF NAZ says:

    Thanks a lot of madim

  6. Aaqil mehmood says:

    What means by family pension ?

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