Teaching Allowance to All Teachers of Education Department-Notification by Finance Department Sindh

Government of Sindh, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD (SR-III)5-30/2014 dated 21st July 2014 in connection with Teaching Allowance to All Teachers of Sindh.

It is stated that facility of qualification based teaching allowance was allowed to all School Teachers employed in Government Educational Institutions, except those teachers who have already availed benefit of award of higher grade and qualification increment prior to 1st December 2001 vide this department office memorandum dated 07-06-2010 with effect from 07-04-2010 at the rates on the following conditions:


S.No Qualification for Teaching Allowance Amount of Teaching Allowance
1 Matric with PTC or equivalent Rs. 500/- PM
2 FA/F.Sc with CT or equivalent Rs. 750/- PM
3 BA/MA with B.Ed/M.Ed or equivalent Rs. 1000/- PM


Conditions for Teaching Allowance


  • It shall be admissible to those teachers who are exclusively deployed on teaching duties.
  • It shall also be admissible to Head of Teaching Institutions and their deputies.
  • It shall be admissible during entire period of leave, vacation and L.P.R.
  • It shall not be admissible during entire period of Extra Ordinary Leave.
  • It shall not be treated as part of emoluments for the purpose of calculation of pension/gratuity and recovery of House Rent Allowance.

Now, with the approval of the competent authority, this department has withdrawn the para-3 of the O.M dated 13th march 2014, hence all school teachers who have already availed the benefit of Award of Higher Grade and Qualification Increment prior to 1st December 2001 are also entitled to qualification based teaching allowance arrear with effect from 07-04-2010.

Special Thanks to Mr. Jagdesh Kumar & Mr. Sohua Rasool. 


Teaching Allownce Sindh



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  1. Malik Arshad says:

    well it is good news for all teachers but there is so many hurdles to avail teaching allowance and time scale from the competent officers, they are not taking serious the benefits of teachers.

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