Full Judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Regarding Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension for Punjab Govt Pensioners

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued the judgment on 31st March 2014 in connection with Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension for Punjab Govt Pensioners.

The Government of the Punjab has also issued the Notification of Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension for the Punjab Govt pensioners vide Notification No. FD-SR-III/4-41/2008 dated 22nd July 2014.

In this Notification, there is a mention of the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan dated 31-03-2014, so on the demand of the many visitors of this website, I am publishing the copies of this decision and in this regard I appreciate Mr. Amir Agha who send the copies of the same and he is continuously contributing his shares for remedy of the grievances of the pensioners by replying the questions related to their issues.

It is mention here that the benefit of restoration of surrendered portion of pension in lieu of gratuity/pension was withdrawn with effect from 1st December 2001 vide No.FD.PC-2-1/2001 dated 22nd October 2001, Part III Pension and Commutation.


Restoration Pension Punjab




Full Judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Regarding Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension for Punjab Govt Pensioners
Article Name
Full Judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Regarding Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension for Punjab Govt Pensioners
The Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued its decision on 31-03-2014 Regarding Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension for Punjab Pensioners


  1. Fazal rahman says:

    Asalam o alikum. I went to kpk services tribunal regarding my pension in 2012 . A decision was made in my favour in June 2014 .kpk government has not gone to Supreme Court against this decision but they have not obeyed the services tribunal in these 2 years .i have reapproached services tribunal for implimentation of its orders but 6 months have passed and no result has come out so far.Is there any thing more I can do ie going to Supreme Court or any other organisation for obtaining my pension while the case is still continuing in services tribunal. I will be very grateful for your advice.( I am 68 year old)
    Many thanks and regards

  2. Ayesha says:

    there was a problem in date of joining in the service record of my father. he filed a case for correction, and win the case, but dpt filed against the judgment to high court, and now he is retired but judgment is still pending in high court. in this case, dpt is not releasing his pension. kindly mention any judgment regarding it. because in pension rules its clearly mention that pension should not be stopped or delayed.

  3. Abid Azim Khan says:

    Dear Madam A.o.A
    With regards kindly inform about the new method/rule of Restoration of Pensions. Did pensioners whose pension restored from 2011 to 2015 are entitled full increases from 1/7/2001?

  4. khushnood says:

    pl e mail notificaion regarding double pension at the age of 80 year

  5. prof riaz hussain khudai says:

    Plz email the copies related to decision of supreme court on 31st march 2014.copies attatched here are not readable. Thnx

  6. aamir iqbal says:

    medam salam,
    sindh high court, sindh high court sukkar bench ne verdict diya hai k tamam teachers ko date of 1st appointment se hi regularaize kia jaey. to is faisley ki roshni me tamam pst ko increaments
    1st date se hi start honey chahien. am i right. meri date of appointment 4/11/90 hai, mujhey ptc kerney k baad 1/12/1996 se incrament diya gaya hai.ager ye shi hai to me is k liye kia ker sakta hoon k mujhey mera haq mill jaey, please guide me. thank you.

  7. aamir iqbal says:

    madam salam,
    me 4/11/1990 ko sindh education and literacy department me pst permanent appoint hua tha. mene ptc 23.8.1995 ko kia tha. mujhey pehla increament 1/12/1996 ko mila. kia me 1/12/1991 se increament ka haqdar nahi hoon.ya muhjey ptc pass kerney ki date se hi increament miley ga. is baarey me court ka koi faisla hai to download ker dijey. mehar bani ho gi. thank you.

  8. Anila shahzadi says:

    Aslam o Alikum, please reply me, i am govt servant i have received pension amount of my father , now i have come to my knowledge i am not eligible for the pension due to regular income source , i am divorced , i requested to Solid waste management Department please give me pension till marriage but i am GOVT employee,my salary since stop, please tell me i do not want to return pension rupee to Department, please tell me any rules?

  9. siraj khan says:

    A.a,mam plz tell,who had got retirement in 1995,nw his age is 65 years,can get benifit through this notification.and what is the procedure to get benifit.

  10. Ashab says:

    Recently prime minister has announced a scheme whereby,after the death of government servant a reasonable amount would be given to the family of the deceased government servant.
    In view of the above noble action of the prime minister it is suggested that the pensioners who have served the government for their whole life(are getting a small amount as pension).They may also be very kindly allowed commuted amount of the pension after 10 or 12 years of retirement instead of present 15 years.It will be appreciated that after 60 years of age a very small number of persons live for 15 years i.e attaining 75 years of age.Prime minister may kindly intervene and order for grant of commuted amount after 10 or 12 years.We may pray for his long life.

  11. Shehzad says:

    And what about the federal government employees, whether this benefit is now extended to all the employees who have retire after 2001 and will they get their pension restored in 2016 i.e. after reaching the age of 75.

  12. Miraj says:

    Is the full judgment of sureme court about restoration of pension is aplicable in kpk.

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