Increase in Salary after Annual Increment 2014

I have prepared a chart showing the total increase in salary after annual increment 2014 for the Govt employees of Pakistan. This chart is for the general employees. There are some departments where employees are getting some special allowances based on the running basic pay, so they can also add the increased amount in these special allowances. For example there is a Audit Allowance for the some Accounts Departments in Federal Govt as well as there is a Special Relief Allowance @ 20% of the running basic pay for the employees of Ministries & Departments. I have not added these allowances here.

Who are Eligible For the Annual Increment 2014

The annual increment will be granted on 1st December 2014 to the employees who are working prior to 2nd June 2014. The employees who are promoted or upgraded on or after 2nd June 2014 are not eligible for the annual increment 2014; however they can get the annual increment 2014 if they opt to fix their pay on 2nd December after getting the annual increment in the previous scale. It is to remember that some times there is no use of adopting the option as the pay is same if the employee adopts the option or not.

Which Allowances will increase with the Annual Increment 2014

The Adhoc Relief Allowance 2012 @ 20% of the running basic pay, Adhoc Relief Allowance 2013 @ 10% and Adhoc Relief Allowance 2014 @10% will increase with the annual increment 2014.

Special Audit Allowance & Special Relief Allowance and some other allowances for particular departments that are on the running basic pay will also increase.

Increase in Salary after Annual Increment 2014 for the Employees who are getting 10% ARA-2013

The chart for these employees is given below:


BPS Increment 20% (2012) 10% (2013) 10% (2014) Total
BPS-01 150 30 15 15 210
BPS-02 170 34 17 17 238
BPS-03 200 40 20 20 280
BPS-04 230 46 23 23 322
BPS-05 260 52 26 26 364
BPS-06 290 58 29 29 406
BPS-07 320 64 32 32 448
BPS-08 350 70 35 35 490
BPS-09 380 76 38 38 532
BPS-10 420 84 42 42 588
BPS-11 460 92 46 46 644
BPS-12 500 100 50 50 700
BPS-13 550 110 55 55 770
BPS-14 610 122 61 61 854
BPS-15 700 140 70 70 980
BPS-16 800 160 80 80 1120
BPS-17 1200 240 120 120 1680
BPS-18 1500 300 150 150 2100
BPS-19 1600 320 160 160 2240
BPS-20 2350 470 235 235 3290
BPS-21 2600 520 260 260 3640
BPS-22 3050 610 305 305 4270


Increase Salaries 2014



Increase in Salary after Annual Increment 2014 for the Employees who are getting 15% ARA-2013


The chart for these employees is given below:


BPS Increment 20% (2012) 15% (2013) 10% (2014) Total
BPS-01 150 30 23 15 218
BPS-02 170 34 26 17 247
BPS-03 200 40 30 20 290
BPS-04 230 46 35 23 334
BPS-05 260 52 39 26 377
BPS-06 290 58 44 29 421
BPS-07 320 64 48 32 464
BPS-08 350 70 53 35 508
BPS-09 380 76 57 38 551
BPS-10 420 84 63 42 609
BPS-11 460 92 69 46 667
BPS-12 500 100 75 50 725
BPS-13 550 110 83 55 798
BPS-14 610 122 92 61 885
BPS-15 700 140 105 70 1015
BPS-16 800 160 120 80 1160
BPS-17 1200 240 180 120 1740
BPS-18 1500 300 225 150 2175
BPS-19 1600 320 240 160 2320
BPS-20 2350 470 353 235 3408
BPS-21 2600 520 390 260 3770
BPS-22 3050 610 458 305 4433




  1. amin says:

    if employee is appointed on adhoc period in bps . is he is eligible for annual increment

  2. ali says:

    madam . i am selected as instructor (bps 14) in tevta .according to tevta scale chart my pay is written as 14200-610-27300. what is my starting salary ? 14200? 27600?
    my friend is working in gcu lahore he told me that my salary is 27600 but after some deduction my net pay 23000. ( home take salary)

  3. Muhammad basir says:

    what is initial salary of scale 17 in higher education department of kpk

  4. Own Muhammad says:

    Dear Mam, I am selected as Chargeman Engg ( BPS-12) at Pakistan ordinance factories kindly reply me what would be my take home salry for this position?? plz reply

  5. R.A.A.B says:

    Resp Sister, there is discrepancy in the PhD allowance being offered by Govt. Punjab Govt is giving 10,000 federal govt some departments giving 7500 some 10000. Can i get some details how much some departments are giving PhD allowance.
    Kind regards

  6. Noreen says:

    Dear shumaila
    I have emailed you plz reply soon .thanks

  7. Athar Channa says:

    Respected Ma'm
    I would like to know the Basic salary, gross salary & take home salary of Civil Judge & Judicial Magistrate and also their allowances who are newly appoint civil and session court with judicial allowance.
    please also post the judicial allowance chart for Civil Judge & Judicial Magistrate (Sindh) employees.

  8. Babar Pasha says:

    AoA madam house rent kab baray ga.updates kia han?

  9. Noreen says:

    Aoa Dear Shumaila
    Thanks and congratz for such useful and helpful efforts.
    I want some information urgently can you please help me ?
    I want to know the rate of conveyance allowance and house rent allowance for BPS 18 in 2002 and 2003. Please provide me this info asap. Thanks

  10. Haris says:

    Dear Madam,
    i have received offer Letter on dated 17th November 2014 from Education and literacy department, SINDH for the post of Lecturer commerce (BPS-17). Do you have any idea about the salary?

  11. Junaid says:

    Dear Madam AOA
    Congratulation for your such informative website and I pray for your success.
    I am working on Admin Post in Public Sector University and our post was upgraded from BPS-16 to BPS-17. And in the light of Court Decision regarding Premature Increment we were granted Arrears only for one year i.e. July 2013 to June 2014. Kindly brief me whether we are entitled for arrears from our date of appointment etc. thanks and regards.

    • Dear Junaid Thanks for appreciating mine efforts for the employees. Dear if there is mention in the Notification that you are eligible for the arrears wef July 2013 then you are not eligible for the arrears prior to this date.

  12. abdul basit says:

    salam mam. i am stenographer in BPS 16 in lower judiciary. madam in 2010 budget, 50% pay increase but not give to lower judiciary and LhC staff, later on a case filed in Lhc in which decision was granted to give 50% but government give 50% increase pay only to staff of Lhc and not to staff of lower judiciary, why?? can government give 50% pay to lower judiciary or not plz tell me

  13. Azeem khan says:

    May 2014 main apoint hone walo ko premature increment q nain mili gi? I mean k premature increment ki ruling kya hai?

  14. rashid says:

    kia clerical staff ki up gradation ki koi news ha. Punjab govt.

  15. Azeem khan says:

    Dear Aapi, Assalam u Aalaikum,
    F. G. E. I. (C/G) k jin new appointees(appointed under induction 2014) jo M. M. T. Bps 9 se E. S. T. Bps 14 main 1 November 2014 k letter k mutabiq Upgrade huay hain to kya unko "PREMATURE INCREMENT" mili gi k nain?

  16. syed zaib says:

    Assalam-o-AlaikumDear mam,I performing my duty as librarian in bps.17 at highereducation department Khyber Pukhtunkhwa,Initially I was appointed in bps.16 through provincial public service commission december 2006, but in september 2007, all librarian of higher education department upgraded in bps 17 througha government general notification, but after 3 months this. notification was dismissed by the department and a new general notification issued, in which the post upgraded from 01-01-2010 instead of the 1st order ie 11-09-2007.Dear mam, we are getting our salary in BPS.17 on the bases of 1st notification from 11-09-2007,please inform what we should do now.thanks in anticipation

  17. Raja yousaf mehmood says:

    please tell me the salary of junior clerk who works in civil and session court with judicial allowance.
    please also post the judicial allowance chart for lower court(punjab) employes.

  18. syed zaib says:

    Dear mam,
    I performing my duty as librarian in bps.17 at higher education department Khyber Pukhtunkhwa,

    Initially I was appointed in bps.16 through provincial public service commission december 2006, but in september 2007, all librarian of higher education department upgraded in bps 17 through a government general notification, but after 3 months this. notification was dismissed by the department and a new general notification issued, in which the post upgraded from 01-01-2010 instead of the 1st order ie 11-09-2007.

    Dear mam, we are getting our salary in BPS.17 on the bases of 1st notification from 11-09-2007,
    please inform what we should do now.

    thanks in anticipation

  19. Darwesh khan says:


    Aslamoalikom, kisi department may scales upgradation kay liye bunyadi usool kia hain, yani in ka base kia hota hay. jesay clerks scale 05 say 07 may upgrade ho gaye to is ka bunyad kia hay.

  20. muhammad taimur says:

    Aoa sister, plz plz s ka mtlb smjha den;
    he will be on probation for a period of one year, if no order is issue on the expiry of the first year of probation the period of probation shall be deemed to have been extended to another year.if no order is issue by the day following the termination of the extended period of probation, the appointment shall be deemed to be held by him untill further order.
    ye mera appointment order hy plz reply

    • Dear it is better you email me ur appointment order, however as far I have undersood from these words, it means that you will have to apply for the termination of probation period after one year service and if your service is satisfactory it (probation period) will be terminated and if your service is not satisfactory then you will have to wait for another year for the termination of the probation period.

  21. zeenat hassan says:

    Can u share the pay chart of appointment 2012 of grade 16 ??

  22. Riaz says:

    Dear Madam
    Adhoc Relief 2013 @ 10% instead of 15%. kindly correction may be made please.

  23. faisal says:

    Assalam mu Alykum.
    First I would like to congrats u to run and maintain such a informative site, i think on net no other site like yours is exist. Kindly tell me, recently I am promoted to Bps 19 Assistant Professor from Bps 17 lecturer. Am I eligible for getting annual increment of Bps 19?

  24. Ahsan says:

    Miss Shumaila Kamal;
    is there any case in pipline regarding upgradation of Clerks in Punjab ???

  25. Azeem Ali says:

    plz confirm that employees of F. G. E. I.(C/G) are getting ARA 2013 at the rate of 10% or 15%. And what will be the total increasement in pay of B.p.s 14 of said department, after annual increment ?

  26. CHHIEMI says:

    Madam Shumaila,
    Scale kb revise hon gain? Generally ktne time k bhad scale revise hotay hain? Normally scale revise hone se ktni salary increase ho jati hai?

  27. Waqar Solangi says:

    If a person having bps 14 and belongs to F. G. E. I. Cantt/garrision then the increase in salary after annual increment will be ruppees 885/- or 854/-?

  28. fayyaz ahemd says:

    madam, meri is waqat meri basic salary 12400 hay agar is bar scale revised hotay han tho meri basic revised ho kar katni banay g.

  29. Waqar Solangi says:

    Dear madam,
    I am E. S. T. bps 14, recently upgraded from M. T. T. Bps 09. Annual increment k bhad meri salary main ktna izafa ho ga? Date of apointment is 13/05/2014.

  30. Naseem says:

    Dear Shumaila,
    Agar 15 may 2014 ko Abbottabad main induction 2014 k under teacher E. S. T. Bps. 14 ki home taking salary after deduction Rs. 19242/- ho to Annual increment lgnay k bhad uski net salary(home taking salaray) ktni ho jaey gi? It is to be noted that Abobottabad is Urban City and here House Rent is Only 30%. Thankrp.

  31. Fayyaz ahmed says:

    hello shumailakamal h r u mojay ik imformation chay. meri first december katni increment lagay gi mara scale 16 ha.

  32. iman says:

    what does pay protection means?

  33. saifu lala says:

    Madam, i was on PST post upto 31-10-2014,my basic pay was 11050,now from 1-11-2014 i was promoted to SST post BPS-16 ,now plzz help me how can i fix my pay in the new scale i.e BPS-16..whether i can got option or not? or i can fix my pay after availing annual increment in lower scale i.e BPS-14..plzz help me and send me my fixation in new scale..

    • Dear Saifu Lala u should use here option
      Pay on 30-11-2014 Rs. 11050/- PST BPS-14
      Pay on 01-12-2014 Rs. 11660/- PST BPS-14 (Annual Increment)
      Pay on 02-12-2014 Rs. 13200/- SST BPS-16 (Next Above + Premature Increment)

  34. SENi says:

    AoA Dear Shumaila Kamal, Your website is really very helpful, dear I have a question, there are news around for increase of House Rent Allowance (for those who are not availing the facility of Rental Ceiling) is it true?

  35. Chhiemi says:

    After 1st December, Rs. 610/- would given as annual increment. When this amount add up in running basic then it will become 854. Am I right. Or simply after 1st December total increasement in running basic will be only 610 or 854?

    • Dear Chhiemi in basic pay only Rs. 610/- increase but the other amount will be changed as allowances. Suppose you get 10% 2011 as 900/- then there will be increase in ARA-2014 Rs. 61/- Thus total ARA-2014 will be Rs. 961/-

  36. naeem qureshi says:

    good work.sst kpk ko bps 17 ke bare me koi news he aap ke paas

  37. Iman says:

    i joined fgei on 9th july 2014 through proper channel as before this i was already in Govt service, will my increment be fixed in pay in december 2014?

    • Dear Iman if you got protected ur pay and ur pay has been fixed then you will get the annual increment but in this case you have to opt for the pay fixation on 2nd December after availing annual increment in the previous scale. But you have to see whether you have benefit with option or without option.

  38. zahid rasheed says:

    shumaila sahiba,

    ap online line jobs ki bhi koi athentic company ya sites ya logon ka bata skty kya? aor aesi ko information ho tu wo bhi share kijiye plz

  39. zahid rasheed says:


    It is a good site for govt. employes and others also.

  40. Chhiemi says:

    In chart you, show the amount 854 as total in column against bps 14. I could not understand it. What is meant by this?

    • Dear Chhiemi, the Annual Increment of BPS-14 is 610/- and when the pay will increase the ARA-2012, 2013 & 2014 will also increase as these allowances are on the running basic pay. Thus by adding these increases in allowances the total increase in salary will be Rs. 854/-

  41. WAQAR ABBASI says:


  42. ASIF MEHMOOD NAZ says:

    Thanks a Lot to make this web site and helping the govt. Employees please send me the rules of female pension

  43. Hamid Ullah says:

    Kia Financial Assistance k bary min Punjab Govt. ki nai Notification Issue ho gai hy???

  44. JAWED BASHIR says:



  45. JAWED BASHIR says:


  46. QMA says:

    Dear, i have calculated the same, as per my calculation Adhoc 2014 (10%) for BPS-22 is 305 instead of 260. please recheck. thanks.

  47. Rafique Qureshi says:

    Dear sister Shumaila.. My young brother embraced shahadat in oct 2013 while serving in Sindh Police.. when I asked Authorities of Sind for the package announced for SHAHEEDS and those died during service, by Prime Minister pf Pakistan, they replied it does not apply on sindh govt.. plz tell whether Sindh is not a part of Pakistan and PM of Pak has no authority in Sindh..and is there any chance of its application in Sindh..

  48. sajid says:

    is there any notification regarding mphill allowance by the federal government likewise punjab government (50 % of the PhD allowance)

  49. Chhiemi says:

    Dear Aapi,
    I was apointed as M. T. T. Bps 09 on 13 May 2014 and upgraded as E. S. T. Bps 14 on 01 Nov 2014, in 2nd upgradation list of F. G. E. I. Setup. I want to ask that, shall I get the annual increment? If, yes then how amount is given to me as annual increment? Will this amount be 610 or 854? Plz, guide me with details.

  50. Asim Patel says:

    Salam All ! what about minimum wage Notification for private sector

  51. Arslan Jafferi says:

    Madam, Office Superintendent ki upgradation ki notification Sindh Government kb nikalgi. Koi update ya koi andaza

  52. Mukhtiar lashari says:

    we were working in bps 9 and from 18-7-2014, we have joined through proper channel another assignment of bps-14, in this case will we receive increment of 2014 or not..

  53. ASHAREB says:


  54. Shoaib says:

    Jo log contract say regular howay hain after July 2014 unki pays initial basic pr chali jati hain. kya unko annual increment milay ga Dec 2014 may ?

  55. Ismail Pirkani says:

    Adhoc Relief 2013 is 10% in mostly federal departments. And 15% in provincial departments from BPS -1-15 only i think

  56. Maqsood ahmed says:

    Madam ye increment December 2014 se lage ga ya January 2015 se

  57. major hassan says:

    well done. keep it up and educate the poor employees

  58. Muhammad asif says:

    salam may fgei mai 7 may 2014 ko MTT appoint howa r 24 July 2014 ko tugt appoint ho gya .ab mairi pay mai annual increment kis scale k mutabiq ho ga.
    r mujhy ktny premature increment milyn gy

    • Dear Muhammad Asif it is better you send me ur pay detail via email I ll fix the pay. If you want to get the annual increment you should adopt option. But you have to see in which way you have the more benefits.

    • Muhammad asif says:

      salam ap ny mujh sy salary ka pocha hai 14 scale ki initial hai tugt ki

  59. Misbah says:

    Aoa mam kia M.Sc hons Agri k marks count hn ge is martaba 2014 ki policy men for SSE

  60. Muhammad Munir says:

    good work, you are working hard and facilitating people.

  61. A. Ghafoor says:

    Nice work mem

  62. Wahid bux rind says:


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