Notification of Upgradation of Superintendents to the Offices of District and Sessions Judges in the Punjab

The Lahore High Court, Lahore has issued Endst No. 28080/LCE/1E/VII.A.25 dated 28-11-2014 in connection with the Upgradation of Superintendents to the Offices of District and Sessions Judges in the Punjab.

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub para  (iv) of Government of the Punjab, Finance Department’s Notification No. Judl-1-X (Home)/89 dated 08-10-1995, the Honourable Chief Justice has been pleased to upgrade the post of Superintendent to the Offices of District and Sessions Judges in the Punjab from BPS-16 to BPS-17 with effect from 24th October 2014.

The expenditures involved will be met out of funds already allocated under the relevant Head of Account, for the financial year 2014-2015.

Special thanks to Mr. GHULAM MUSTAFA Ch. for sending the copy of the Notification of Upgradation of superintendent to the Offices of District and Sessions Judges in the Punjab


Upgradation Superintendants Courts





  1. Sara says:

    can you please tell me about the Session Court employs are come in this scale Upgradation......

  2. nowshad Khan says:

    I was senior clerk in 03/2007
    granted Time scale upgradation bps-11 with no premature incremtn
    the post of s.clerk was upgraded on 01.07.2007 in budget from bps-07 to 09
    in light of govt decision one premature increment has been granted to all upgraded posts but I the same has not been granted to me up till now plz help me whether the same is allowed to me or not

  3. safdar says:

    please clarified that Fedral Govt upgraded only superintendents and Punjab govt upgraded all supervisory posts in punjab from BPS-16 to BPS-17 either it is correct as per rules of finance division

  4. Khurshid Ahmad says:

    Respected Madam,
    I was appointed in BPS-16 at BZU Multan on 12th April, 2000 Laboratry Supervisor (Technical Post). Still after completing near about 15 years I am serving in BPS-16 whereas junior official from administrative branch have been promoted upto PBS-18.I want to know that technical posts will be treated under notification of upgradation of superintendents or not.
    awaiting for your kind reply

  5. shahid siddiqui says:

    I have required copy of pay fixatiion of supdt of federal govt if any send me please


    I hope that your opinion will be implemented soon. The Finance Div GoP will resolve the issue according to rules and regulation of upgradation.

  7. shahid siddiqui says:

    R madam,

    According to number of comments of superintendents on your website. what is your opinion in the case of Fed.govt supdt.They will receive all benefits of B-17 according to Para one of the notification.The KPK govt upgraded the post in the province of courts and also Lahore H/C has upgraded the post B-16 to B-17 with full benefits no any contradiction in the notification of kPk AND lhc.


    Congratulations to Punjab Govt and KpK govt. they have upgraded Supdt post B-16 to B-17 with the full benefits of B-17. but Federal Govt no granted any financial benefits or not upgraded the post no any change of Med allowance/House rent allowance/ceiling. The case of supdt was mishandled by the Finance Div./S.O of Ministry of finance. We hope that supdt of Fed.Govt will file the case in the court for grant of upgradation of post not for timescale. The case was forwarded by the Estab Div. to Finance Div for consideration and not for their persoanl logic. The S.O violate the instructions of Estab. Div.and Finance Minister Speech in NA budget 2014-15.All the superintendents of federal govt are not happy with the Ministry of finance.

  9. Arslan Jafferi says:

    Madam is there any news abt notification of upgradation of suptd in Sindh Govt?
    wht do u think is sindh govt thinking abt it?

  10. abdul basit says:

    kia civil & sessions court k stenographer jo bps 16 main hn un ka scale b 17 main ho ga ya nhi, ya future main hony k chance hn?

  11. akmal saeed says:

    Nice to see the notification which is far better than one issued by Fed Gov
    Fin Div Ibd dt 10-9-14 reg Supdts.

  12. shanali says:

    Sister,I am an office Assistant,I was grandet bps-15,bps-11,perior to grant selection bps-14 to office Assistant,,,I want to ask you sister am I eligble to have a premature increment,although my question is not related to the above notification,however i request you may kindly clear that,,Thanks.

  13. KHALID MEHMOOD says:

    kamal hi kamal shumaila kamal

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