Cause List Regarding the Case of 20% Special Allowance for the Attached Departments

As you know that the Case of 20% Special Allowance for the Attached Departments is still in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The next date of hearing is 16th December 2014. In this case the cause list has been issued.

20% Special Relief Allowance has already been granted to the employees of Ministries and Divisions but the attached departments were deprived of it. Now Mr. Aftab Hassan D.A.G, Qazi Rafi-ud-Din Babar are struggling for the deprived employees of the attached departments.

Special Thanks to Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua for the updates regarding 20% Special Allowance.


Special Allowance Attached




Updates as on 07-02-2014 Regarding 20% Special Relief Allowance

Next Date of hearing is 9th February 2015 in connection with the 20% Special Relief Allowance to all the FG Employees.


Updates Special Relief




  1. Rizwan shahzad says:

    What about 20% case ?

  2. Rizwan shahzad says:

    What abut last update for 20% allowncf for F.g emp.

  3. sheraz says:

    Yaha insaf milta nahe Kharedna parta he.

  4. sheraz says:

    Pakistan me insaf milna boht mushkil he.yaha jis ke laaty uske Bhains wala qanoon 20% agar waziro mushiro k liye hota to ik do peshyo me iska faisla ho chuka hota laiken ye nechlay tabkay k liye he is liye mere bhaiyo iske fiker chor do q k hum log judge khared nahe sakte yaha to Feron k zamane se b bad tar qanoon he.

  5. ZULFIQAR ALI says:


  6. Abdul Rashid says:

    Dear Shumila Kamal thank you for your all doing for the best of federal employee i one of them, seeking justice since my inception now i am going to retire from service in December 2015 but yet i am awaiting. The case is that I was promoted from BPS-15 to 17 and after 7 years i was elevated in BPS 18 and then after reaching on my maximum I was moved over to BS-19 but this move over was rescinded in 2001. I again reached on maximum in 2009 but no move mover except usual annual increment. On 23 December 2011 I was notified in B-19 but after three years time the Finance Division again issued OM clarifying that all those Private Secretaries granted B-19 would be treated at par 17 in their status no house rent facility of B-19 shall be allowed. Though certain Sr Private Secretaries who did not complete their length of requisite service they were also elevated to B-19 without distinguishing between the senior and junior. I have spent 38 year service and got B-19 before three years of my retirement. Nor I have been given any benefit of Establishment Division OM issued in 1983.
    Now the Establishment Division has clarified that those that have 12 years service should be granted B-19. In this way I had qualified 12 years service in 1999. The question is that that can i get B-19 with retrospective date I mean when i have completed 12 years as per establishment Division's OM. Plz clarify I shall be highly obliged.

    Best Regards

  7. azam says:

    what does mean by court sorts on opinion of AG

  8. awais says:

    Dear Arif & Iftikhar,

    More two weeks we hv to wait and pray.

  9. shahid aslam says:

    20% ka kya kehtay hai hoga faisla b ya taal matol

  10. Arif says:

    Madam how r u?
    Any updates regarding the court proceedings yesterday about 20%?

  11. Iftikhar Hussain says:

    Please to inform about the status of case, Special allowance, placed on 9-2-2015 before Islamabad High Court

  12. awais says:

    Now we hv to wait for another two weeks, hope for the best.

  13. awais says:

    Hearing on 9-2-2015 : Hon'able judge (s) of IHC directed Attorney General to decide this long outstanding issue within two weeks

  14. Rizwan says:

    Any update please about 20%

  15. shahid aslam says:

    je kia hua aaj ki hearing mai? any updates please.

  16. awais says:

    Any update ? What abt today's hearing? Plz someone tellme gud news !

  17. Hafiz says:

    updates if any please

  18. shahid aslam says:

    whats news about 20percent?

  19. shahid aslam says:

    suna hai CDA ko 20% allowance ka notification hogaya

  20. shahid aslam says:

    je, what is the date of hearing?

  21. shahid aslam says:

    what is date of hearing , what mean by after 3 weeks. in next month mean 1st feb or 31st jan.

  22. Muhammad Asif says:

    jo 12 jan ko hearing howi hai es ka result smjh nhi aya plz explain k hearing may kiya faisla howa hai after 3 week ki date mili hai es k elawa kiya howa

  23. Kashif Latif says:

    Madam, thanks 4 reply

  24. waqar ahmed says:

    I think all expenditures will be out of 50 billion

  25. Kashif Latif says:

    On 12-01-2015, DB of IHC has directed Finance Division to "Submit approval of summary" what is it's mean. Will you please clarify.
    Thanking you anticipation.
    Kashif Latif

  26. shahid aslam says:

    but what happened today

  27. shahid aslam says:

    aslamulikum, kia hua aj hearing ka . please update? shukria

  28. shahid aslam says:

    please update about case. what is hearing date? courts started. Thanks.

  29. shahid aslam says:

    date kya hai hearing ki holidays k baad 5jan ko start hugay offices

  30. mohammad hussain says:

    Dear madam plz tell me about 20 % special allownce ..what is latest apdate ?

  31. bushra says:

    dear shumaila may 2014 main jo educators appoint kiay gay hain un main 9 scale pe appoint hony wally educators ki education msc sy km nahi hai kia kpk govt ki tarah punjab govt bi in educators ko budgat 2015 tk upgrade kr dy gi

  32. waqar ahmed says:

    doston humko wait karna chaye sarkari kaam hain late to hoty hain shuker hai k case start to ho gaya hai. final decision bhi aa he jaye ga.. shumaila se pochny ki zarorat nai wo khud he post kar deti hain update. I think wo hum se zida jaldi main hongi.

  33. shahid says:

    where is updates?

  34. CHHIEMI says:

    What's news as today was the hearing of 20% Special Relief Allownce in IHC?

  35. SUBHAN ULLAH says:

    Dear madam!
    Any update about today's hearing in IHC about 20%?
    Plz share if any?

  36. nasree akhtar says:

    pls.inform about today's hearing

  37. shahid aslam says:

    Whats latest news about today's hearing in S.Court of Pakistan of 20%? Please update . Thank you.

  38. Zulfiqar Awan says:

    Mary Allah hamari madad farma..................

  39. altaf hussain says:

    great work. may u live long

  40. Awais Akram says:

    Dear shumaila,

    Date if hearing is confirmed na , is it 16-12-14.

  41. Umar Khattak says:

    Mam, Ap b Duayen Karen Keh Allah Pak Judge ke Dil Me Humderedi Payda karen aur Hakoomat K B

  42. abdul karim channa says:

    dear madam ya allowance province employes ko bhi milaga ya nhi ?

  43. Awais Akram says:

    Best of luck every one.

  44. waqar ahmed says:

    Madam it is the big news for deprived fedearl govt employees. I really appreciate to u excellent work. inshallah court decision will be announce in over favor.

  45. kaman says:

    madam jo punjab govt na pension ma izafa kaya ha 11 december 2014 ko as ke samaj nh i mughy plz bta daya mare abu b 2001 ko retarde houa han reply me w8ing 03111 539539

  46. kaman says:

    madam ya 20% allonce fg ka employ ko kub tak mil jaya ga or ya kube sa issue ha

  47. Awais Akram says:

    Dear shumaila,

    So once again we have hope in regard of 20% allowance , may Allah help us in accordance with it. I hope this would be final hearing and may all federal get benefied from it.

    I have also discussion with IHC employees they are very hopeful and the disecion will be for all the employees not the unbiased decision.

    Please update in this regard, it will be so nice of you.


  48. Ali Akbar Jatoi says:

    I aaprciate to you madam you are helping to government employee for them earning problem in the proof of notifications and other legal advice also its very hard work thanks so plz..

  49. shafiq says:

    Madam ye tamam Federal Employees ko milay ga ya Bughet-2015 tak chala jaye ga....

  50. Najm says:

    Will you please clear it what type of allowance it is? Are we Provencal employees will get the benifit of this? Thanks.

  51. Iqbal Javed says:

    mam, what is update about up gradation of clerks..

  52. waqar ahmed says:

    Madam it is a big news for deprived federal govt emplyees. I appreciate to u excellent work. inshallah court decision will be issue in over favor.

  53. ABDUL GHAFOOR says:

    Mam, Thanks for uploading this info. All employees are requested to pray.

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