Latest Updates Regarding 20% Special Allowance to All FG Employees

As you know that the case of 20% Special Allowance to All FG Employees is in the Islamabad High Court.

This case was filed by Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua & Qazi Rafi-ud-Din Babar. You know that the 20% Special Allowance was granted to the employees of Ministries and Divisions only vide Notification No. F.10(2) R-3/2012 dated 06-03-2013 with effect from 1st March 2013. But the remaining employees of Federal Government were deprived of this Special Allowance. The resent date of hearing  regarding 20% Special Allowance was on 09-02-2015.

Latest Updates Regarding 20% Special Allowance as on 09-02-2015

Islamabad High Court has direct the FD to decide the longstanding case and to submit the Notification of 20% Special Allowance within two weeks.

The Attorney General requested the Court for some more period.  The Islamabad High Court directed the AG let it decided within two weeks, otherwise the Court will decide all ICAs on merit.

Special thanks to Mr.Ahmed Adnan &  Mr. Aftab Hussain Janjua for sending the updates of the hearing.

Note: In future all news updates regarding this case will be updated here at this post.


Updates Regarding 20% Special Allowance as on 16-02-2015

Next date for hearing is going to fix on 2nd March, 2015 in IHC. Special Thanks to Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua for the updates of 20% Special Allowance.

Cause List for 20% Special Allowance to be heard on 2nd March 2015.


Cause List 2


Updates Regarding 20% Special Allowance as on 02-03-2015

Today on 02-03-2015, the case was heard and Court sorts opinion of Attorney General and next date will be fixed by the IHC Office. Updates by Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua.

"The learned Standing counsel seeks sometime to satisfy this Court regarding the question of maintainability of the appeals" On the previous hearing discussions held and Court asked its maintainability and next date is being fixed 26-03-2015.


Updates Regarding 20% Special Allowance as on 26-03-2015

On 26.03.2015, the honourable Division Bench IHC considered the new CMs filed by different departments for becoming a party in the case. One of them was Pakistan Post Office.  One of our friends collected precedent and evidences of Supreme Court of Pakistan in identical case.  IHC has allowed this CM and directed the Office to re-list the case in 2nd week of May, 15 for a final decision. (Updates by Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua).

Updates Regarding 20% Special Allowance as on 17-04-2015

Next Date of hearing for 20 %  Special Allowance to attached departments is going to fix on 12.05.2015 in IHC, Request for prayers. (Updates by Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua).


Updates Special Allowance



Updates Regarding 20% Special Allowance as on 08-05-2015

Next date of hearing of the case of 20% Special Allowance has been fixed as 12-05-2015. In this regard the cause list has been issued. Updates by Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua).


Updates ARA Allowance


Updates of 20% Special Allowance as on 14-05-2015

Last Hearing on 12.05.2015:

Before Justice Athar Minallah & Justice Aamer Farooq in Court # 4, Islamabad High Court. After lengthy & detail discussion the Hon'able Division Bench IHC directed to Mr. Nadeem Arshad, SO (Regulation) Finance Division that explain the benefits being received by the attached departments. In next week, let see and pray. Next Date of Hearing is not fix on 12-05-2015.

Next Date of Hearing for 20% Special Allowance (21-05-2015)

Next Date of Hearing for 20% Special Allowance has been fixed as 21st May 2015 (Thursday). In this regard the cause list has been issued by the concerned court. (Updated by Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua).


Next Date Allowance


Updates of 20% Special Allowance as on 21-05-2015

Today on 21.5.2015, Mr. Nadeem Arshad S O (Regulation) Finance Division appeared before the Hon'ble DB and requested that Finance Division could not prepare report on Attached Departments due to busy in preparation in budget, therefore 2 weeks more time was requested by him which was accorded by the Court. Let see (Updates by Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua)

Updates of 20% Special Allowance as on 29-05-2015

The next date of hearing for ICAs on 20% Special Allowance to attached deptts are being fixed by the Hon'ble Islamabad High Court on 16.06.2015. Please pray for a success.


Latest Updates Regarding 20% Special Allowance as on 13-06-2015

Next date of hearing for 20% Special Allowance has been fixed 15th June 2015. In this regard cause list has been issued. Updates by Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua.

Special Allowance 2013


Updates of 20% Special Allowance as on 15-06-2015

On 15.6.2015: the case was heard and Finance Division submitted a Report on Discrimination in compliance with Order of Islamabad High Court dated 12th May 2015, the case was adjourned and will be discussed after Summer Vacation September 2015. Special Thanks to Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua for the updates of the case.

Updates of 20% Special Allowance as on 04-09-2015

Next date of hearing is to be fixed as on 30-09-2015. In this regard cause list for hearing the case has been issued.

Cause List


Updates of 20% Special Allowance as on 30-09-2015

Next date of hearing has been fixed as on 20-10-2015

Updates of 20% as on 20-10-2015

Today 20th Oct., 2015 the ICA 1102/2013 was heard by Division Bench in IHC and the case adjourned till January, 2016.
Request for prayers.  (Updates by Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua).

Last Opportunity-Order Sheet issued on 20-10-2015 regarding 20% Special Relief Allowance


According to this order sheet; Learned D.A.G submits that he has been entrusted the matter recently, therefore he needs some time to prepare the brief. Last opportunity is afforded to the learned D.A.G and matter shall be argued on the next date of hearing. At the request of the learned counsel for the respondents appeal may be relisted in the month of January 2016. Special Thanks to Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua for sending the copy of the oreder sheet issued on 20-10-2015 regarding 20% SRA.

Order sheet 20.10.15


Next Date of Hearing of 20% SRA is 20-01-2016

Next date of hearing for the 20% Special Relief Allowance for all Federal Govt Employees has been fixed on 20-01-2016. In this regard cause list has been issued. Pray for the case.




Updates of 20% Special Relief Allowance as on 20-01-2016

ICA of 20% special allowance is adjourned to the unspecified future date. Today, the environment showed that 20% special allowance would remain a pipe dream for the deprived employees of the federal government.

20% Special Relief Allowance for all FG Employees-Next Date of Hearing

Next date of hearing for 20% Special Relief Allowance to all Federal Govt Employees has been fixed on 22-02-2016. Pray for this case. Updates by Mr. Aftab Hassan Janjua.


Special Relief Allowance


Updates of 20% SRA as on 24-02-2016

The case has been adjourned for one month. Next date of hearing will soon be updated.

Next Date of Hearing 20% SRA

Next Date of Hearing 20% SRA has been fixed on 29-03-2016.

Special Relief Allowance

Next Date of Hearing 20% Special Relief Allowance

Next date has been fixed as 13-04-2016.

Next date 17-05-2016

Next date of hearing is 08-06-2016.


Next Date of Hearing After Summer Vacation 2016

Next date of hearing is fixed 28-09-2016 after the summer vacation 2016.


Updates on 28-09-2016 of 20% SRA

The case has been de-listed and the next date of hearing is fixed 2nd November 2016.

Updates on 02-11-2016 of 20% SRA

The  next date of hearing is fixed 16th November 2016.

Now the next date of hearing is 6th of December 2016.


Next Date Has been fixed After Winter Vacation 2016

Next Date Has been fixed After Winter Vacation on 10-01-2017.


The hearing date of the case has been changed. Hearing date is fixed on 22.12.2016 instead of 10.01.2017.


18-01-2017 Next Date 



On 18-01-2017:

Case Argued And Ordered To Transfer The Case To Hon'able Chief Justice Muhammad Anwar Khan Kasi's Division Bench. Next Date Of Hearing Fixed May Be Fixed Next Week Insha'Allah


16-02-2017 is the next date of hearing.

Next Date of Hearing is 22nd March 2017: Updates by Mr. Awaab Nabi Khan


20 Percent


Next Date:

Next date of hearing has been fixed by the honourable IHC as 04-05-2017.


11-05-2017: 20% Special Allowance for All FG Employees:
Next date of hearing has been fixed by the honourable IHC as 23-05-2017

Next Date of Hearing 20% SRA 2013 is 13-09-2017:

Next Date: 20-09-2017

20 Percent


Next Date of Hearing= 02-11-2017

Next Date of Hearing= 30-11-2017

Next Date of Hearing= Expected in January 2018 In Sha Allah


Next date of Hearing: Next Date of Hearing is 15th March 2018


15-01-2018 Updates:

The judgement reserved by the honourable IHC on 15-03-2018. Pray for the 20% in favour of employees.


13-06-2018 Updates 20% Special Allowance to FG Employees

The case has been disposed off in favour of the Government (Federation).


Special 20



  1. nasir mahmood says:

    sir/madam i have come to know through daily express that islamabad high court has dismiss 20 percent case yesterday

  2. nasir mahmood says:

    sir/madam i have come to know through daily express islambad that islamabad high court has dismiss 20 percent case yesterday

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    Mam plz clarify the decision of islamabad high court decision about 20% dated 18-6-2013. This desion current or old.plz upload the comments.

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    Case Decision has been announced today in favor of Employees.

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    agat aik depatt 30 sall guzary or os se banda dosry me jay deputation Provincial se FG depart me jay to us ko kia kia mara`at milengy or wo kis scale p apoint hoga jab k wo parent dept me permanent post p tha. plz favour me.
    Many many thanks

  11. Khan says:

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    Abi thak m.s and m.phill alowance nahi de rahay, ki dly us k liyi kya karay? Ku k wifaqi muhtasib ni b koi response nah dia

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    Respected ma'm, please inform when the IHC decision regarding 20% allowance is going to be announced. In a couple of weeks?

  20. Kashif Latif says:

    The judgement reserved by the honourable IHC on 15-03-2018.

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    Stenographer/Stenotypist ki upgradation kay bary mn koe news ho to please share kran. Thanks

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    Respected sir I need notification about insurance that when a govt servant be retired and In 5 year after retirement can take insurance.
    Plzz give me notification in pdf/docx file.

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    Next Hearing Date is 30-11-17...

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    Next date of hearing in the case is 30-11-2017

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    26-09-2017, has been fixed for hearing by the honourable Islamabad High Court. Any body knows the outcome of today's hearing.

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    Is there any update of 20.09.2017 hearing about 20% special allowance for FG Employees

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    Justice delay, Justice deny.

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  68. Faqeer Hussain says:

    By the way, can international court of justice hear this case?

  69. Syed AR Bukhari says:

    20% ka case b international court of justice mein lekar jana parrega tab jaakar faislaa hoga. Pakistani court k liye kaafi mushkal kaam hay iss masle kaa hal. Teen saal se date pe date diye jaa rahe hein ye Courti zaalim.. ... .... ... ... Kitni sharam ki bast hai.. ........ ...

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    20% ka case b international court of justice ma LA kar jay ga tb fasla ho ga.Pakistani court k lia kafi mushkal kam ha ass masla k hal.

  71. sajan says:

    Can u predict what will happened next? I think more dates will be taken and no result. Bcoz its only for fg employees other than courts, assembly and special ministry staff. We are very much depressed on late decissions.

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    Respected Madam
    20% hearing date 04-05-2017 ke koy update hoy hai ya nahi

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    Hearng today

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    22-3-2017 ke bad 20% ke koy khber nahi hai

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    Next date of hearing has been fixed by the honourable IHC as 04-05-2017.

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    assalamo alaikum dear.their is any update about 20 % allownce of march 2013
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  89. Rauf Ahmed says:

    The case is already getting too late .the concerned poor employees are getting desperate.As it is said justice delayed is justice denied. The wakeel/s of the employees may request the honorable HC for the grant of interim relief ,at the moment.

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    Mujhay ek notification zarorat hai 13(4)-reg.6/2007-IV dated 08.08.2009

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    Fasla Allah ka hukam sa sarkare malazmeen ka haq ma ho ga.

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    ye pakistan hai piyare gareebon ke liy insaf nahi piyare

  93. Arif says:

    If this is the way the cases are decided, then there is no hope whatsoever. It is pressure of vibrant media and the international organizations that compel our rulers to save their face. Judicial face saving is by hearing and delaying the case and thus compelling the plaintiff to voluntarily give up.

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    Hum un Adalto se Insaf ka Yakeen rakte he Jis Adalat ne Ayan Ali ko Baizat Bary kar diya aur kul parso me Panama case me Shareef family b begunah sabet ho jai ge.Is liye ye 20% Bhool jao bhaio q k yaha sirf Takatwer ko Uske Marze ka Insaf milta he,Muje aur apko kuch nahe mile ga

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    Next Date: 22-3-17

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  100. Muhammad Ashraf says:

    Dear Shumalia Kamal

    Anomaly case W.P.No.25866/2016 dated 19.09.2016, order from Lahore High if you have the copy of this case kindly sent me

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    Any new updates plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  102. sheraz says:

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  103. sheraz says:

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    2nd quesrion is... Kia Time scale mein contract waly senior ho jain gay?

  107. Nazneen says:

    Aoa meri appointment september 2000 ke hai 1st promotion Nov 2012 mein mili phir upgradation se 16 scale mila 16 scale 4yrs ho chki hain but total service 16yrs ho chuki hai sawal ye hai k time scale k mutabik mjy 17 scale milay ga? Yani 16 scale walo k leye b length of service dekhi jaye ge?

  108. kashif says:

    please mujhay bataen k time scale men hiring (cieling) usi scale men mili gi ya regular scale walay p. yaani men regular scale 16 men hun time scale 17hy. to mujhay kis scale k mutabiq hiring milay gi

  109. Faqeer Hussain says:

    Thank u dear Rfk for ur updates about court proceeding on 6 Dec 16.Can u please inform whether DAG stands for Deputy Auditor General OR Deputy Attorney General?

  110. usman says:

    Ridiculous..I think it will not be implemented.The court just delayed it till the coming budget.Then there will be new Hearing process and so on........

  111. Rfk says:

    On 6 DEC 2016 DAG promise to honorable court Pm Of Pakistan implement this allowance in next budget 2017-18.On this remarks court adjourn.

  112. sheraz says:

    Any update of 06 Dec hearing?

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    Any update of 6th December hearing.....???

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    06 Dec ke kiya update he.plz inform kare

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    Have a 6 dec Hearing update about 20% allowance FG Employee

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  117. Kamran says:

    Tareekh pi Tareekh......
    kia ye NA-insaafi nahi ke ke Grade 20 ko 65000, GRade 21 ko 75000, and Grade 22 ko 95000 ko sirf monitization amount monthly mil raha hay... jab ke officers ne Govt Driver and Vehicle ab b apne ghar main private use k liay raki hoyi hay....

  118. Shah says:

    Next date is 6 December 2016.

  119. Farrukh says:

    Next date of hearing is 2nd week of December 2016

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    Kese ka pass 20% allowance ki khabar ha

  121. usman says:

    Any update about today hearing of 20 percent allowance??

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    hahahahaa ye mazak ho raha he court k pas ikhtiyar b nahe he k wo faisla suna sakey ye sub drama he jo Nawaz Shareef ya Ishaq Dar kehte hen court woe karta he bs bhooool jao 20% ko

  123. Muhammad Ashraf Awan says:

    PAEC some employee anomaly case resolve & some employee was not consider, seem nature of service status. My pay Rs,5678/- SPS 2001 and other employee Rs.5678/- resolve after anomaly to fix Rs.6470/- Please help

  124. SSS says:

    hahaha....Yeh 16 Nov ki date b hamari judiciary ka kuch nhn bigad sakti...

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    Any update for 20% Allowance

  126. ABDUL GHAFOOR says:

    20% updates OF 2-11-2016 HEARING !!?

  127. Imran says:

    Contempt of Court honey k bad date nahe di jati magar yahan to 3 saal guzar gae date dete dete ya humarey Judge Sahiban Nahell hen ya Hukamran Ya phr hum bs in Last Shame on All

  128. akash says:

    if you plz tell me that currently federal govt has given mphil allowance to its employee.those who have ms 18years education can also avail this.if yes then equailanve certificate to mphil is needed or without this its degree will work.

  129. abdul salam says:

    Hamaray mulk m insaf ka Allah Hi Hafiz hae. kuch din phley 1 news aai k 17 sal bad 1 admi ko us k marnay k bad ba izet bari kar dia gia. shame on our justice syestem. or ye hi kuch 20% m ho raha hae.

  130. Kashif Latif says:

    The IHC has announced 02-NOV-2016, as next date of hearing in 20% Special Allowance Case.

  131. Abdul Ghafoor says:

    Tareekh pe tarekh...???????

  132. M. Zaheer malik says:

    A.o A. please update about 20% allowl. latest hearing.

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    Dear Shumi.... Kindly Update about latest 29.9.2016 20% Special Allowance IHC hearing...

  134. A. Ghafoor says:

    Any updates of 28.9.2016 hearing?

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    Aasalam u alikum

    Have you any information 20% Allowance . . . ?

  136. faisal says:

    any good news regarding 20% allowance (28-9-2016 hearing)

  137. zamin hussain says:

    sir have you good news about retd.govt servents

  138. Ali Gul says:

    Assalam.o.alaikum sir, send me sindh govt. notification of special allownce for disable person

  139. muhammad Tufail says:

    once again i draw your intention toward the seat of federal employees daughters which is now 7.
    but the Govt. increase the seats in medical college two or three time. But the seats of fereral
    employees are still the same i.e 7. It should be increase 7 to 14. if any one you have the approch
    kindly take this matter for the betterment of federal Govt. employees.

    thanks and regards.

  140. muhammad Tufail says:

    I wants to draw your attention towards the seats of federal employee in medical colleges for their daughters which is 7 since long. Govt. has increase the seats in medical colleges so many time,
    recently Govt. increase the seats in medical colleges but the seats of federal colleges for their
    daughters are same. it should be increased i.e. 7 to 14.

    thanks and regards.

  141. Abdul Rasool says:

    medam is mulk mein kanoon hay he nahen Employees of Courts ki pay mein her saal koe na koe Allowance diya jata hai iss saal bhi Govt of Sindh ne unki pay mein boht izaafa kiya hai please ab mujhe ye batao k Judges k sarr mein konsa dard hai k wo hamare Allowance k liye Final decision deden 2 ya 3 saalon se date per date diye jaa rahe hein ye koe insaaf de rahe hein baaki mulazmin ko ham Federal waale to jese Afghanistan mein rahte hein.... Please reply must

  142. Kashif Bashir says:

    Aasalam u alikum

    ek baat samjh main nahi ati ke last year bhi ese howa finance minster budget pesh karne m masrof phir vacations , court ka ministry ka departments ka summer vacations se kia taluq he jab ke sare office to open hote he phir summer vacations ka bahana bana kar q es case ko lamba khicha ja raha he ya to fasla karen ye allwance sab ko de dain ya to na dain ek tarf to aae, baqi ye darama kafi arse se chal raha he behtr he es drame ko ab ikhtetam kia jae.
    thank you

  143. Rfk says:

    New federal budget 16-17 govt employees new pay scale notification implementation letter issue after 48 hours through ministry of finance

  144. Hamid Ali Adnan Bhatti says:

    Ye case ub kisi new government k tenure mein hi approve hoga. For example, PPP or PTI.

  145. Khaild says:

    28-09-2016 next date

  146. Sami says:

    Case adjourned once again

  147. Sami says:

    any update about 8th june hearing

  148. Shafaqat Hussain says:

    Allah pak ap tamam ahbab ko jo es karekhair men hisa lay rehe han agar e azeem ata frmaye... Ameen

  149. Kashif Masood says:

    i hope 08 June is last date and Inshallah case will be decided in favor or employees

  150. Sami says:

    Next date of hearing fiexed for
    Keep hopes alive by grace of Almighty Allah.

  151. SoomroSindhi says:

    Just delayed is justice denied!

  152. sheraz says:

    Any updates of 17 May hearing?

  153. Kashif Bashir says:

    tareek pe tareek mil rahi he kuch din bad website pe likha hoga finance ministry buzy in budget or Aug 2016 tak new date aaegi or Oct main date aaegi phir next year.Last year bhi esa hi howa tha,

  154. sijjeel says:

    I heard that the decision is in the favor of employees. Is that true?

  155. ABDUL GHAFOOR says:

    Tareekh pe tareekh....Allah kre noon league PANAMA me doob jae.

  156. Rizwan says:

    Next date of hearing .....awaiting ....... Case adjourned once again due to incomplete report to be submitted by finance division. KEEP HOPES ALIVE.

  157. Sami says:

    any update about today ....
    koi new lara ty naee la dittta

  158. ZEESHAN says:

    any update plz today is 17 MAY

  159. Rizwan says:

    madam 2day is 17-5-2016. Any updates regarding today hearing ?

  160. shahid says:

    Any new update for today hearing??????

  161. kashif says:

    Is this 20% allownce also applicable for paec employees

  162. Bashir Ahmad says:

    What is the latest position of this case of 20 percent.
    Us any lawers free forum available for pensioners

  163. Abdul Rafay says:

    Any updates?

  164. Abdul Qadeer says:

    Dear Madam,
    Govt. ny jo time pay scale diy hain,
    m District Courts m steno (BPS-16) m kam krta hun, time pay scale ki jo policy h wo every 10 year bad lagu ho gi, mari age abhe 24 saal h,
    is policy k mutabik mujy b hr 10 saal bad next scale mily ga ya just 17 scale tk ruk jay ga?

  165. ABDUL GHAFOOR says:

    Any updates of today's hearing?

  166. Faisa khalid says:

    I am federal govt employ service 19year but no promotion still bps5 kia koi time scale k policy ha plz help

  167. Mudaser Hussain Saqib says:

    Today 13-04-2016 again hearing adjourned and relisted after twenty days. Representative of Finance Division directed by Court, submit details of any other special allowance given to attached departments and subordinate offices. in short Tareekh pay Tareekh

  168. Shahid Ali says:

    Please upload today's proceedings about 20% special allowance.

  169. ABDUL GHAFOOR says:

    tareekh pe tareekh ):

  170. Mudaser Hussain Saqib says:

    ICA in IHC:: Grant of 20% Special Allowance to attached departments :: Case No. ICA-1063 to ICA-1077/2013, CM-1/2013 & CM-3/2013 (Finance Division filed the Intera Court Appeal against IHC Judgment dated 18-06-2013 in W.P 1262/2013 & Cr.Org No. 409/2013 :: On 29-03-2016 Before Justice Athar Minallah & Justice Noor-ul-Haq Qureshi case relisted for 13.04.2016. Keep hopes alive by grace of Almighty Allah.

  171. Khalid says:

    13-Apr-2016 is next date

  172. ABDUL GHAFOOR says:

    Today's hearing updates please.

  173. Ahmed says:

    Is this 20% allowance is also applicable for NESCOM, PAEC, SUPARCO, KRL ets????

  174. Zuberi says:

    Dear Shumaila,

    By the grace of Allah Almighty, I ve been shifted to grade 18 from 17 due to my promotion. Thus my rank pay will be adjusted in grade 18 wef 23 March, 2016 whereas my annual increment is due on 10 April, 2016. My question is whether i will get my annual increment on 10 April, 2016 after the adjustment of rank pay which will be wef 23 March, 2016. Regards

  175. imran says:

    Asalam o alaikum
    I was appointed as jr.assistant SPS-4 at PAEC(pakistan atomic energy commission) on 18-04-2014 and then got offered of Jr.Executive SPS-5 on september-2014 from the another project of same commission PAEC ,so after 5 months and releiving i joined the said dept on 01.10.2014
    Then they fixed my pay fixation according to new scale of sps.5 but they freez my adhoc releief allowace 2010 and adho 2011 on plz let me inform should i get this allownce on sps.5 basic or sps.4 ?

  176. muhammad Ishaq says:

    Mam we are federal employee working in NTDC Wapda Peshawar. the 20% Allowance hame mile ga ke nahi

  177. Saqib says:

    Dear Shumaila,,
    i have very important question, i was appointed as BPS02, after 05-years and further appointed in BPS 04, the some people of our department were against me, the order of BPS 04 was withdraw by the department with out any reason,,, it is mentioned that i am never absent nor any kind of disciplinary action,,,, what can i do in this situation,, pl. guide me.....

  178. zubi says:

    It seems FST has no power to implement its decision, like many institutions it has failed to provide justice to poor employees and end descrimination, unlawful orders, the matter will not be ginalized until FST ends giving further adjournments and starts contempt case against finance secretary/minister.

  179. Jawad says:


  180. Mohammad Imran Baloch says:

    please share if any updates about the case

  181. Khalid says:

    new date given,nothing happened on 22-Feb-2016

  182. ABDUL GHAFOOR says:

    any updates for today's hearing?

  183. Syed Muhammad Israr Kakakhail says:

    What about today's (22-02-2016) hearing regarding 20%?

  184. Mohammad Imran Baloch says:

    today on 22/02/2016 hearing of case. any updates about case

  185. Muhammad Jiwan says:

    Aoa,dear sister ye batain k ESE teacher KO M.Phil ka allonce mil sakta ha ya nahin

  186. Shehzad says:

    I think this case is a slap on the mouth of this PML (N) govt who looks least interested to give anything to poor govt servants, it is a pity that a nationalist like Wali Khan also advocates that defense should be controlled by Federal Govt and on the other hand defense organizations like POF, HIT and so many others are not given this 20% allowance whereas our counterparts of accounts and FA department right sitting with us are taking this allowance in addition to their already granted 20% account allowance which is like salt in the wounds for all federal govt employees. We have to stop this discrimination forthwith if we want to see Pakistan advancing and we must feed all our employees equally and must not make blunder like Raja Parvez Asharf who only gave this 20% allowance to some deptts only and did not think at all about others

  187. Khalid says:

    Next hearing date is 22-Feb-2016

  188. Rashid says:

    salam admin i woulld like to join this chain of networking also want to get all education notification

  189. waqar ahmed says:

    kuch nai milna budget se pehly

  190. Zaheer says:

    Thanks 4 the updates... it is really good to see someone is regularly updating the occurrences in the case...this is doubtlessly beneficial for all those interested....

  191. ATTA UR REHMAN says:

    NY NEWS 20%

  192. Khalid says:

    No decision yet made, next hearing date yet to come

  193. Arif says:

    It is perhaps another face of justice hitherto unknown. Honorable court is deliberately delaying the decision. Shame shame shame...

  194. Ali Akbar Awan says:

    Any update of 20-01-16 hearing??

  195. Muhammad Awais says:

    Madam where is today hearing orders?

  196. gulumar Crop Reporter FATA says:

    AOA, Ddear Madam is this 20% special allowance will only for FG employees or all federal employees of ministries/divisions?

  197. muhammad ashraf says:

    I am from pof wah kia ye allowance pof employees ko bhi mile ga

  198. Khalid says:

    Is this allowance applicable for NDC,KRL Employees also?

  199. SALEEM KHAN says:

    Dear Madam.
    Plz tell me a rule, if the same cadre post of BPS 16 is lying vacant under an org. So, whether existing employee of BPS 10 can be promoted in next stage BPS-12 against that vacant post of BPS 16 ??

  200. waheed says:

    what is next date of hearing ?

  201. M. Zaheer says:

    Respected Madem.
    is any hope for 20% allowance or not plz. reply ?

  202. shahid rao says:

    Dear shumaila plz let me 9 that i am in pak army and army is also fedral govt employ so is this allownce aplicable on pak defence forces

  203. Farrukh says:

    Many suna hy ky Prime Minister ny approval dy di hy or es hearing py Faisla ho jay ga, Inshallah zroor mily ga 20%, Primr Minister ny jis letter py sign kiay hain oska Leter no. F.1/27/CAO/2014, 30th Oct 2015 ko sign huwa hy
    If anybody hav this kind of letter plz share on GLXSPACE.

  204. umer farooq says:

    koi ya bata sakta hey kay jo benevolent fund hy..ya har fed employee ky liay compulsory hy.. har employee ko lazmi is ki deductions karwani hogi.. ya employee kay pass isay unsubscribe karny ka ikhtiar hey...

    plzzz reply in light of rules.... q k mienay is say mutaliq fatwa laina hey..

  205. ahmed says:

    Our Judicial System??????????????????

  206. waheed says:

    Dear shumaila ,
    is ka matlab yah hay kah D.A.G ko aakhri moqa diya gya hay aor next hearing par faisla ho jay ga ?

  207. Muhammad Irfan Kakar says:

    Dear Madem me district and session court lahore me stenographer hu or me ap se puchna chahta hu k all punjab k stenographers ka pay scale increase ho ga ya nai agr ho ga to kb

  208. waqar ahmed says:

    sawal he piada na i hota k ye allowance humko mil jaye. jo govt 7.5% salary increase kary wo 20% bhala k sy dy sakti hai no never .

  209. ABDUL GHAFOOR says:

    intiha ho gai intizar ki,,,,,,,,,,i na kuch khabr,,,,,,,,

  210. Jawad Bashir says:

    Well January 2016 ka sun ke herane nahi howe, mere khayal se jin logo ne case kia he unhe phele dekhna chahiye tha ke kya hmare pas ese documents he jis ki bunyad se hum ye case jeet jaenge agar waqae main un ke pas esa kuch hota to ye case itna lamba nahi chalta, well ab is ka khayal bhi zehan se nikalna parega..... baki good luck for others. umeed banae rakho qke umeed pe duniya qaim he, and Lots of thanks shumaila kamal ke ap btate rahe.......

  211. Ghous Mohiuddin says:

    Maray khayal may agar imran khan phir dharnay ka iylan karay to govt 20% daynay ka sochay GI kiyunkay jab govt paryshan hotti hay to us ko mulazmin had attay han

  212. annonymous says:

    These ICAs are fixed for hearign in the next week commencing from 19 th OCt, 2015. Not sure but its 20 or 22nd of october. good luck.

  213. NADEEM AFTAB says:

    AA, i dont know how is that leader, but i appreciate and pray for success of whole member who effort, best regrade to all, now i want to introduce myself, I Nadeem Aftab, working in Trade Development Authority of Pakistan as Assistant Private Secretary, please clear me its name is a Secretariat Allowance in past or something new allowance 20% Special Allowance.
    May Allah Success to all, Wishes best of lack,

  214. farhan says:

    Next date of hearing has been fixed on 20.10.2015.

  215. farhan says:

    Any update about today's hearing i.e. 30.09.2015 regarding 20% increment of salary.

  216. sayyed sajjad ali shah says:

    Dear shumaila please update me about
    Compensatory allowance for employees of bps 16 of kpk.

  217. Awais says:

    Let see & hope for best...

  218. Fazil Malik says:

    Respected madam Shumaila Kamal:I wanted to convey you some grievances about arrears of my Pension , on attaining age of 75 Years but i am not able to get your e.mail, who may accept my request. Kindly convey me the same. I shall be grateful. Fazil malik

  219. Aslam says:

    ASA, Hukumat Hon'able Courts k faislon pr amaldaramad q nhi krti, joon hi koi decision govt. employees k haq me hota hai, ya to appeal kr deti hai ya us k joon tk nhi rengti. akhir q, yehi waja hai k govt. employee hand to mouth guzara krte hain yr phir najaiz zaraye amdani ki trf mayal hote hain.. govt. kuch to khayal kare.

  220. Khurram says:

    Respected mam
    We heard a news that minimum scale for teachers will be BS_16 and it is on working. Is it true please ?

  221. Saleem Nawaz says:

    Madam assalamo alakum
    Provinces mai ministerial staff ke upgradation hoi ha. Junior Clerk Senior Clerk etc.
    Federal mai kb ho ge upgradation. kuch umeed ha.

  222. ghous mohiuddin says:

    Year main sab or is court say mujah ko to koi umeed nahi " jab insan Allah pak k siwa kissi bashar say umeed lagata hay" to aysay hi zalil hot a hay jaysay FD govt employees ho rahay han

  223. Abdul Ghafoor says:

    the date is to be fixed as on 30-9-2015 OR has been fixed on 30-92015? plz clarify

  224. waqar ahmed says:


  225. وحید says:

    اگر کورٹ ایپلائز کے حق میں فیصلہ دے گی تو
    کیا یہ الاؤنس
    کے ایمپلائز کو بھی ملے گا؟

  226. Kashif Bashir says:

    Aasalam u aalaikum, 20% Next date , sincere Q nahi ho rage Officer Allow dena he dain bar bar next date, Minister Ghaztd Staff ka Allow hota decin kab ka ho jata, dkhte hain es bar bhi 16.06.2015 ko, Dual he INSHA ALLAH ho jae Allow mil jaye SB ko faida ho aamin sum aamin

  227. Arslan Jafferi says:

    Thanks madam for ur guideness

  228. Arslan Jafferi says:

    madam i could not understand ur sentence so plz explain why premature increment not given to me on upgradation, explain plz

    • Dear Arsalan, it is simple: Suppose the pay of an employee in BPS-11 is 12000/- and the pay of BPS-17 is 16000/- the difference of these two pays is 4000/- that is more than the annual increment of BPS-17 (Rs. 1200/-) If during the fixation the difference is 1200 or less then the premature increment is allowed.

  229. Shahbaz khan says:

    tareek tay tareek tareek tay tareek akhir kadun tk is case ko shaka men adalat men lao na wakeel na court kachery direct faisla

  230. Arslan Jafferi says:

    Madam Im a Superintendent, upgraded in bps-17 from bps-16 by sindh govt, My basic pay in bps-16 was 11600 and after upgradation in bps-17 now my basic pay is 16000, At the time of pay fixation i asked them (Account ofc) abt premature increment which is allowed on upgradation but they said no, they gave this statement there is a lot of difference in basic of 11600 and 16000 that is why no premature increment given to me, madam wht do u think plz comment and guide me share ur knowledge plz

    • Dear Arslan Jafferi to get the premature increment there must be the difference of two pays equal or less than the annual increment of the higher scale.

  231. Ahsan khan says:

    Mam salam where r u and where are everyone aisa lagta hy 5 din sy web site ko kisi nain chowa tk ni no updates of nothing her chiz nlege k plan k mutabik ja ri hy kahan gay upgradation waly kahan gay pay scal revise waly govt nain sb ko mamoo bna dia come on guys ni lagani thi umeed ni bhayjny thay fake kisam k letter aur news ab bhukto jo 10% mil jay wo b ganimat hy ab tu wo b ni lag rha n lege zinda bad apca paindabad

  232. Rashid says:

    Kuch nahi hoga. Is Government se koi Umeeed nahi rakho, yeh kuch nahi deange.

  233. Kashif Bashir says:

    Aasalam u aliakum, again and again next date , akhr kab tak next date kare ge finally jawb to dena he let see ye 2 week bhi guzar jae ge INSHA ALLAH sb ko mil jae 20% Allownce aamin

  234. waqar ahmed says:

    chalo g jahan 2 saal nikal gaye wahan 2 week bhi aur wait kar lety hain

  235. Arif says:

    There is an old saying in Sindhi that " kutti choran sa badhal aa" means "dog is friendly with the thieves". So dear aspirants it is but natural here in our country.

  236. Shahid aslam says:

    What updates about today hearing.

  237. Muhammad Wasim says:

    What is the latest update of 21, May hearing? W8ing

  238. Inamullah says:

    Medam, me BA kia hai aur DIT 1year diploma b hai, agar koi job aye tu plz muje agah kar dena,

  239. farhan says:

    new date is fixed on 21.05.2015

  240. MUHAMMAD RIAZ says:

    MADAM SHUMAILA KAMAL , AOA, I am working as deputy national savings officer BPS-15 in NATIONAL SAVINGS ORGANISATION WHICH IS AN ATTACHED DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE. the post was upgraded to BPS-16 IN DECEMBER 2013 without incumbents. I was not given BPS-16 due to the reason that a penality of reduction of 2 stages in time scale for a period of 5 years was imposed upon me in feb 2009. MY QUESTION IS
    3. now a period of more than one year has passed that i have completed the punishment but the department has not taken any action. what should i do,
    with regards riaz.

  241. Kashif Bashir says:

    3 saal years se next date chal rahi he, ya Allwnc de dia jae ya ye case khtm kar dia jae, jahan apna matlab faida ho to sb ho jata he jahan hmen emmplyes ke lye faida hta he wahan next to next date..................?

  242. Abdul Salam Shahid says:

    Waheed sab k liye Urdu m Tarjma Ha. (Court kheti hay Ammb Chupo).

  243. tauheedullah says:

    all these are jokes just delaying tactics, it is clear crystal , why they are extending hearing to next date,

  244. Abdul Salam Shahid says:

    ye judges ka allowance hota to ab tak secretary Finance ko seat se dismiss kar k jail m behje dena tha.

  245. says:

    Salam sister and team.mughy to umeed nh nazer a rahe.2sal or 3month hone wala hain.sirf emply jo zaleel kar raha hain

  246. وحید says:

    اس کا اردو ترجمہ کیا ہے ؟

  247. farhan says:

    Court directed to SO (Regulation and Finance Wing) to submit detail of benefits which are being received by attached departments in next week.

  248. waqar says:


  249. Mukhtar Ali says:

    all members...
    any news regarding
    1> 20 % to FGEIs Employees ?

    2> seniority list of Computer Instructor BPS-17 ...?

    If any then do share plz....
    Mukhtar Ali

  250. Rashid says:

    20% special allowance ke bare me Court me detail Behas hoi lekin yeh sirf Behas he thi, next date of hearing is not fixed by the Court umeed ha in last week of May or 1st week of June

  251. Abdul Salam Shahid says:

    O 20% allowance rey teray bina b kia jeena, Teray bina b kia jeena. neendoon m sapno m teray siwa dikhai day ab kuch na. O allawance rey.................................................................... .(Govt Employee ki awaz.

  252. Muhammad zada says:

    Salam sister
    any News about pay scale revision plz ?

  253. Saad Chaudhry says:

    Does anybody know what happened of the case?

  254. Rashid says:

    20% special allowance ki 12 may 2015 ke hearing ki kia update hen phir next date mil gae hogi yeh government of Judges mile huwe hen

  255. Jawad says:

    Salam any updates about 20% allowance, please reply soon

  256. Sohail says:

    As per My info No Hearing Took place on 12 May 2015 as all lawyers were on strike .

  257. Kashif Bashir says:

    ALLAH karen 20% allowan sb ko de dia jae aamin

  258. saima farhan says:

    Mam, agar koe gud news hoti to ab tak pata chal jata.. I think phr wohe dialogue bolna chahhye k.......... Tareekh py tareekh. Tareekh py tareekh

  259. farhan says:

    any update?

  260. Farrrukh says:

    Mam any update abut 20%, jaldi sy big news suna dain..........

  261. ghafoor ahmad says:

    baji koi khaber 20% FGE ki

  262. Saad Chaudhry says:

    Even if IHC order govt to give this allowance to all FG employees (which I hope), the govt most probably will go to SC against it resulting in either more delays / hearings or no allowance at all.
    Still we can pray and hope for the best.

  263. shaukat says:

    Dear madam, any update about 20% special allowance

  264. Muhammad Asif says:

    case ka aj final result kiya howa

  265. javed iqbval says:

    any update about 20% increment in fg employees?

    • As soon as I get the updates of 20% Special Allowance I ll share

      • Alamgir Kha says:

        Salam.....i belong to an autonomous body (University) there any possibility of promotion from BS 16 to BS 17 as i have more than seven years service...if yes then how? of if the chief executive intentionally delays then what about the case to be filed in court?

  266. Kashif Bashir says:

    Good Very Good,
    aghar Federal ke sb employes ko mil raha he to hmen q nahi dete hain or attach department ke hum hain to phle clear kar do ye roz roz ka drama q banate hain sb sb ko allownace dete hain upgradation sb ko dete hain jahan hmri bat ati hain wahan attach department wah kia kehna mulk chanale walo ka or apna faida ho to foran notification or hmri bat aae to no response khair aj nahi to kabhi na kabhi to sb thek hoga or ek bat yahan insaaf nahi he true....................

  267. shahid aslam says:

    Asalamualikum, Je kia updates hai aj ki hearing ki 20%?

  268. Qadeer Ahmed says:


    Respected Shumaila Kamal

    Please update regarding regularization of contract and daily wages employees case presently held with committee for view, please ?

  269. Abdul Salam Shahid says:

    Kuch ni milnay wala. sub bikta hae.(Insaff, Aman, Gherat etc.)

  270. Muhammad zada says:

    Salam Dear Sister!,

    please update me about upgradation case of Librarian /Asstt Librarian of FGEIs, i waiting for your early reply, please.

  271. Muhammad zada says:

    Dear sister.....
    what is the present siSituation about the upgradation of Librarian/Assistant Librarian of all FGEI(C/G) employees.
    plz rply soon as possible

  272. Jawad says:

    Thanks to all who think about the federal government employee, jaha pe deduction ki bat hote he waha hum army ke bande he aur jaha faide ki bat hote he waha hame just attach department keh ke ghuma dia jata he...........................................................

  273. Sami ullah says:

    Thanks alot ... shumaila Kamal ...

  274. Muhammad Wasim says:

    Dear Aapi,

    Scale revise k hawalay se kya latest updates hain? Kya iss budget main scale revise hon gain? Plz.

  275. NISAR UL HAQUE says:


  276. Sami ullah says:

    میرا ایک سوال ہے وہ یہ کہ میرا تعلق ایک وفاقی ادارے سے ہے ۔ میرا سوال یہ ہے کہ میں نے موٹر کار آیڈوانس لیا تھا اور اس وہ ایڈوانس میں ادا کر چکا ہوں انٹرسٹ کے ساتھ تو کیا میں دوبارہ موٹر کار ایڈوانس لے سکتا ہوں ۔ اکر لے سکتا ہوں تو کوئی رول کی کاپی مل سکتی ہے دوبارہ ایڈوانس لینے کے حوالے سے میرا ڈیپارٹمنٹ کو دینا چاہتا ہوں ۔

  277. waqar ahmed says:


  278. hina says:

    salam shumaila any latest news about the regularization of fgei paid staff ? or ye jo commitee wala letter issue hua is me fgei wly b regularize hon gy k ni plz reply soon

  279. shahid aslam says:

    aslamualikum, pay scale revision ki kia news hai budget qaib hai?any good/latest news about salary increase?

  280. kamran says:

    salam madam..20% FG allowance ke latest update to bata dana thnx

  281. zafar iqbal says:

    madam,have u any info regarding upgradtion case of PTSs in islam abad high court of fgei cg

  282. shahid aslam says:

    i think site is silent these days./

  283. rabia sabir says:

    aoa mam any news about case

  284. Khan says:

    جزاک اللہ ، اپ ڈیتس سے آگاہ کر نے کا۔۔

  285. Khan says:

    السلام ُ علیکم!
    گزشتہ سماعت پر حکومت کی طرف سے سمری پیش کی جانی تھی اس کا کیا بنا؟ لگتا ہے یہ حکومت ٹال مٹول کے علاوہ کچھ نہیں ہیں ۔کر نے والی۔بہر حال ، امید کے علاوہ کر کیا سکتے

  286. shahid aslam says:

    what is next date, any news from anyone?

  287. Muhammad Hafeez says:

    A-o-A have u received any news from Govt side, please share ?

  288. rabia sabir says:

    mam ye allowance kya railway police ko b mily ga

  289. rabia sabir says:

    dear mam kya ye allowance railway police ko b mily ga.

  290. shahid aslam says:

    je, any news

  291. Abdul Waheed jamali says:

    Thanks dear

  292. shahid aslam says:

    thanks. waiting for updates. good site for updated informations.

  293. Abdul Waheed jamali says:

    Dear have any updated about 20% after lapse of 03 days.

  294. shahid aslam says:

    mean, what opinions sorts by court through AG? any source news.

  295. rabia sabir says:

    miss kya ye allowance special py scale py lagu ho ga

  296. shahid aslam says:

    no sources through this site ? 2 days passed but no detailed and authenitc news cleared.

  297. shahid aslam says:

    what courts sorts opinions of A.G? what is detailed news ? no sources through this site ? 2 days passed but no detailed and authenitc news cleared.

  298. atta-ur-rehman says:

    miss shumaila sorry to say, case hearing was conducted on second march till now you could not collect latest updates about the hearing.seems either you are much busy in your activities or not taking interest.

  299. Abdul Waheed jamali says:

    Dear sister FSD has directs the FD to issue notification of 20% withiin two weeks, it means next hearing will be final hearing & happy news for employes or other wise date for date.

  300. shahid aslam says:

    but what happened in hearing>update.

  301. hafiz M. Awais says:

    Any update in regard of todays heaeing ? Hope govt finalized it and not proceed for any other objection, date or any appeal in against.

  302. Umer javed awan says:

    No news of the hearing?????

  303. shahid aslam says:

    what is update of today please inform as Headline

  304. Rashid says:

    aaj 02 march 2015 hearing thi os ka kya howa kindly latest update kia ha bata den

  305. Umer javed awan says:

    Any news???

  306. Abid says:

    Dear today's update.?
    Suna ha ab govt supreme court mn appeal kray ge?

  307. Abid says:

    Mam koi chance ha k FD notification kr da ge 02 Mar ko about 20% SRA in favour of all FG employees?

  308. Abid Ali says:

    Dear koi chance ha k 02mar ko notification ho jay ga 20 SRA for all FG employees.?

  309. Umer javed awan says:

    Dear mam salam,i am working as Tehsildar Etpb it comes under FG but its an antnomous body will i be eligible for this allowence we are getting all other allowence like con adhoc relief etc etc,pls confirm if yes will we be getting this allowence with arrears or just from the date of the order which will be passed on 2nd march InshaAllah

  310. Amir Zarif Hussain says:

    Dear ,
    I want to know that the case of 20% adhoc relief in Islamabad High Court .hearing date is 2 Mar 15
    Please intimate is this benefit will be given to Federal Govt Pensioners .Please advise on my email
    Amir Zarif Hussain

  311. Amir Zarif Hussain says:

    Dear Bata, Is 20% adhoc relief case which is in Islamabad court , If allowed is Federal Govt Pensioners will get this benefit. Please advise on my email. Hearing date is 2 Mar 2015
    Again IS THIS 20% will be allowed to Federal Govt Pensioners for back date.
    Please advise

  312. Waheed says:

    سی ڈی اے نے الاؤنس دے دیا لیکن پہلے کیوں نہیں دیا تھا ???

  313. atta-ur-rehman says:

    Mam shumaila, really astonish to see the word involving of huge amount mentioned in your statement. just think,when this allowance was given to all the ministries where 90% more strength is sitting than these tiny departments, at that time it was not thought about involvement of huge amount of currency. in fact, ministers and other bureaucrats who are holding the power to make and break the lows according to their own will and wish or benefits are sitting there. corruption and bribery which is forbidden in Islam have penetrated into the blood of our leaders,Judges and other influential persons who make decisions of our fate. we can,t of justification from them until they have no fear of Allah and the accountability after death.would that they were have the sense of the real life of a muslim.

  314. Abid says:

    Mam is there any case about scale revision of all govt employees.

  315. Izhar Sahito says:

    Dear Shumaila , can you tell me this allowance entitled to WAPDA company's employees, or NOT.

  316. Ghous mohiuddin says:

    Sister ya 20 persent special allowance hay yani govt ka kiya muafqaf hay k
    wo ya allawane tamam FG employess ko nahi day rahi

  317. shahid aslam says:

    Assalamualikum,what is news about 20% notification, what news from govt.side any secret news from finance. thanks

  318. atta-ur-rehman says:

    miss shumaila,Ghous sb is asking about the same 20% allowance of federal attached departments which is under process in the court.

  319. Ghous mohiuddin says:

    Asslam o alykum
    Dua hay k Allah pak appnay saya e rahmat may rakhay
    sister may pochna ya cha raha tha 20 per split allowance case may govt ka kiya muqaf hay

  320. akramshahid says:

    Madam please send notification

  321. Shahzad says:

    Please confirm employee who recently died can get this allow

  322. Abdul Razzaq says:

    Dear shumaila can we fill writ petition for getting MS/MPHIL allowance as Punjab Govt employeese are getting this.

  323. haroon awan says:

    AOA dear:
    i am working as stenotypist in PARC as it is federal department. plz tell me either PARC employee will be include in the 20% allowance or not.


    shafqat haroon awan

  324. Khurram Shahab says:

    As u know that Science and Technology under the FG. How you said 20% not applicable for S & T

  325. shahid aslam says:

    whats news about 20% at finance miniistry level , 2nd week is going to end. any updates through secretariate

  326. atta-ur-rehman says:

    Miss shumaila being sincerely making your efforts to solve govt employees matters i want to ask you either govt is announcing notification of 20% at this time or planning to take another diversion. two years have passed i think govt should take pity on the innocent employees of departments and autonomous institutes.

  327. atta-ur-rehman says:

    Assalam o alakum
    Miss shumaila i want to confirm about the next date of hearing of the 20% allowance as court adjourn for 2 weeks.if you have any information about it then please share it.

  328. Ghous mohiuddin says:

    Asslam o alykum
    sister kuch arsa qabal mujah ko 1sms aya tha k postal emplyees ki up gradation case file howa hay app ko koi information hay

  329. adil murad says:

    mam employees having SPS scale are also govt employess thn why they would not be entitled?. if 20% is granted to all FG employees...

  330. jawed says:

    Dear Sis,
    i am working in Banking Court under federal ministry of law and justice in BS-8 since last 18 years. I was inducted in service with minimum qualification of Graduation. Beside my appointment UDC was appointed in BS-7 on Inter basis. The same UDCs were promoted from BS-7 to BS-9 through out country in the year 2008. Unfortunately we'r still working in the same scale BS-8....... Is this not unjust, unfair, Pl comment on above submission..........

  331. Ghous mohi uddin says:

    Asslam o alykum
    sister is k kitnay chances han k govt FST k order ko suprim court may lay jay

  332. waqar ahmed says:

    Dear shumaila court ny order main back date w.e.f 1st march 2013 se deny ka koi ziker kia hai kia ? aur ager summery approve ho jati hai to kia 2013 main jo previous basic thi us per dia jaye ga yaa phir mojoda running basic per ?

  333. Usman Ahmed says:

    Dear mam, is it there any hope or any pending case of Mphil/MS allowance for federal employees?

  334. Abdul Razzaque says:

    Respected Shumaila,
    Kindly send me notification of Mphil/MS Allowance for those employees who are working under federal Govt Departments or Institutions.

  335. Mukhtar Ahmad Razi says:

    AOA. Madam Shumaila Kamal! how are you?
    We all FG employees hope for the best but one thing I want to mentioned here is that we must devote our self for educating the little stars for which a number of parents have trusted upon us all.I think if we will do so (for our work which is our main concern), Allah will in shah Allah make a well decion in our favor.

  336. Muhammad Asif says:

    its mean court k order k mutabiq yai allowence accept ho gya hai .its mean abb mil jy ga

  337. Ali says:

    you are doing very splended work Miss ShumailaKamal. Due to your guideness many employees like me working in different departments can get the useful and correct information about their departments.

    Thank you very much.

  338. M HUSSAIN MALIK says:

    Dua kro dosto ye allownce mill jaye bt mujhe nai lagta k ye govt employees ko kuch dy...

  339. hafiz says:

    Would that allowance applicable to Special Pay Scale?

  340. Zarak says:

    I just wanna ask that how much total pay does a Junior Clerk (BS-07) of Supreme Court of Pakistan takes home?? and is there also any incentives/bonus/allowances other than the take home salary? your detailed reply in this regard would be considered a great kindness.


    Zarak Khan

  341. usman says:

    slam madm,
    hope u ll be fine ,,
    mje ye pta krna ha k jo naya assistance package aya kia ye cancel o gya ha or agr nahi to is package ki amount kb tk milny k chance han .....
    many suna h k naya package cancel o gya??????

  342. asif says:

    Madam please send notification

  343. Muhammad Umar says:

    MAM We are working under the ministey of Science and Technology but Our Scale has SG or OG Not BPS can we entitled ????

  344. adil murad says:

    salam mam! would SPS (special pay scale) employees will get this allowance working in SPD (strategic planning division )?

  345. Shahid says:

    Dear Shumaila Kamal the website is is very nice

  346. Hafiz Ullah Amin says:

    As the said Allowance will be applicable to Special Pay Scale or otherwise please.?

  347. Muhammad Asif says:

    abhi kiya decide howa hai case ka plz thora explain kr dyn

  348. awais says:

    Lets hope that we get this news soon in our favour, appreciated work shumaila.

  349. Asif Ali abbasi says:

    Agar FG ke employees ko ye allowance mil raha he to phir Provincial Governments ke Employees ko Q naheen ?

  350. Usman Ahmed says:

    Will this notification be applicable on ministry of defense production?

  351. Khan says:

    I think Govt is playing delaying Tactics with FG employees. 2 years have passed and matter is still pending.

  352. A. Ghafoor says:

    Hope for the best. Nice work by respected miss shumaila

  353. Kashif says:

    Dear madam,

    Can you please clarify that FD will decide or AG ( Attorney General ) as I know that in the hearing of 9.2.2015 judges of Islamabad High Court has directed to Attorney General to solve the issue within tow weeks.?

  354. waqar ahemd says:

    Bhoat shukria miss shumaila latest aur authentic news deny ka . khuda apko ajer himmat aur waqt ata farmaye.

  355. M.RAZA KHAN TAWANA says:


  356. Muneer says:

    Let us hope that the matter will be decided in the favour of FG Employees.

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