Instructions Regarding Online Pay Slip via Email

I am daily receiving many emails regarding the issues of Online Pay Slip via Email. Many of the employees requested me to send them the pay slips. The fact is that the Online Pay Slip is sent by the PIFRA. Here I am writing some instructions regarding Online Pay Slip via email.

  1. 1st visit the website of PIFRA at
  2. Click on the “Email Registration Form” at the left side bar of the website of PIFRA.
  3. There you will see the Registration Form and fill the form carefully.
  4. Only the Employees of getting salaries from the AGPR including sub-offices, AGs and DAOs across the Pakistan are facilitated with this service.

Before filling the form just keep in mind the following instructions:

  • Try to fill your own Online Registration Form
  • Before filling the form, the required information must be collected.
  • Only register with Gmail and Yahoo emails. The Ymail email address is not valid for this purpose.
  • The form must be filled with great care in case of any mistake of spelling etc; the system will not send the pay slip.
  • You will get the salary slip in PDF document in an attached document.
  • You must have installed any PDF Reader to open this pay slip.
  • If you have registered yourself this month then you will get the online pay slip next month.
  • You no need to register again and again for the next month slips, only once registration is enough.
  • If you don’t receive the slip next month just wait for few days more, it may be late due to some technical issues.
  • Your pay slip will be transferred to your inbox or spam folder.
  • If there is written old National Identity Card Number at your present pay slip then get it corrected from your concerned Accounts Office through your Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO).
  • If you have entered wrong information in the online form then you can correct the same from your Accounts Office.
  • If you have registered yourself more than once then you have to change the same through your Accounts Office.

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