Expected Revised Pay Scale 2015 Chart

As you know that the Govt has announced for the revised pay scales 2015 in the budget speech. According to the budget speech the Adhoc Relief Allowance 2011 and Adhoc Relief Allowance 2012 will be merged into basic pay and new revised pay scales 2015 will be issued. I have received many Revised Pay Scale 2015 Chart from the visitors of my website. I also tried to calculate the stages of the pay scales chart. I have selected the nearest estimated chart according to the budget speech.

Reality of this Pay Scale 2015 Chart

This chart is not final chart. This is only unconfirmed chart, just to imagine the pay nearst the actual chart that will be issued by the Govt soon.  There final pay scales chart will be prepared after the budget approval.

Download Full Chart: Pay Scale Chart 2015



An Other Pay Scales Chart:

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  • sorry shumaila meri basic main difference aa raha hai is chart k mutabic. current basic 6000 hai

    adhoc relief 2011 ka amount 486 hai aur adh-2012 ka amount 1200 hai yun marge kar k total 7686/= hogi basic.

  • Respected Madam, iss chart main Basic Pay for 17 scale has increased 29 %.
    Should it not be 35 % after merging 2011 (15 %) and 2012 (20%) ARA ?

    • Dear Aslam ARA-2011 was frozen on 30-06-2011 that is why total increases in basic pay will not be 35%.

      • Dear Mam,
        What will be the total change in salary after budget rise of 7.5% of bps19. It will also increase the adhoc relief 2013, AR 2014 and house rent and medical allowance also or only basic pay. If possible suggest us a possible estimate.

        Thanks in anticipation

  • Dear Aapi, what is news about house rent and conveyan allownces? Are these or other allownces revised or not?

  • Dear madam/Sir Assalam o alaikum! I personally pay u tributes for efforts and guindence of govt employees.i think the given pay scale chart is reliable and near to budget speech.thanks for information.

  • you have created the revised pay scale by multiplaying the 2011 basic pay with 30% increase. As i know that Adhoc relief 2011 was 15% and Adhoc relief 2012 was 20% on running basic pay at that time. pay scale 2015 should be created by inceasing 35% of the initial basic pay of 2011 pay scale.

    • Dear Muddasir Gulzar the ARA-2011 is already frozen wef 30-06-2011, that is why total increase will not be 35%.

  • pay scale 2015 should be fixed with 35% increase in the pay scale 2011 as the ARA 2011 and ARA 2012 was 15% and 20% respectively on the running basic pay at that time.

  • dear madam the chart is incomplet i.e one of my colleagu in bps 16 .his old basic pay is 26800. This stage is not available in the proposed chart.kindly explain it

    • Dear M. javed khan SCT u can download the chart and there u ll see all the stages. There is another chart in the shape of pic u can also see the same too.

  • Grade 16 ki increment 40% adhoc k saath pahlay he 1100 say uper ban jati thi abi agar adhac 2013 aur 2014 freez ho ga tau in scale k mutabiq increment 1030 k kareeb jani kam ho jay gi ya kasay mumkin ha

  • Mery pas finance minister ki speech ka clip ha, unho ny kaha k 2010 and 2012 k adhoc ko merg kia jaye ga, 2011 ka ni kaha, plz confirm kren

    • Dear Qazi Attiq ur Rehman this chart is in PDF formate. However I have uploaded another pay scale chart. u can see the same at ur mobile.

  • Dear Aapi, If 20% special allownce is allowed then how much difference in basic pay of b.p.s. 14 of (stage 01) is expected including this budget's benefits on basic pay.


    • Welcome Dear qudratullah khan. As soon as I get the confirmed pay scales after the approval of the budget I ll share the same.

  • FG employees scale 16, basic pay 36800, D oB 20-3-61. svc 30 years. Pl inform pension & cummutation

  • pl clear regarding special double pay as per Fin Min speech in Budget - 2015 regarding Asstt Private Secy

    • Dear Khalid according to my knowledge this special allowance was Rs. 800/- and now it has been doubled to Rs. 1600/-

  • Respected Madam, I really appreciate your efforts and i am very thankful to create such an ideal and best website for the guidance for govt employees.
    please tell me about increase in medical allowance? 25 % increase will be on which we are taking the medical allowance currently or something else?

    • Dear Muhammad Faheem Asad there are 99% chances that the increase of 25% will be on the current medical allowance that the employees are getting.

  • Respected Madam,
    Mujay conveyance allowance k rule k baray me janna hay ,Mam hamara office our hamari residence ek hi colony me hay jab k kuch house k fasla 2km ya 3km bi hay kia ham ko bi conveyance allowance mil sakta hay .

    • The basic rules of admissiablity of CA is that if there is a Major Through fare (Road used by Public) b/w office and Colony then CA is admissible otherwise CA would not be given.... Distance b/w Office and Colony does not matter... Only a road in between Matters for CA...

  • Dear Shumaila Kamal what is latest news about lower judiciary allowances increase as three times basic pay? plz inform us

  • All of us have to w8 till the approval of budget 2015 by national assembly and remain optimistic
    and hopeful. Allah bhali kray ga.

  • dear mam I appreciate your effort.there are various chart of pay scale.is 35% chart is correct or 30%???? because 2 adhoc relief merged in basic pay which are 20%and15%.20% is running and 15%is freez.
    plz explain

    • Dear Sajid just calculate the pay on the basis of 15% of the pay scales of 2008 and 20% on the pay scales of 2011. It is less than 35%.

  • will adhoc relief 2013 2014 will be revised according to new pay scale? bcoz they are not frozen


  • ishaq dar announced the merger of 2010 (50 % ARA) and 2012 ( 20 % ARA) adhoc releif allowances which becomes 70 % increase in basic. The above chart seems to be wrong.

    • Dear Amir this chart is based on the written speech. I hope soon the clarification of this issued.

  • both 2010 and 2012 ARA has been frozen earlier, so the total increase in basic will become 45 %, not 70 %.

  • Dear Admn, your's sites regarding up-gradation of Assistant and Up-gradation of statistical Assistant are remain silent from a few days. Plz update its.

    • Dear abdul salam shahid still no updates of these cases as soon as i get the updates I ll share.

  • FG scale - 16, Basic pay 36800, total svc 30 yrs, date of birth 20-03-1961. pl inform pension and commutation, thnx

  • Sir i am sst(sc) recruited on 2009. Hamara medical all.909 rupay halanka scale 1 se 15 tak ka 1200 ha .is there any solution for this

    • Dear Arshad is ka solution hay. Aap mujhay email karain, main aap ko Notification send ker doon gi.

  • Sir mera 2012 ka adhoc ha 2800 aur 2011ka 979. Dono mils ke 3700 bante han aur ap ne chart mein sirf 1290 rupy increase kiae han, how

  • Dear madam i have been upgraded in grad 16 and am taking medical allowance same which was being taken by me in grade 15 as frozen. now question is that after revised pay scales 2015 what would by me medical allowance?

  • my dear sister please tell me kon kon sy allownaces frezz howy hn or keya agr koi addl basic pay ley raha ho wo be frezz ho gi please

    • Dear Shahzada Ashiq Hussain abhi koi allowance freez nahin hua. Freeze ke detail Notification main aya gi.

  • Respected Think-Tanks of my home-land, I would request all of the top position bearers and finance experts to kindly assess the chart of revised pay scales 2015 in accordance with the speech of Finance Minister. It is too astonishing that neither any expert man nor any concerning individual has yet calculated the exact figure which could facilitate/ease the public at large in making calculations regarding their increased salaries at exact rates. This act of mobilization on part of the experts, shall enable all of the government employees to stay at suitable decision.Therefore, I would request to my valuable bearers to expedite the issue and empower all of my colleagues to get their adhoc reliefs calculated for their own satisfaction because the present government can not be relied upon as it changes its own decisions day by day. I and all of my fellows are waiting reply by the higher ups or by the concerning individuals. Thanks.

  • Dear sister, This is very good side for all govt emploees thanks your good effert and get large time lookafter my problem as women you greatfull and also pray to your family Allah Pak apko or apki famuly ko hamesha khus rakkhy or apki jo bhi dilli khuahish h wo zaror puri karay Aameen, Alla Hafiz

  • Dear madam you are doing wonderful job i must appreciate your effort. Kindly share the special pay sacle(SPS) chart of 2015.

    • Dear Jaffar Altaf welcome. Still not got the SPS-2015 scales copy as soon as i get the same I ll share it.

  • Mam, I am posted on Assistant Bs-14 and i am M.A Economics can i get Qualification allowance? Please guide me about this matter.
    And well don about your efforts for the Govt. Employees. keep it up thanks

  • Dear Mam Shumaila Kamal
    main first time post kar raha ho.... latest news k mutabik salary 10% tak increase ho gi.... Insha Allah.... aor may be kuch aour Adhoc jaisy 2013 / 14 k be shide zam ho jaye.....

  • Salam Mam, I have a question, I am federal employee of bps 11. After the merging of adhoc relief 2011 & 2012 the basic minimum salary of bsp 11 will be increased from 6600 to 8535.Mera basic question ye hai kay kia is increase ka effect HRA(House rent allowance) pay bhi parey ga.Currently HRA of bps 11 is around 1800..so how much this increase will effect HRA....Once i was watching a news channel and i saw in their headline ticker that the HRA of bps 11 will be inceased to around 3000...so i need your opinion on this matter plz

  • Salam mam, i am saying that my basic pay is 10000 and running is 14000, my 20% is 2800 and 15% is 979. Adding both becomes 3779. Now if we add it in basic pay it becomes 13779 but u made 13000. How it is possible. Pay protection ke mutabiq aosa nhe ho sakta

  • I think 2010 wala adhoc relief be merge ho jage ga.... kuch information hai... Army ka pressure hai.. aour agr 100% merge na be howa to 50% merge ho ga....

  • dear sister shumailakamal is chart k mutabik kya hra or convence allowance pe be effect ho ga kya?

  • dear mam, will this increase b made after merging the allowances 2011,12 or before merging?
    if before, this will be a shameful act by the minister finance..need ur guidance plz

  • Dear Mam ,Kia Adhoc Relief 2010 basic pay ka Hissa banaya ja raha he! is ke illawa pension commutation formula men koe kimi beshi hoe he!

    • Dear Naeem last walay chart ko dekhain ya download link say download karain. Stages poori hain.

  • Salam Mam
    ap nay 2 charts deay hai
    koun sa best ha ya ap keh sakti hai keh yeh approve ho ga

  • Assalamu-Alaikum!
    Whether, a govt servant crosses his last stage of pay, an annual increment can be granted him or otherwise?

    • Dear Imran Awan he is entitled for the annual increment and his annual increment will be in the shape of PP.

  • Finance Minister of Federal Government of Pakistan has announced that now govt employees salaries will raise up-to 11%. This will be implemented after merging of adhoc relief allowance in Basic Pay Scales. This news report has been published in Daily Dunya Lahore on 19-06-2015.

  • My current scale is 15 and my basic pay is 10600. I was upgraded in scale 15 in 2012 and before it I was in scale 7 . Now my 2011 adhoc is 615 and 2012 is 2120 . Now what will b my new basic please.

    • ur basic pay will be according to 2nd Pay scale chart=14350/-
      wait for the final notification regarding revised pay scales.

  • dear mam, wether 25% increase in medical allowance is applicable for bps 19 or only for under 16

    • Dear Inaam I think it will be for all employees as there is no such condition in the speech.

      • Thank you for your prompt reply and any tentative date for notification of revised pay scale

  • Dear mam,
    i m posted on Assistant Bs-14 in punjab budget 2015-16 main announce hoa hai 100% increase in PS aur special Assistant kia mujh per lago ho ga please guid karain.

  • Dear Madam, I deeply appreciate your kind and selfless efforts for the Govt. employees. Madam I am BPS 16 employees and presently getting Rs.27600/- plus Rs.85/- as special pay. I am going to complete my superannuation on 31-10-2015. I jointed FG service on 30-05-1984. My date of birth is 01-11-1955. Would you kindly inform me about my pension amount in the light of budget increase 2015 (Expected pension amount and commutation amount). I shall be very grateful.

  • Dear Sister, Assalam o Alaikum, Allah Pak apki jo govt employees k lia koshish han qabool farmae or apki bhi jo dili tamanna h piri farmea Ameen or mazeed dua farmaen Assistance 14 to 16 bhi Ramazan ul Mubark k sadqe ma approved ho jay Ameen

  • Dear madam 2011 ARA 15% and 2012 ARA 20% will be merged into basic pay.I am getting HRA on pay scale chart 2008 but how it is possible to give the HRA on 2008 payscale chart whereas the govt. will revise the pay scale 2015 so after revision there are three pay scales existed and i think the pay scale of 2008 is obsoleted and some allowances which employees draw from 2008 pay will be adjusted on 2011 pay scale.
    How do you think madam

    • Dear Abdul Wahid there are not chances for the revision of HRA and it will be remain frozen on the pay scales of 2008.

    • Let X be current basic pay
      After adjustment New_Basic_Pay_2015 = X*Adjustment_factor
      X*adjustment_factor*0.075=X*0.11 (Right hand side as per FM winding speech)
      solving above equation, we get adjustment_factor=1.46
      Do you agree with my calculations?

        • Text from FM's speech "We increased salaries by 7.5% in view of the discussion on the topic. the govt has decided that increase will be given after merger of ARA 2011 and 2012 in the salary. as a result of this the increase in salary will be almost 11%"
          if we translate this into maths equation that will be
          Revised_pay * 0.075 = Existing_pay * 0.11
          Revised_pay = Existing_pay * 0.11/0.075=Existing_pay * 1.467
          For example if my existing_basic pay is Rs. 5000
          then my revised_basic_pay_2015_16 will be 5000 * 1.467 = Rs. 7335
          7.5% of Rs. 7335 = Rs. 550 (Rs. 550 is almost 11% of Rs. 5000)
          in my view expected increase in basic pay may be from 38% to 46%. Please give your comments on it, thank you.

  • AOA..mam meri service 27 years hy kia mje retirement py leave encashment mily gi?

    • Dear muhammad shabbir leave encashment 60 years age ya minimum 30 years service per milti hay.

  • salam sister.
    reappointment aur promotion ko ik trah say deal krty hain. both cases m premature milti hy as per rules.
    rule m kia yah likha hoa hy kh pay ka dufference ziada ho to na do.....??? plz main reply...!!!

  • dear madam ARA 2011 &12 to basic pay ma merge ho jae ge or Ara 10 frozen ha magr Ara 2013 & 14 & present 15 to runging basic pay pr ha phr kya ya new revise scale pa de jae ge ya old pay scale pa... plz clarfy

  • dear madam Salam, i am Railway employee working as senior auditor, hamein 20% audit & accounts allowance mil raha he kia new pay scale me ye b freeze ho jaiga, reply me please thanx.

  • salam madam,me punjab police me sub-inspecter hu bps-14 mari nokri ko 8 saal ho gae hain.me is waqt 12880 basic le raha hu jab ka mara 2011 ka ada 966 hy or 2012 ka ada 2576 hy.mari pay me kitna izafa hoga or konsay chart k mutabic pay scale increase ho gi.thnx

    • Dear Muhammmad haroon khan just wait for the notification issued by the Govt Thanks

  • Miss there two charts. Which one chart is most likely to near the revised pay scale 2015-16

    • Dear Karim both can be nearest. It is better we wait for the final chart issued by the Govt.

  • I have promoted to BS 19 and join 02 july 2015 account office issues pay slip but my personal pay has been stopped in december 2014 . issues 2 personal pay increment istead of 3.

    can i request account officer to refix my pay in december 2010 and from july 2010 to nov 2010 salaery may passed with previous pay of BS 18?

  • Assalam o Alaikum,

    Miss, kindly share the link of SPD pay scale chart 2015.

    It would be a great honor from your side.

  • dear sister slam to you
    i have a problem for the preparation of financial implication for up gradation of clerical staff in my office

  • sister shumaila kamal

    you are well about that all special and adhoc allowances has been frozen then the ldc has to be upgraded bps 11 from 7 and udc bps 9 to 14
    plz tell me any variation in speical allowacnes and adhoc allowances is expected?