Revised Rates of Paper Marking and Staff Involved in Exams-PEC

Punjab Examination Commission has issued Revised Rates of Paper Marking and Staff Involved in Exams vide Notification No. PEC-438 dated 23-06-2015. The detail of the same is as under:


S. No Category Old Rates in Rupees Revised Rates in Rupees Remarks
1 Superintendent 400 700 1 per Exam Center
2 Invigilator 200 400 1 per 30 students
3 Class IV 100 200 1 per Exam Center
4 Resident Inspector 500 700 1 per school as center
5 Mobile Inspector 400 700 1 per 15 Centers
6 Head Examiner 5 20 10% of paper markers15 papers per markers
7 Paper Marker 5 20 Rs. 10 per subject paper (Paper A & B)
8 Registration Charges for Data Entry Officials 2.0 2.5 Rs. 2.5 per student
9 Result Data Entry Charges for Data Entry Officials Nil 2.5 Rs. 2.5 per student
10 Administrative Charges (CTSC) Nil 2.5 Rs. 2.5 per student
11 CTSC Heads Nil 10,000 per Grade Exam -
12 Assistant to Head Examiners Nil 1 Rs. 1.0 per student

Amendment on 03-07-2015:

Registration Charges shall be paid to I.T Teachers only @ Rs. 2.00/- (two Rupees only)  per student for number of students whose data was entered.


Remuneration Charges PEC


Note: The rates mentioned at serial number 1 to 8 would be applicable from the next financial year 2015-16 and the rates mentioned against serial number 9 to 12 would be applicable from the current financial year to onwards.


Revised Rates Paper Marking PEC




  1. musarrat says:

    mai ny febraury 2016 mai fifth or eighth mai as invigilator duty di laikin maery payment kam aai hy mai is bary mai maloomat kaesy karon?

  2. Abdul Karim Khan says:

    Madam with great respect I say that I was working as CT Teacher BPS 15 on 2-12-2007 .Then I was promoted to SCT teacher on 1-3-2013 .Now I ask that allowance of notional upgradetion will be allowed to me or not.

  3. Abdul Karim Khan says:


  4. Salman Siddiqui says:

    agar fedral main kisi class IV main se kisi ne apni duty lagwani ho paper marking main to kya tariqa hy???

  5. ZainBangash says:

    Great Work done by the admin!

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