Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension for all Federal Govt Pensioners

Government of Pakistan Finance Division has issued Notification No. F.15(2)-Reg.6/2015-699 dated 07-07-2015 in connection with Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension for all Federal Govt Pensioners.

Restoration of Commuted Portion of PensionĀ for all Federal Govt Pensioners

It is to mention here that the Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension was withdrawn when the revised pay scales of 2001 were introduced and later on in 2002 on the restoration was done for the employees who opted the revised pay scales 1994.

Now according to this Notification all the pensioners of the Federal Govt are entitled to restore their pension at the time of their restoration. The employees retired on or after 01-12-2001 are also eligible for this benefit. Full details of the same can be read on the copy of the Notification.


Restoration Pension Federal



  1. Khurshid Ahmed Khan says:

    I retired from PAF with effect from 1-1-195 on completion of 25 years of service. My date of birth is 4th May 1951. When I will be due for commuted portion of pension and what is the procedure.

    Will it be doubled?

  2. syed fawad says:

    My father retired at age of 52 in 1996 from PAF as a civilian
    Kindly plz telle where we send all docs for restoration of pension

  3. Azhar says:

    Sir tell me faimly pension restoration is it 100% or 75%

  4. fahad says:

    Need pension restoration application format for PST -BPS-10, retired in 2002 Aug and date of birth is 1 Aug 1942.
    What kind of undertaking stamp paper(value?) have to be attached?

    Please provide sample letter or format.


  5. fawad says:

    An addition to my earlier post please. The age on retirement in May 1995 was 38 years.

  6. fawad says:

    Dear Admin:
    I want to take few minutes from your precious time. Please guide me, whether this restoration of pension applies on PAF retired personnels?! If yes, a personnel retired in May' 1995 be eligible for the restoration of pension after successful completion of 18 years of service?! Further, will the restoration of pension affect the commuted value? I mean, shall any arears be paid? I don't havr that much know how of this whole scenario. Can you help me out in this?
    Thanks a million.

  7. FAZL IALI says:

    AOA if any one have letter of 12 years pension restoration kindly email me

  8. fahad says:

    How to apply for restoration ? Documents to be submitted ? My father retired on 5 April 2005 kindly response

  9. Sufian Naseer says:

    My father is 13 grade officer and he past away on 21/1/1995 and my mother received family pension.
    My question is can my mother get restoration her family pension and my father joining date is 1/7/1965 and his date of birth is 1/10/1940
    Plz reply

    • Agha Amir says:

      His age on 1/10/1995 would have been 55 years. So he would have received commutation value for 18.9348 years. On expiry of 19 rounded off year, the commuted part is restorable from 21/1/2014.

      Please apply immediately for restoration benefit and arrears from 21/1/2014.

      Agha Amir

      • M.qasim khan says:

        dear sir i want to know about the commuted portion of pension after 12 years in hard form. my father was retired on 01/12/2001. at the age of 60 year is he is eligable for the above condition. contacts 03339749753

  10. ARSHAD says:


  11. Shabih Abbas says:

    Will Mr Agha kindly enlighten us about grant of special additional pension @ 2% per annum on attaining 75 years of age and having over and above 30 years of pensionable service?

  12. Mohammad Ziaullah khan says:

    I was retired in April 2002 on completion of my 25 years. My dob is 11-11-1955. When my pention portion will be restored. I started govt. Job in January 1977.

  13. Nafees says:


  14. Nafees says:

    my father was retired from Govt. service on 07-6-2001 on attaining the age of superannuation and died on 02-10-2014 now my mother is receiving pension my question is that is my mother get the benefits of restoration of pension and the 2nd part of my question is that when the benefits of restoration will be released and please intimate the date of restoration the amount restored is Rs.1832.60

  15. zahoor elahi says:

    Please my date of retirement is 30-06-2000 (PAF) and my age on said date was 36 year can i entitle to have a restoration of pension

  16. A.hakeem says:

    A pensioner retired on 16-12-1999 can entitled restoration of pension on or after 12 years of pension. Purchased of years 17.4080

  17. ALI SAEED says:


  18. ashfaq ahmed says:

    Dear Madam,
    My father retired on 27/3/2003.His date of birth is 26/3/43. I have confirmed from AGPR Sindh that he is entitled to double pension /restoration of pension,but lower office denies it and says that no such benefit exists and they demand proof of it along with various documents

  19. shehroz khan says:

    Respected Madam. My Grand Father was retired on 23-01-2005 at the age of 60 years. His date of birth is 24-1-1945. He is drawing his Pension from Sindh Province being Sindh Government employee. Kindly intimate date of restoration of Pension and also to intimate about the payment of Group Insurance. With regards Shehroz Khan.

  20. rashid says:

    age on retirement 55
    d.o.birth 20-11-1960
    date of pension started 01-09-2015
    factor of age for pension calculation 15.1478
    plz give date of restoration of pension.
    anticipated thanx

  21. JAVEED AKHTAR says:

    I retired before 30-6-2001 ,,from PAF ,,,will govt re fix my pension on 01-07-2015

  22. Muhammad Siddique says:

    Dear Madam,

    Date of Birth of my father 01-04-1953, age 46 Years,

  23. Muhammad Siddique says:

    Dear Madam,

    What is time of restoration mean? please update me. when will time will completed dated of retirement is 15-04-1999, dated of birth of my father is 01-04-1953.

  24. Muhammad Siddique says:

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    Dear Madam,

    My father was retired from ministry of finance on dated. 15-04-1999, and he has been died during 2012, Now my mother is taking family pension.

    I want to know that in the light of notification, is my mother is eligible for restoration of commuted portion of pension.
    please update me.


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