Notification of Revised Pay Scales 2015 Sindh Government

Government of the Sindh Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD (SR-I)1(32)/2011-2015 dated 24-07-2015 in connection with Notification of Revised Pay Scales 2015 Sindh. The summary of the same is as under:


Revision of Pay Scales 2015

The Pay Scales 2011 has been replaced with Revised Pay Scales 2015 with effect from 01-07-2015

Adhoc Relief Allowances


Adhoc Relief Allowance 2011 & 2012 have been merged into Revised Pay Scales 2015. Adhoc Relief Allowances of 2013 & 2014 have been frozen at the level being drawn on 30-06-2015.


Adhoc Relief Allowance 2015


Adhoc Relief Allowance 2015 has been granted to the employees @ 10% of the running basic pay of the pay scales 2015.


Medical Allowance

Medical Allowance has been increased from Rs. 1100/- per month to Rs. 1375/- per month for all the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-15.

For the employees of BPS-16 to BPS-22 there is 25% increase in the medical allowance that was being drawn on 30-06-2015.


Orderly Allowance

Orderly Allowance that is admissible to the employee of BPS-20 to BPS-22, has been raised from Rs. 7000/- per month to Rs. 12000/- per month with effect from 01-07-2015.


Special Thanks to Mr. Ali Rizvi for sending the copy of the Notification of Revised Pay Scales 2015 Sindh Government.


Revised Pay Scales 2015 Sindh


Revised Pay Scales 2015 Sindh 2

Revised Pay Scales 2015 Sindh 3


Revised Pay Scales 2015 Sindh 4


Revised Pay Scales 2015 Sindh 5




  1. Harish Kumar says:

    Honorable Dear
    Shumaila Kamal

    My Father Late Prof. Rijhumal Krishanani retired from Education Department Govt of Sindh as Principal Govt Degree College BPS-20.

    Date of Birth late prof. Rijhumal 01-06-1942
    Date of Commencement of service 31-08-1968
    Date of Retirement 31-05-2002 Superannuation Period 60 years age
    Date of Death 0 9-12-2002
    My mother Shrimati Vidhya Bai is Family pension Holder.of Late Prof Rijhumal Krishanani
    The Orderly Allowance is permissible in this case or not kindly suggest me and support me according Rules and regulations
    Restoration of Family pension is due from 1-7-2014 or noy

  2. Tabinda Kaukab says:

    Can U please show the pay scale of 2016?


    AOA medam me korangi zone ka molazim ho mem mera masla ye hy k me 17 3 2012 BPS 7 me korangi me posting kar diya gaya lekin mem mojh ko DEC 2012 sy pay mil rahi hy mem me 9 mahinye k wajibat lena cahta ho mem is ka tarika bata dy

  4. Azher Syed says:

    It is a heart warming to find important notifications of Federal government and Finance Department Sindh posted here for the employees who were in past were unable to find such circulars access able in the past. I really commend the good work of lady who keeps providing invaluable information as well as she answers the questions asked by the government employees who face difficulties in this respect. Thank you very much.

  5. ali says:

    Kwsb empoloyess ko allowance KB milaga muje koi bata sakta hai

  6. Abdul hameed says:

    Madam please tell that i was employeed as BPS 7. My basic was 12055 till nov.2015. After that on 2nd december i have promoted BPS 15. Plz tell what will be my basic pay in BPS 15 plz

  7. Abdul hameed says:

    Aslam olekum. I was junior clerk in district judiciary and was my basic pay on 11th stage i.e. Rs.12055 till November 2015. After than i have promoted/taken up as steno grapher w.e.f. 02.12.2015. Please brief me that what is to be my current basic pay. Please further guide me that my my house rent Rs.1588 conyence allownce Rs.1932, medical allownce Rs 1375, utility allowance 1000, adhoc allownce 2010 @50% Rs.2430, adhoc allownce 2013 @ 15% Rs.1398, adhoc relief allow 2014 Rs 932 and adhoc relief allownce @ 10% of Rs 1205 was till novemer 2015 BPS 7. What all allownce is to be in current period from decemer 2015 as BPS 15. With thanks

  8. Maqsood Alam says:

    assalam o alikum madam
    hope u r well
    i m working in grade 16 in sindh govrment.
    my medical allownce is Rs. 1208/= PM. but in the salary increase notification it is clearly shows that in no case medical allowance should not less than Rs.1375/= PM.
    plz correct me if i m wrong to understand the notification.

  9. azdar naeem says:

    asalam walekum shumaila ji mere waled ki deth hogai he on duty sindh text book bord jamshoro men wo employe the kya ye notic hamare kam ka he plz zara sa guide kar den mjhe

  10. Javed Ahmed says:

    AoA Madam.

    I hope you r fine. i know about any notification of service limit decrease of Pakistan Rangers Sindh . Thanks

  11. Dr Imran A Khan says:

    Miss Shumila Kamal.

    Hoping you will be fine INSHA ALLAH.
    I want to know about a matter. If an employee get job from college to university how much pay will increase i.e. from grade 17 to grade 19. Moreover what will happen to him for his earn leave, graduaty and pension etc.


  12. Mohsin A.Khan Ghori says:

    Assalam Alykum Madam Shumaila Kamal,
    First of all i would like to APPRECIATE the efforts, you and your organization are making, to ease the official matters of Government employees.
    Secondly, i would like to share my personal case that i have served 10years 1month in BS-14 in Federal Govt. & now i m serving in Sindh Govt. BS-17 after through proper channel relieving from Federal to Sindh Govt. Problem is i m earning the same Pay as newly appointed employees are getting.
    As far as my knowledge is concern my pay should be= (Pay BS-17)+ (10 years increment of BS-14) & i have OFFICE MEMORANDUM NO.FD/SR-I/1(63)/2005 DATED:07-01-2006.
    Hoping for your HONEST LEGAL reply


  13. Engr Gulzar Ahmed Memon says:

    AoA. Kindly refer our previous correspondence. KW&SB has turned down my case on the plea that Orderly allowance is admissible to Civil Servants only and not KWSB employees. KWSB service is local Govt service hence not eligible for this allowance. I am retired in BS 20 since March 2009. Kindly advice me. Regards

  14. Shahzeb Khan says:

    AsslamU AlaikUm madam Can You pleasE tell me what will be the salary of newly appointed Junior clerk bps 07 including All Allowances 2015 in any department of sindh Government for example CMIT Or RTO Office??

  15. ejazahmedkhan says:

    kindly let me know my basic is rs.31600/- and i am grade-17 officer since last 2009, so the question how much increase through latest 2015 newly pay scale 2015, please let me inform the total increase in my basic after 10% increment as well as to merge 2011-2012 adhoc allowances in my current basic of my salary. Thanks and regards; ejazahmedkhan

  16. Engr Gulzar Ahmed Memon says:

    Dear Madam , I have emailed you regarding non admissibility of Orderly allowance one week ago and now waiting your response.

    Kindly advise .

    Regards Engr Gulzar Ahmed Memon
    Rtd BS-20 Chief Engineer KW&SB.

  17. Engr Gulzar Ahmed Memon says:

    Dear Madam,

    I have been retired in BS-20 as Chief Engineer from KW&SB. I am not getting Orderly allowance since my retirement. During service I was allowed one Driver on Official Vehicle and one Bs-02 employee as cook in my home. But after retirement no any KW&SB employee is working with me at my home. Therefore I am entitled to get Orderly allowance.

    Kindly let me know any notification for admissibility of this allowance in addition to pension .

  18. shahid ali khan says:

    shumaila sahiba asslamualaykum

    Please all the current notification in the pdf format.and also tell me pension notification 2015-16 when published
    from shahid

  19. Muhammad Safdar says:

    Dear Madam,

    I have applied for the post of social security officer( BPS-16) in sindh labor SESSI department...i have that this department offers significant amount of house rent allowance..what shall be the pay that i should expect in this post..Thanks in anticipation

  20. khalid says:

    Dear Madam,
    Hru doing well allah bless u.
    My very important question is that in appointed as assistant in local govt sindh in 2012 dec.with my appointment letter on my office there was no superintendent so they give me additional charge with letter for superintendent .till now i receiving same salary of assistant .what shoud be because i shoud get salary of 16 grade because im doing job of superintendent as well.
    your opinion help me.and what i have to do if any letter you have plz guide me properly.


  21. muhammad says:

    dear madam meri basic pay 11600
    2010 3030
    2011 909
    2012 2320
    medical 909
    meri salary kitni barhe gi after budget 2015

  22. Prof. Shams says:

    The sindh Govt has issued more than three notifications for increase in orderly allowance for retired officers in BPS-20 and above.First, it was issued on 21-05-2015, which stated that all BPS-20 and above who retired before and after 19-02-1991, and will retire in future are entitled to Special Additional pension equal to Orderly Allowance @7,000/-pm w.e.f.01-01-2013, as admissible to serving officers (BPS-20 & above). After few days , another notification was issued
    which stated that said increase will be effective from 21-05-2013. After few days , again another notification was issued which stated that said increase will be effective from 21-05-2015. (This all has been informed by Hyderabad Treasury , but copies of notifications are not available). Kindly upload all copies of such notifications so that relevant authorities can be persuaded that why decision cannot be taken at once, and again and again changing s are been made, and again and again we retired persons have to visit treasury office for making corrections in our pension orders..and also clarify updated orderly allowance ....Thanks in anticipation for your cooperation.

  23. Arslan Jafferi says:

    basic 11600, HRA 2727, CA 5000, medical 1100,
    2010 3030
    2011 909
    2012 2320
    2013 1160
    2014 1160, then in january 2015 sindh govt upgrde to suptd in 17, Now all the details are front of u now tel me madam mje wo 2 adhoc 17 k milenge?

  24. Ashok says:

    Madam shumaila me jr clerk ho bps 07 he or mere pehle basic pay 6760 he ab kitne hoge calculate kar k batana thanx

  25. Arslan Jafferi says:

    plz tell me madam apko confirm he? in 2 allownces ki waja se mere 2500 kam hojaenge eslye apse malumat le rha hun, me 17 me aagya hun to ye frozen allownce mje 17 k milene chahyen ya nhe, plz madam detail me bataen thnx

  26. Arslan Jafferi says:

    madam apko confirm he? q k in 2 allownces ki waja se mere 2500 kam hojenge

  27. Arslan Jafferi says:

    mene apko detail to batai he k sindh govt ne suptd ko 16 se 17bps me upgrade kya he, me ab 17 me agya hun aur mje 17 ki salary mil rhi he saare allownce 17 k mil rhe hen, lekn 2 adhoc allownces mje 16 grade k mil rhe hen 2010 aur 2011, madam me ye malum karna chahta hun k mje ye 2 allownces 16 k mil rhe hen 17 k q nhe? sari detail mene apko batai he ab ap bataen

  28. M.A. Shah says:

    Respected ma'am
    I am medical officer in sindh govt. Bps 17. My initial basic pay was 16000. So far i have received 1 annual increment and Ahoc releif 10% of 2014. I want to inquire whether the new payscale 2015 will apply on my initial or current basic pay. If it applies on my current basic pay then what shall be my total basic pay? And will my house rent and conveyance allowance be increased or not?

  29. Noor Joyo says:

    dear Salam .. plz guide me . kya sindh govt ne 2013 aur 2015 ka adhoc allownce khatam kardya hai kya .... reply plz

  30. Naseer Ahmed Qureshi says:

    Please tell me about House Rent in new pay scale 2015

  31. sahib rind says:

    plz send me revised pay notification 2015 of sindh govt on my mail address thx

  32. Israr Ahmed Khushik says:

    sorry Medam Mujhe Likhni Men kujh Galti howe hen plz ap in ko samjh kr mujhe btana thanks darasal moble Touch he na thora Keypad problem hoge thanks

  33. Israr Ahmed Khushik says:

    Respected Madam men Government of Sindhi ka 2nd BPS employer ho mere appointed December 2012 men howe he kya mujhe ye Sang Allowance mule get Starting men met BP the 4900 the kya Government ne Jo jha he ki 2011 or 2012 wale employees ki salary men izafa hoga kya WO mujhe mile game or meni sauna he ki an bps 2nd ki bp he 6335 or increments 220 Jo pahli 170 the kya nujhe the mile fa or mere salary is waqt mujhe kit I mile ge plz jawab zaroor den thanks Regards Israr

  34. Zafarullah says:

    Respected Madam, AA , please tell that the employees of sindh govt of bps 05 are eligible for pre mature increment. Pl reply

  35. Zeeshan says:


    Madam em working in BPS-11 and getting my Basic Pay @ Rs.7980 kindly guide me how to calculate my current basic after revision of pay & scale 2015 and what will be my actual Basic after merging of two Ad hoc Reliefs 2011 & 2012.

    With regards Zeeshan

  36. saima says:

    i am lecturer BPS-17 my basic pay is 16000 and net salary 37000 what would be my new salary after pay scale revision?

  37. Arslan Jafferi says:

    madam 17 scale me income tax monthly kitne charges hote hen?
    plz tel me

  38. Arslan Jafferi says:

    madam me supdt hun 2015 january me sindh govt ne mje 17 me upgrade kya tha, madam ab me 17 me hun lekn 2 allownce mje 16 k mil rhe hen jo k mje 17 k milne chahyen,
    2010(3030) & 2011(909) ye dono allownce mje 16 k de rhe hen,
    2010(4925) & 2011(1478) mje to ye dono allownce milne chahyen me to ab 17 me hun,
    madam baki zyada apko malumat hogi plz guide karen mje,

  39. meerhassan says:

    Madam.mera question ya k.sindh govt na bps 5 k liea premature increment ka elan kia tha .kia notification nahe nakala.

  40. h.m.mairaj rabbani says:

    dear sis me 2013 ka appoint hu govt of sindh me bps-07 basic 6440 ha ab ktni hogi or 2011.12 ka allowance merge hoga ya nai

  41. Israr Ahmed says:

    Dear, Madam.
    As per new revised pay scale chart for BPS-14 , the last pay is 34,040/- showing, i am already in 14 and getting 38,096/ approx. so how about this situation will they ll be move over. or any thing else,

  42. atieq ahmed says:

    Federal Government was granted 1 premature increment employees of BPS-05, but in this notification this increment was not mention. whats your update in this regard.

  43. mairaj rabbani says:

    madam my gross amount & allowances is 15788 & basic 6120 i am govt sindh employee bps-07 after merging how increase my salary plz tell me with thanks.

  44. Ishtiaq Ahmed says:

    Also need notification of salary 2012 please.

  45. Ishtiaq Ahmed says:

    Madam Shumaila,

    I need salary notification of year 2010 of Sindh province. i would be grateful if you arrange to share with me. i will be obliged.

  46. Shahid Khan says:

    Assalam-o-Alaikum Madam...
    Madam My basic pay is 7080 BS-07 now after revise 2015 pay scale its starting from 7490/- Initial, so my question is that this amount 7490 is after merging 2011 & 2012 adhoc relief allowance and am i entitle of this basic pay 7490/- in my july salary or this amount of basic i.e. 7490 without merging 2011 & 2012.

  47. shaukat memon says:

    mam plz mene apni m
    ail id sms ki hai plz detail chart stage vize mail kro plz

  48. shahid ali khan says:

    Shumaila include sind govt pay revised Notification in related post

  49. shahid ali khan says:

    Shumala shaiba Pl tell me how print this notification

  50. dr Kamran says:

    Respected mam.... can u calculate wot difference it will make by adding adhoc allownces of 2 time in basic pay... according to my thinking for 17 grade and job of 8 yrs its mere 4000 difference i can guess......

  51. shaukat memon says:

    mam thanks plz notification & stage vize chart ap mujhe email krogi.

  52. shaukat memon says:

    madam shumaila mera quest
    ion yeh hai k 10% kaunsi basic pay pe hai jo abhi hai ya 2011 & 12 k adhoc allownce merge krne k bad

  53. Syed Iftikhar Ali Shah says:

    kindly grant me revised pay scale of 2015-16 and also notification /chart & circular of sindh government , i hope you will consider me as a good...

  54. Syed Iftikhar Ali Shah says:

    Aslam o Alaikum,,,,
    Dear Shumaila Kamal
    please send me clear revised pay scale , notification and circular of 2015-16.......

  55. khalid says:

    Dear Shumaila,
    Tks for update us valuable feedback .kindly confirm that with this notification(revised pay scale sindh)salary will be more increase or it remain same .only changes in revised pay scale?

    tks .regards,

  56. Naseer Ahmed Qureshi says:

    What about Conveyance Allowance which is not cleared in notification of 2015

  57. Naseer Ahmed Qureshi says:

    Madam Shumaila Kamal, please guide me about Conveyance Allowance which is not clear in present notification. waiting for reply

  58. Mohammad hassan says:

    my question is that all other provinces of pakistan has issued notifications about increase in pension and restoration of commuted portion of pension from (1.12.2001) but government of sindh has not issued as yet.

  59. Allah Bakhsh Shaikh says:

    My question is that Government of Pakistan has issued various notifications such as increase in pension and restoration of commuted portion of pension etc but Government of Sindh has not released such notifications up to yet. When the same will be issued at the end of finance department?

  60. Raja says:

    jo mile shukr kro bhaaiyo.....

  61. zakir says:

    maam para 12 main yeh option ka kiya matlab hai please clarify??


    Thanh you for notification of pay scals 2015 Sindh Government & request for notification of Pension on web side.

  63. Bilawal Khan says:

    Thanks Govt of Sindh for kind cooperation with employees of Sindh province.

  64. aftab ahmed shaikh says:

    Lastly an anamoly committee in 2007 clarified the rates of additional charge allowance (FD Govt. of Sindh) i.e. 20% of pay max. Rs.6000. Is it continued and admissible...Has it been revised in new scale?

  65. Ishtiaq Ahmed says:

    Madam Shumaila & others.
    Please Clarify my query that if an employee is appointed in the month of August 2012 and he is getting adhoc allowance 2011 and 2012 then is he entitled for the adhoc allowance 2010 or not? Please help out.

  66. Mirzaman says:

    Aslamo Alaikum,

    Meddam, thanks to upload NOTIFICATION revised payscale 2015 sindh government.

    Thanks again.

  67. Ihsan Ahmed jamali says:

    Dear madam sindh govt ne grade 1se 15 tak apne employees k lea apne notification m medical allownce 1375 jo fedral govt ne minimum medical 1500 ek province discrm kar sakta he guide me plz zaroor

  68. Muhammad Zahid Mughal says:

    Thanks for NOTIFICATION of Pay Scales 2015 Sindh Government.

  69. Tassadaq Hussain says:

    Feeling pleasure for this act of kindness from Govt

  70. Mukhtiar Ahmed Noonari says:

    Thanks for notification of pay scales Sindh Government

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