Promotion of Lecturers to Assistant Professors in Sindh Education Department

Government of Sindh, Education & Literacy Department has issued Notification No. SO (HE-I)MISC:SL/2012 dated 23-09-2015 in connection with Promotion of Lecturers to Assistant Professors in Sindh Education Department. This Notification is for the promotion of male lecturers BPS-16 promoted as Assistant Professors BPS-18.

Another Notification No. No. SO (HE-IV)MISC:SL/2014 dated 23-09-2015 has been issued regarding promotion of Female lecturers from BPS-17 to Assistant Professors BPS-18. According to these Notification 288 male lecturers and 308 female lecturers have been promoted to BPS-18.

Special thanks to Mr. Salim Kehar for sending the copies of the Notifications. You can download the Notifications from the links given below:


Download Notification of Males 


Download Notification of Females 



Promotion of Lecturers Sindh






  1. Dr Irfan Shah Madani says:

    here is no date..
    i think it is a spam letter or notification also.
    Dr Irfan Shah
    Ph.Dاردومیں شان الحق حقی کی خدمات کا جائزہ
    جامعۂ کراچی

  2. Muhammad Ilyas says:

    Dear Madam

    Plz upload promotion of FGEI lecturer as Assistant Professor (BPS-18) dated: 14-09-2015, and recruitment of new Lecturers.

    Thank u.

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