Urdu Book on Pension to be launched Soon

Dear visitors, Urdu Book on Pension to be launched Soon by Mr. Amir Agha. The 1st edition of the book is about 80 pages and the expected maximum price of the same book is Rs. 150/-. This price may more be lessened depending on the increased number of willing persons who will purchase this book.

So far I have come across hundreds of cases where I was able to provide requisite guidance and help to pensioners.

I realize that understanding the English version of pension rules is rather cumbersome.  I am therefore writing a book in Urdu which explains the basic concept and details of pension with reference to relevant rules and orders.  The book is nearing completion.  Its index is given below.

Through the courtesy of this web site I can have a rough estimate of how many of viewers would be interested in getting that book, that would help me in determining the number in which first edition of the book may be published.  If the number if more, the cost of printing, and price of the book will remain lower. Willing persons, to buy this book, can comment below alongwith their cell numbers or can send sms on the given cell numbers.

Thanks and regards

Agha Amir

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All friends who have indicated their desire to get the book, are requested once again to kindly give either in the comments on the web page, or direct through email or text, to me, their

(i)  Full name

(ii)  Full postal address

(iii) Email address

(iv) Mobile or other phone number.

The above particulars are required so that friends are informed through email / text that the book is now ready, and to advise them how to send its price + postage.

The book is almost finalized and will be given to press in a couple of days for the final proof.  Thereafter it will be printed within a week and would be ready for despatch.

Wishing that all friends benefit from its study.

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