Summary of Upgradation of School Teachers in Punjab

Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued letter to the Chief Minister of Punjab Government of Punjab regarding Summary of Upgradation of School Teachers in Punjab vide letter No. AO(A-II)1-344/2016 dated 31-05-2016.

According to this letter, the Secretary School Education Department, has been pleased to forward the summary of Upgradation of pay scales of school cadre teaching staff to the Worthy Chief Minister of Punjab, Government of the Punjab with the request to upgrade above said staff in upcoming financial year 2016-17. It is furthermore stated that all codal formalities and ground work has been completed, all budget estimates are addressed with Finance Department for following upgradation of pay scales.


Existing Pay Scales Revised Pay Scales
BPS-09 BPS-14 BPS-16 BPS-14 BPS-16 BPS-17


Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Siddique Chinioti for sending the copy of the letter of Summary of Upgradation of School Teachers in Punjab.


Upgradation of School Teachers in Punjab




  1. Shoaib Zafar says:

    Yeh fake letter hy

  2. M.akbar khan says:

    AGR waqae Ustad ka kam az kam scale 14wan ho tu ye us ke shayan e shan he

  3. ZMCRC says:

    such ha ya jhoot ?
    Kia ye Govt. ki Sazish ha ?
    Protest roknay k liya
    this is a loly pop

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