Increase in Salaries KPK Govt Employees According to Budget Speech 2016-17

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has also announced the relief package for the provincial Govt employees. Detail of Increase in Salaries KPK Govt Employees According to Budget Speech 2016-17 is as under:

Merging of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2013 & 2014

There was 15% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2013 and 10% 2014. KPK Govt has merged 10% of 2013 Adhoc Relief Allowance and 10% 2014 ARA. The remaining 5% of ARA 2013 will be granted to the employees as a separate allowance on the frozen state.

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2016

KPK Govt has granted 10% Adhoc Relief Allowance 2016 on the running basic pay.

Special Allowance for the Special Persons has been increased to Rs. 1000/- per month.

There is 50% increase in Later Sitting Conveyance Charges

Washing & Dress Allowance have been increased from Rs. 100/- to Rs. 150/-

M.Phil Allowance has been announced Rs. 2500/- per month.

Pension has also been increased 10%.

Other details are available on the copy of the budget speech.

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  • As I commented on Revised Pay Scale Chart 2016! but no one seemed to agree with me, it has now been proven that Pay Scales will be as they are, there will no increase (20 or 25%, as suggested by many people) to adjust the Basics as per Provinces! Once Again I should say here that "Provinces are to follow Federal, Federal is not bound to keep up with Provinces"

    So that chart (at GLXSpace) should be considered as 99% accurate!

    Thank you!

  • We all KP and FATA government servants are grateful to PTI govt. This is more than good as it is far better than the Federal govt budget 2016-17.


    Sultan: Lecturer in Pol. Sc

    • BAkwas k b koe had hote hay ye In khabeso ka tesra budget hay leken PPP aue ANP k ek sal k ezafay tak unho ny reen sal may nahe keya .lanat ho esy talemmy emegency par jo unho ny lagaye hay . Emergency seraf Teachers k raswae tak mahdod

  • M.Phil allowance should be 5000 because they need support to complete their PHD. sorry to say but the Punjab GOVT is more batter Than KPK

  • Kpk gov ne 2015 main 10% increase dIA tha,laikin merge 7.5 ho raha hai, baqi Ka 2.5 kia allowance form main chalta rahay ga?

  • Someone told me that federal govt. Has made a law for all four provinces not to increase salaries than Federal Budget. That's why salary & pension etc increase remain the same in all provinces...

  • Ye 50% canvence Jo increase how's ma konsay employe atay hy .ye Jo shart lagi daftri awkat kar k ka kia matlb hy.plz detail

  • مہربانی کرکے اگر منسٹیریل صتاف کی جو اپگریڈیشن ہوئی ہے اس کی تنخواہ کی اگر کسی کو معلومات ہوں۔ تو شئیر کریں ۔ شکریہ

  • Doctors, judiciary, burrocrates etc are getting honeymoon in present Govt of pti, Gharib ap Processes pke Tabaah de Pakistan k