Government of the Punjab, School Education Department has issued Notification No. SO(SE-III)MISC/2015 dated 06-06-2016 in connection with Increments to Untrained Teachers of Punjab Government.

Increments to Untrained Teachers of Punjab Government

According to this Notification, with reference to the following judgment of Hounourable Supreme Court of Pakistan:

“……… from the above provision, it is definite that when a Civil Servant appointed has been held that when their salaries which they have received prior to their regularization/confirmation were in accordance with law then they are entitled also to the annual increment on the basis of the same, no distinction can be drawn between the Untrained and Trained teachers, so the findings of the Tribunal by allowing the teachers to full annual increment for a period of 1st two years from the date of their original appointment till their regularization/confirmation and restricting them only to ½ of the increment of the rest of their service would not be just and fair and does not meet with the ends of justice.

In the light of above discussion. Civil Appeal No. 398-L to 403-3/2010, filed by the teachers, are allowed entitling them to receive full annual increments for the whole period prior to their regularization whereas Civil Appeal No. 404-L, 405-L/2010, 179-L to 183-L, 231-L, 424-L, 425-L/2011 and 17 to 23/2012 filed by Department, are dismissed. All the listed C.M.As are also disposed of.”

You are hereby directed to comply with the above said direction passed by the Honorable Apex Court in its judgment passed on 09-03-2016. Moreover take further necessary action, after observing all codal formalities, under intimation to this Department.

Special thanks to Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Sajid & Mr. Asif Mahmood for sending the copy of the Notification of Increments to Untrained Teachers of Punjab Government.




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    • Dear Hina these increments will be granted from the date of initial appointment to the teachers who were untrained at that time.

  • dear sister mera matlab tha y kb sy shuru ho ga mean meri ami ko 7 sal k increment milny hain kia hum d.account office say rabta krain ya edo sy aur kb karain thanks for ur help

  • This judgment is severe blow on the policy makers of education department. There are many other unjustified policies of the department which should be thrown in the dust bin and the Teachers should drag the authorities to the Court for redressal of their grievances.


  • madam what is this 3 mah pehly supreem court ki judgment ai aur ab y phr naya drama supreem court k liay k ham ap k ihkamat aur faislon per kaisy amal krty hain ab y education department 6 mah lagay ga phr finace ki bari ay gi wo aij sal lagay ga ager suprem court apny faislon per amal dramad ni kra sakti tu kerti kion hy sory tu say that but its fact

  • increment to untrained teachers is valid for which duration of appointment..?
    Is it applicable to 1986 till 1991..? Ty

  • yeh increments lana ka kia tareeka ha kia department khud bakhud dega ya application dena hogi
    ya district account offer to nai pay slip ka laya derkhast dena pra gi

  • plz plz can any one tell me y kb say milna stat ho ga matlab kis daftar main jain kion k finance nain tu abi tak koi notification ni nikala kia y is saal tak mumkin hay madam plz reply

  • I was appointed as untrained teacher on 24/12/1990 & was regular on 25/04/1994.
    will i get increments of untrained period.
    plz. guide me
    Thanks a lot

  • Assalam o alakum
    jnab finance department kab untrained teacher ko increment dy rha he.jab keh sind hakumat k finance department n teachers ko increment dey di hey punjab main supreme Court k ehkamat per amal ho ga ya ehkamat ko hawa main ura diya jay ga kuch log apney zorey bazo per bqaya b ley chukey hey rahnumai krey.sukria


  • Dear,
    Inform Me Notification order of Untrained Increment in compliance of Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan
    Appeal No. 398-L To 405-L / 2010...
    Latest Notification Education Department about it...
    Regard: Nazir Ahmad Raja

  • sir kya ap mjhy bta skty hain k ye untrained teacher kon se hain wo hain jo ubi bhi untraind hain mean ptc ct or B.ed k bghair ya wo hain jo pehly regular ho gay thy or unka baqyajat unko mily ga

  • madam kia iss notification ka un educators ko b faida hai jo 2002 ma ai thai orr 2009 ma reqular howai thai. 2002 sa 2009 tak ke increment ko personal allowance bana dia gia tha us ko basic ka hisa nai banaya.

  • mam assalamualikum me ny suna hy ky yeh increments abhi nae millein gi dobara court me rit dahir ho gae hy is it true? i am teacher

  • 1982 oppainment untrained PST ha plz period ka bta dain kis date se increment Milany gi
    Account office wale Kahte Hain Jis ki oppainment 1983 ki ha un ko increment mily gi

  • Assalam o Alaikum,according to notification deserving teachers contacted their respective district account offices for increments of untrained periods.But during pay fixation (move over) cases has been arisen,consequently, DAO authorities directed the concerned teachers to contact their respective education office EDO or DEO and get orders for move over cases from concerned EDO or DEO authorities.So when teacher contacted their concerned authorities for move over orders.The concerned authorities directed them to bring (ACR's) from then time i.e (1982) DDO's or Headmasters,unfortunately,majority of those DDO or headteachers have been died.Non of teachers whom move overs were valid could not availed benifit of these increments whatsoever, because those who had to sign the ACR's have been died
    So there exist Anxiety amongst such teachers,please let us know what to do in this regards.

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