Further Clarification of Special Compensatory Allowance

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Finance Department has issued Notification No. KC/FD/SO(FR)7-20/2015-16 dated 13-06-2016 in connection with Further Clarification of Special Compensatory Allowance.

 Further Clarification of Special Compensatory Allowance

According to the Notification, the Finance Department Notification the dated 30-06-2015 is crystal clear regarding grant of Compensatory Allowance to the employees of Provincial Government of BPS-16, It does not matter at all that what amount of increased pay allowed is received by the individual as a result of upgradation so granted by the Provincial Govt. Moreover, compensatory allowance is allowed to all entitled employees of BPS-16 and as per para 5(e) of the summary approved by the Honourable Chief Minister stage to stage fixation is required to be made in this regard and needs to be implemented without further delay.

Special thanks to Mr. Mehran Khan for sending the copy of the Notification of Further Clarification of Special Compensatory Allowance.


Clarification of Special Compensatory Allowance



  1. Malik Wasim says:

    Now its crystal clear about compensatory allowence peoples are entitled wef 15.08.2008. Futher who took any benefits (upgradation) is not entitled

  2. sardar habib says:

    It is injustice to give compensatory allowance to the Employees if they are appointed before 30 June 2010, means if their service is five (5) years before 30 june 2015.My question is why those are not eligible, appointed in July-August 2010 after completing their five years service?

  3. Qasim Ali Shah says:

    Madam i am working as computer operator in District Judiciary Chitral. Our post was upgraded from BSP 14 to BPS 16 in August 2016. Can i receive special compensatory allowance?

  4. Abdul Manan SST &M.Shafique S/C says:

    Madam, It is stated that I am retired from service post of SST on 12.4.2016, according to Act;214 I am entitled group insurance @.Rs.5% amount of given schedule. But application form is missing in computer net data. please guidance & sent application if possible.

  5. Rehmatullah Khan says:

    Are sst,s promoted on or after 1/7/2015 entitled for special compensatory allowance or not?Please invistigate to clarify.

  6. Teacher Unity says:

    Assalamu alaikum,,,, dears all the categories sst, sct, spet, sdm, sat, stt will get this benefit if the strike gonna succeeded, Sardar Amanullah sb arranged a strike about getting special compensatory allowance on 19th October,2016 Wednesday at Peshawar press club, all of you are cordially invited to participate. it is the chance for us to show the govt strength and unity of teachers,,,,, otherwise it'll be like conveyance allowance of summer camp classes in summer vacations.

  7. khalid shah says:

    Wat does spl means

  8. sadiqv says:


  9. ABDUL says:

    kia ue Allowance sub cadres (AT,TT,DM) jo 16 me ho ko mile ga ya sirf SSTs ko?

  10. SST says:

    According to latest information it is crystal clear that all those employees who are already getting SPL. Com allowance will be awarded only. No new entry should be made. Because funds are finished and the remaining employees don't deserve it at all. Because they didn't apply within the specified time. Regards

  11. Sayyed Sajjad Ali Shah says:

    Thanks Alot Dear Sister

  12. TARIQ ZAMAN says:

    I was ct teacher in bps 15 since 01-10-2007 and not upgraded and then promoted to sst post on 01-12-2014.can i get the sca

  13. Fazeelat Ara says:

    dear brothers i'm working as a SST (sc) in Bps 16, appointed on 2nd january 2012. its simple formula basic pay (20680-16015=4665) , house rent (2955-1818=1137), adhoc relief 2015 (2068-1601=465) , total= 6269,,,,, i got it in november 2015 along with arrear .....code 1554 for spl. Compensatory Allowance,code 5058 for Adj. Spl Comp. Allowance,,,, code 1974 for Medical allowance= 1500,,,,,, this formula for all the sst employees appointed in 2012 stage 4. those all CT teachers who got 16 are illegible to get any benefit but if the cadre changed then they are eligible for other allowances except the basic pay. sorry i can't upload my pay slip.

  14. Fazeelat Ara says:

    Peshawar people only free to ask here, go for strike and get your right,,,, as a girl i got the compensatory allowance since last 9 months but you people are waiting further clarification,,,, i'm from district charsadda,,,,, if as a woman i can get , then how you people can't get????

    • zozoheb ali says:

      fazelat ara snd me ur salry slip at islamian56@gmail.com so that we in peshawar can plead our case wel

    • javed says:

      what are the conditions for this allowance

    • sayyed sajjad ali shah says:

      Aoa dear sis fazeelat ara!
      My name is sayyed Sajjad ali shah. I m working in education department for the last 8 years as SST bps16.
      Plz tell me that how much compensatory allowance r u receiving. And in which grade r u working and for how much time r u working in this grade. I'll b waiting for ur reply.

    • matiullah says:

      sis AOA please send me Ur pay slip through email bcz our concernd accountant wants detail about it as he does not know that how much amount is to be paid. therefore please send it my email address is matiullahhm@gmail.com I am from lower dir

  15. Matee Ullah says:

    A.O A
    sir 1985 sy 2016 tak ka chart 1 schedule me tayar kar k issu karin takh daftari work me takleef na ho . thanks 03469500562/03319278362

  16. Ihsanullah says:

    Dear why the finance department is not sending notification copy to district account offices. They are still not giving us says that we have no notification copy

  17. nasir khan says:

    dear madam i want to ask that either clarification notification is sent to all district education offices in kpk or not. pls reply must

  18. Arifeen Awan says:

    Am i entitled to get Compensatory Allawonce if i am employed in 2104?

  19. Arifeen Awan says:

    What do we mean by entitled BPS-16? Would you care to clarify this?

  20. Atta rehman says:

    Please tell further implementation improvement in this matter.

  21. azmat ali says:

    Who are " entitled employees"

  22. Said ur Rahman says:

    I am working as SCT BPS-16 since 21-3-2013. Am I entitle for compensatory allowance.

  23. azmat ali says:

    Madam iss notification ki koi clear picture lagaen. Print out theek nai mil raha.

  24. javed says:

    Dear madam. Kindly clarify the term ALL ENTITLE EMPLOYES. What does it mean ? I am working as senior ct .am i entitled ?

    • SST says:

      Those who ve got scale upgradation after 2010 r not entitled....CTS r not entitled coz their scale ve been upgraded from bps 9 to 15 after 2010.

  25. sayyed sajjad ali shah says:

    I was appointed as SST bps 16 in 2008. can I get this allowance. moreover about how much allowance I will get. plz reply

  26. Ehsanul Haq says:

    There are still doubts. Rumours are that those BS16 will be entitled who have minimum seven years service.

  27. sarfaraz says:

    Keya ye alownce all bps 16 ko milega new appointed ko b milega ya old employees ko waiting for ur rply

  28. Adil says:


  29. SST says:

    Madam I m appointed as SST bps 16 in E&SE dept kpk
    on 30 November 2015... Can this allowance be granted to me.....

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