New Expected Revised Pay Scale 2016 Chart after Merging 3 Allowances

As you know there will now be merge 3 adhoc relief allowances, so New Expected Revised Pay Scale 2016 Chart after Merging 3 Allowances have been prepared. The following allowances have been merged into the revised pay scales chart 2016:

  • Adhoc Relief Allowance 2013
  • Adhoc Relief Allowance 2014
  • Adhoc Relief Allowance 2015

It is to mention here that the previous pay scale chart that was uploaded on this website was created after merging 2013 and 2014 adhoc relief allowances. In this new expected pay scale chart there are three allowances.

Note: It is once again explained that this chart is not 100% final as the final chart will be issued by the Finance Division soon. However this chart may be the same or nearly the same as is expected from the Finance Division.

As soon as I get the charts submitted by other visitors of this website I shall upload these charts at this post.

Download the New Expected Revised Pay Scale 2016 Chart submitted by Mr. Ansar Awan from the link below:

Pay Scale 2016 new

Revised Pay Scales 2016 Chart by BUDGET BRANCH [[ Directorate of Education (C), Faisalabad ]]

You can also download the Pay Scale Chart in MS Excel Sheet. This sheet also shows the amount of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2016. The link is below:

Download Revised Pay Scales 2016 alongwith ARA-2016

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      • which department may be approached to know about Special Disability Allowance... This is very important for serving disabled employees to build up a case for recovery of arrears etc. Please make some effort to help them out. Thanks and Jazakallah

  • 3 adhoc allow merge honey se tu ur bhi salary kam hojati hai. (is chart ke mutabik)

  • AOA
    sindh govt employee get 3 adhoc allow @ 35% while fedral employees 27% now fedral govt set new pay scale on the base of 27%
    so it is about 7.5% loss for sindh govt empl
    what is ur comment ?

    • Dear Ahmed Ali Samejo, I hope Sindh Govt will announce only 27.5% to merge in basic pay and the remaining amount will be as extra allowance.

  • Aoa.
    Kindly ye batain k house rent aur medical allowance bhi 2016 main revise hon ge? Agar ye revise hon he to formula bhi bata dain.

  • Salam Dear
    Dear mera naam zulfiqar hai me computer operator ho mujhy ek help chahiye ke ye jo revised chart banty hein ye kese banty hein es ka koi excel ka formula ya tareeke kar mujhy batain gay.

    • kisi bhi scale ki initial basic me percentage ko jama kr k ussi tanasab se increment barhatay jayen to nya chart bn jata he

  • Wrong chart, Adhoc 2013 & 2014 are calculated on Pay scale 2011, but Adhoc 2015 calculated on Pay scale 2015

    • Sir Dr Sahib. ... the same which u have pointed out is the correct formula... whatever Adhoc Allowance is announced on respective pay scale that amount us merged in new revised pay scales...

    • Dr Abbas: In my view chart is correct and very close to expected pay scale. We should appreciate their effort and good job done by them. Don't mind.

  • Sir Special Convance Allowance Pehkay Bi Milta Tha??? Or Kya Punjab ma b ye millay ga?

  • Plz take some efforts to computer allowance of IT personal because this allowance is not revise almost 15 years.

  • Same is the case in KPK where three allowances are 35% but only 27.5% will be merged in the Basic while the remaining will continue @ 5% 2013 & 2.5% 2015

  • But it is announced in the Budget that two allowance (2013 and 2014) will be merged but u r saying 3 allowances will be merged. Kindly clarify.

    • woh allowance government apnay aakhri budget main merge kartey huwey jaye gi. takay employees khush hon elections main.

  • sir my salary with allowances are 20032 in Kpk.what will be my next salary after three adhoc relief?.

  • salam mam, i have a query here. whether the M.Phil allowance is also for government universities employees or not?

  • Dear sir, Respectfully I m not agree with the pay revision chart. It requires to be prepared after adding 27.5% to minimum, increment and maximum. Please do not give way to govt by making low scale chart

    • Dear Luqman Badshah, actually the 27.5% allowances are not equal to 27.5 as two allowances have already been frozen and these are not on the running basic pay.

  • Dear Madam

    Need some clarification about M.phil allowance? Does it continue as previous rate @Rs.5000/- for those who have already taken, does the new rate @Rs.2500/- will be implement only on new degree holders from July 16, employees or all (previous holder and new) from now in Punjab. Thanks

  • madam plz special allowance for disabled employee jo pehle tha agar uski infomation deden ap to hum disable ko bohat faida hoga hum logo ko yh allowance kabhi mila hi nhi hum kaha se malom karen

  • Dear i am working in education department as Superintendent in BS-17. In 1997 i reached the maximum of BS16 move over till revision of pay scales in 2001. I did not received annual increment for almost 4 years. In 2001 move over scheme was abolished. At that time my regular pay scale was 15 and move over BS 16. During this period i remain on duty perform duty honestly. My juniors became equal in salary. This is a cause of my heart burning. Please advise me what should I do to get justice. No body respond positively. please guide me.

  • I have a question not exactly related to the topic but would be grateful if you can help. After serving for 25 years in the government sector, I am opting to get retirement under LPR option. My question is, can I get the promotion during LPR period?

    Dr. Aziz

    • Federal Govt had no M.Phil Allowance prior to this budget! It will be applicable w.e.f 1st July 2016.

  • sir I am PST bps12 at Kpk.My Gross pay is 21944.after Kpk budget what will be my gross pay.pp must reply.

    • Is chart main sy apni New Basic Pay dekh kar us par Adhoc 2016 @10% calculate kr k apni salary main add kar lain with other allowances, khud pata chal jaye ga, kuch kaam khud bhi karny ki zehmat karain.

    • Apni New Basic Pay dekh kar us par Adhoc 2016 @ 10% calculate kar k net pay nikal li jiay, itny nawab bhi na banain k halwa tayar kar k dia jaye apko

  • mam slam in scale 5 with two years servic how she or he get total salry not only crunt 10 percent there for total get expected home salry

  • Plz madam late sitting conveyance ke bare main bta den k ye kis departsmen ko milta hai .kia ye wada employe ko nai mila ga .pehle mujhe 1932 milta hai

  • after merging 3 adhoc relief allowances the expected revised pay scale which is upload is totally incorrect

  • Dear Madam, I am College Librarian in BPS-17 as well as additional degree in M.Sc Computer Science, please tell me, am I eligible for computer allowance as computer personnel.

  • What is criteria for to avail teaching allowance in education and literacy dept sindh?
    and also criteria for mphil allowance for education and literacy depart sindh?

  • AOS sir ye Convayence allownce mujy lagyga Mai BPS 12 Health department fata paramedics hon plz detail me,

  • Aoa,
    Can husband and wife both being govt servent hire two separate houses in rwp and isb through different stat offices i.e military stat office and AGPR. I will be grateful for your rely.

  • M. Ashraf june 26 at 4.15 madam I am in BPS 7 & with 3 adhoc my basic is 25008 newrevised chart is showing my pay 24515 why ?

    • Dear M.Ashraf
      If new chart is showing your pay 24515. Then please check your basic is Rs19940, and 2013 adhoc increase Rs 1508, and 2014 adhoc increase is Rs 1508, and 2015 adhoc increase is Rs. 1496. And Total sum is 19940+1508+1508+1496= Rs 24452

  • AOA:
    is it confirmed that adhoc relief allowances for 2013, 2014 & 2015 are being merged in basic scale(as mentioned on the top)? The chart shows that only 2013 & 2014 are included.

  • I submitted a post over here but neither the post nor its reply has been published.

  • Mam ye compencentry allnc siraf sct sat s tt spet ko lage ga ya jo bps 16 ma han un ko b lage ga.reply

  • What will be salary of sindh govt fresh appointed BPS-17 govt employees which will get posting letters in July-2016 or onward. As we got offer letter on 29-April-2016 and submitted in month of may-2016 salary mentioned in offer latter was 20680. We are still waiting for posting letter. Some people say your salary will be 20680.Please clarify my query.

  • AOA!

    Madam any information about salary fixation or up gradation of Government Sindh Employees.

  • Aoa mara name Ziaullah hai mara abhi abhi bps11 ma selection hogya mara start salary kithni hoge in kpk

  • hi\
    my name is rebecca inyat

    I am staff nurse in Govt hospital lahore
    I join the duty in hospital in 13 may 1993
    my grade is 17 here in hospital as a Head nurse
    I want the retirment in 2018 after complete my 25 years
    my date of birth is 8-4-1971 & today i am 46 years old
    I want to information about my pension & totel amount after my retirment my basic salary in this month July 2017 (55670 & my totel salry & allowance is 95219)

    Rebecca inyat