Revised Basic Pay 2016 Calculator

A Revised Basic Pay 2016 Calculator has been prepared by Mr. Rashid Ali Jan, Lecturer in Math, University of Peshawar. This is a simple calculator for those employees who even not know abc of pay fixation. It is also helpful for the pay fixation on the basic of Revised Pay Scale 2016 chart. This calculator also helps to find the amount of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2016. Some guidelines as as under:

Note: i) Enter/write ur Grade in the column 1, (From 1 to 22)
ii) Enter ur respective Basic pay as of June 2016 in column 2,
iii) Just click the Enter Key on ur Key Board
iv) Ur New Expected Basic pay will automatically appear in Column 3
v) 10% New Adhoc Allowance 2016 will also be calculated below

*Please Note That the Actual Values of All scales ll be released by the Finance Division Islamabad (which may differ a little to the above) in the First Week of July, this is just made keeping in view the formulas going on since 1972 in Basic Pays revisions. the difference ll be only a Rs.10 to Rs.100 at max depending upon the rounding of Finance division to the Nearest Ten or Hundred... i ll ammend this calculator when the accuarte data is notified later..

Download Revised Basic Pay 2016 Calculator

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