Upgradation Ministerial Staff Office Memorandum by Establishment Division

Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat, Establishment Division has issued Office Memorandum No. 1/13/96-R-6 dated 10-08-2016 in connection with Upgradation Ministerial Staff of the Federal Govt.


According to this Office Memorandum the following ministerial posts have been approved to be upgraded with effect from 1st July 2016:



Designation of Post Existing BPS Upgraded BPS Remarks
Assistant Incharge BPS-15 - The existing incumbents are granted BPS-16 as one time dispensation. The post of Assistant Incharge BPS-15 are hencewith declared as dying cadre.
Assistant BPS-14 BPS-15 The existing incumbents are allowed Grant of BPS-16 as one time dispensation.
Upper Division Clerk (UDC) BPS-09 BPS-11 -
Lower Division Clerk (LDC) BPS-07 BPS-09 -


The said incumbents are allowed annual increment falling on 1st December 2016. Further details about qualification etc can be read on the copy of the O.M.

Special thanks to Mr. Abid Afridi, Mr. Muhammad Usman, Asad Khan Tareen for sending the copy of the Upgradation Ministerial Staff Office Memorandum by Establishment Division.


Upgradation Ministerial Staff


Upgradation Ministerial Staff Office Memorandum



  1. Ejaz Jutt says:

    i m postal clerk BPS-09.
    humra b abi tk case lga howa h. lkn pta nhi kb tk hum b upgrade ho gey
    koi bta skta h sari update plz....

  2. Nowshad Khan says:

    Dear Madam,
    kia assistant BPS16 ko allowances 16 ya 15 ka mele gha Finance Division kia kehte hi Thank u

  3. tahir abbas says:

    Sir a.a sir I am UDC in cmh slk or bi kafi LDC or UDC hain jin ka case abi tak final ni hua please solve the prob immed

  4. kk says:

    ub ye to de do nawaz sahab . 20% special allownce ko b latkaya hwa he. ghareebon aur mulazimon ka b khayal karo mian sahab. plzzzzzzzzz....

  5. Zia Hussain Babar says:

    Sir/Madam AOA

    Mere Sawal ka jawab abhi tak nahin mila yeh jo khichri pak rahi he kab tak clear hojaigi please answer me as soon as possible?

    • Zia Hussain Babar says:

      Sir/Madam AOA
      Ham Log Min of Def men PASB Sectt Ke Idare District Armed Services Board me as UDC/LDC Service Kar rahay hen Hamari Upgradation abhi tak nahin hui iss ki kia waja he please reply me as soon as possible take hamen zehni pareshani se chutkara mil sakay.

  6. jehan zeb shah says:

    Finance Division issued Clarification to AGPR today regarding up gradation of Ministerial posts
    F.No-2(4)R-1/2016 dated 28-11-2016

  7. Shahzad Khan says:

    Any update about upgradation of clerks in BPS-07 to 11 and BPS-09 to 14 coz previous orders are stop through letter.

  8. MUHAMMAD AYUB says:

    Madam, aoa, please intimate why the post of head clerk not mention with assistant in the notification, they both are in BPS-14. In 2007 these both were upgraded in BPS 14, now there is an ambiguity among both the posts. Please clarify whether head clerks have also been upgraded from BPS-14 to 16 or otherwise? The notification makers should also be inquired about the



  10. Mian anwar shah says:

    I m statistical assistant in pakistan bureau of statistics divison, I want mutual transfer to any where in pakistan in other monistry. If anyone willing pl contact me for other information.

  11. sajid khan says:

    Assistant BPS 16 are Gazzated or not?

  12. habib says:

    Aoa..madam finance waly final notification pay or allowances regarding up gradation kab tak issue hojae ga any news ?? kindly reply

  13. Farhan says:

    jo assisstant 14 se 16 main upgrade hua hain un ko 2010 ka adhoc releif and incentive allowance 16 scale ke mutabiq milega.

  14. Adnan Wazir says:

    I m assistant in pak army quetta I want mutual transfer from quetta to punjan. If anyone willing pl contact me 03126224811 adnan

  15. Niaz Khalil says:

    Dear Medum AOA: PEPCO nay abi tak upgradation ka notification jary nahi kia ha, kia PEPCO staff upgradation allowed ha ka nahi

  16. Farooq Dar says:

    Why not use the right channel for their complaint for justice from Government by the Clerks of Federal Government regarding equal up-gradation because a forum of public complaint already available at Cabinet web site. Please write email every effected clerk to following address for implementation and justice of their rights.

    Focal Person Complaint Officer
    Mr.Shamim-ur-Rehman Mr.Muhammad Aslam
    Deputy Secretary Section Officer (coord)
    email:rehman.shamim@yahoo.com muhammadaslam2357@gmail.com

  17. asif says:

    Madam, i'm udc in def and recently federal govt has anounced in the upgradation letter that henceforth the qualifying of basic IT training course from PITB will be a precondition for promotion and newly appointment. So, may i know that the said training course we shall do at our end or our depart will direct us for this? your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated. please.

  18. jehan zeb shah says:

    I've heard that there is still some issue b/w Finance and Estab in adaptation of the up-gradation orders of Ministerial Posts and hence the AGPR is unable to sanction salaries as per new upgraded scales.................. Is it Right or any body can tell having some detail that why AGPR is not issuing salaries as per new upgraded scales despite the lapse of 90 days.

  19. Akhtar says:

    Some years ago the Federal Government up-graded and re-designated the post of Stenographer (BS-15) as Assistant Private Secretary (APS) (BS-16) and declared the post as Gazetted. Although, the basic qualification required for initial appointment of a Stenographer is intermediate. However, the Federal Government very enthusiastically declared the post of Assistant Private Secretary as a gazetted post and issued a circular that whosoever will be granted BS-16 be considered as a gazetted officer. Contrary to this, recently the Federal Government has up-graded the ''Post of Graduates'' i.e. the Post of Assistant from BS-14 to BS-16 and hesitating to notify the post as a gazetted post. As we know that Article 25 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan provides equal protection of law to all. Under this Article all the Assistants are entitled for the same benefits as had been given to the Stenographers and Assistant Private Secretaries of Federal Government. Besides, all the Provincial Governments have provided justice to their ministerial staff. The question arises whether the decisions of our Federal Government fulfill the relevant provisions of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan or otherwise??? If the answer is in negation who will safeguard the provisions of the Constitution ???

  20. Tahir says:

    I am a Senior LDC. Accordingly my scale after 16 years of service is 9.
    Federal Govt has upgraded clerical posts. Where is my benefit ? Should i remain in same grade even after upgradation? Whereas my LDC friends in provinces have been upgraded in 11 BPS.
    Is that justice???

  21. Baloch says:

    No doubt we are thankful to the Government for upgrading the clerical posts. But I wonder, really wonder that an Assistant of a province is in permanent 16 grade and is Gazetted and an Assistant of Federal is given 15 (only existing Assistants will be given time scale of 16 and will be non-Gazetted), I wonder a UDC of a province is upgraded in 14 while LDC in 11 BPS, whereas in Federal UDC is upgraded in 11 and LDC in 9.
    This is injustice which must be dealt with honesty.
    Why govt is not ending up the story of up-gradation by giving LDC 11, UDC 14 and Assistant 16 permanently. Have a big heart, PLEASE. We do not want to knock the doors of courts again.
    Moreover, in Sindh, The Assistant has been re-designated as Assistant Superintendent, which is a welcome and pleasing step by Sindh Govt. Assistants and other clerical staff must be happy now 🙂
    Can we expect this pleasure????

  22. Akhtar says:

    Listen me the basic qualification required for the initial appointment of an Assistant is Graduation, while the basic qualification required for initial appointment of a Stenographer is intermediate. The irony is that the Federal Government up-graded and re-designated the post of Stenographer as Assistant Private Secretary (BS-16) and declared the post as a Gazetted post. Presently, the Federal Government is reluctant to notify the post of Assistant as a Gazetted post. The thinking point is that as per the decision of Federal Government a person having intermediate can justify a Gazetted post while a Graduate can not. Although it is an admitted fact that 99% work of Sections and Branches is dealt by an Assistant and in so many Ministries and Divisions the work of Section officers is fully dealt by the Assistant while the Sections officers just play a role of signing authority. In autonomous bodies the assignments of Section officers are dealt by the Assistants which is an admitted fact. Hence, we request the Federal Government to kindly look into matter and provide justice to this suffering cadre in order to encourage them and to bring more and more efficiency in their official work.

    • jehanzeb shah says:

      Any body know about that why the Up gradation Order has not been implemented till date by AGPR.................. is there any problem

  23. Ali Khan says:

    Der Sir/Madam I would like to ask, whether this up-gradation of clerical post be implemented in CDA, as CDA has it's own criteria for up-gradation after some qualifying service. Waiting for reply and thanks in advance

  24. Farooq Dar says:

    Please go through the Memorandum of upgradation of Ministerial Staff it is clearly mentioned in para-2 that "shall be pre-condition both for promotion and initial appointment???

  25. Farooq Dar says:

    As per office Memorandum of upgradation of Ministrial staff how can possible to implement the instruction/order given at Para-3 in which Establishment condition to qualify the test from National Information Technology Board both for initial appointment and promotion of these posts, because only one office of National Information and Technology Board is situated in Pakistan i.e. at Islamabad in the country? how can possible for the people of other cities or FGE those residing other cities of Pakistan to get training of MS word for the fresh appointment and in service Govt. employee to qualified the said training for the promotion???

  26. Hafiz Tahir Ahmad says:

    Iam working in GENCO-lll Accounts Assistant get 16 or not

  27. basit says:

    This upgradation is for employees working in autonomous organizations??

  28. Muhammad Karim Khattak says:

    Madam, Is there any chance of upgradation the post of Federal Govt Head Clerk from BPS.14 to 16 ?

  29. Adnan Wazir says:

    I am assistant in pak army quetta, i want mutual transfer from quetta to any ware in punjab. If some one come to quttea plz contact me 03126224811 adnan wazir

  30. Akhtar says:

    We all the Assistants and Ministerial staff of Federal Government are highly indebted and thankful to Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Javed, Mr. Sajid Matloob and our colleagues of Parliament House for their untiring efforts for up-gradation. By grace of Allah Almighty and by dint of their struggle the dream of up-gradation of Assistants has turned into reality. Although the Federal Government has failed to redress the grievances of Assistants like the provincial Governments. However, we hope that in near future Federal Government will also rectify this unjust decision and prevailing discrimination, which has created a sense of deprivation among the employees of Federal Government. At the end I salute all those who contributed well in order to achieve their goal and i hope that in future too they will continue their struggle for the betterment of the down trodden employees of Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

  31. Naveed says:

    2ndly guide wheather combined orders of upgradation of Assistant (from 14 to 16) will be issued and sent to AGPR for fixation of pay
    separate orders for each incumbent will be issued..??

  32. Naveed says:

    Kindly guide the steps to be taken for implementation of premature increment, if an assistant is upgraded from BS-14 to BS-16..??
    Weather the pay is firstly fixed from BS-14 to BS -15, then an increment is granted in the same scale (BS-15) and then it is fixed in BS-16
    The pay will be directly fixed from BS-14 to BS-16 and then an increment is given.

  33. Zubair Khan says:

    RESPECTED SIR! 1 taraf ie bat ho rahi hai k, newly promoted Assisstant will be upgraded to
    aur dosri taraf ie hai K, head clerk will be upgraded to BPS-16, HOWS THAT POSSIBLE.


  34. noman ahmed says:

    I heard from my department that one and half premature increment will be given on fixation of pay in new / upgraded scale. what are rules about this can you please guide what formula will be adopted for fixation. waiting for your kind reply.

  35. yousif says:

    Aslam o alaikum. Admin..
    Meraa ek question hai please mujhe bataain kay me sindh province kaa sr.clerk hun aur mera upgradation huaa 04 august 2016 pe aur ab next december waalaa increament december main mujhe mulegaaa yaaa nahiii. Please reply

  36. toheed says:

    ministerial staff means all fedral staff or not. or it applicable on autonomus bodies like pepco or not. or it apply only to assistants or all type of assistants like accounts assistant, audit assistants etc. please ans my quries

    • Galaxy World says:

      Dear toheed, according to my knowledge in menesterail staff Assistants, Accountants, Supdts Clerks etc are included for any department.

      • alyan says:

        aoa madam

        computer assistants (b-14) under ministry of defense (lower formations) b
        upgrade ho gy? plz reply

    • Ahsun shah says:

      I understood that u are a employee of DISCO as LESCO etc. It is applicable to all catagories of assistant may commercial, account, audit etc.

  37. noman ahmed says:

    what is pre mature increment

  38. Anjum Masood says:


    Assistant ko BPS-14 say BPS-16 mil gaya hay.

    Kiya Head Clerk ko beh BPS-14 say BPS-16 milay ga ya nahi?

  39. Akhtar Niaz says:

    I m Asst in BPS-14. My B. pay is now Rs21540/- after revision of pay scales. i m upgraded to BPS-16 as per Estb Div notification . Madam, what will be new basic pay. Reply must. Thanks

    • abdul Karim says:

      Akhtar Niaz sb abhi tak finance div ni notification issue nhi kya kion wajah kya our estb div ye kiasa notification kya hi k Assistant BPS-15 halank Budget main to Assistant BPS-16 kya hai ?

  40. Muhammad Asif Rasheed says:

    Asslam U Alikum: can this notification applicable for LESCO/FESCO and other discos employess please pass your comments


  41. Abdul Rasool says:

    Government of the Sindh, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD(SR-IV)2-35/2014 dated 04-08-2016 in connection with Notification Upgradation Clerical Staff Sindh.
    According to this Notification, the following posts in Sindh Province have been upgraded with immediate effect:
    Detail of Upgradation is as under:
    1Assistant SuperintendentBPS-15BPS-16
    2Assistant/Head ClerkBPS-14BPS-16
    3Senior ClerkBPS-09BPS-14
    4Junior ClerkBPS-07BPS-11.
    Last Sindh province reh gaya tha usne bhi kar diya
    lekin Federal Govt ne kiya kar diya, ye hai Islami Jamhooriya Pakistan
    Shame PML (N) shame
    Allah kare k PANAMA LEAKS mein doob kar marr jaao

  42. Naveed says:

    If a person is getting 19580 in BS-14 as basic pay, after revesion of 2016 pay scales.
    Then where will his basic pay be fixed in BS-16?

  43. shahid says:

    my first opinion above is wrong all present Assistant in B-14 will be allowed B-16 but post actually will be B-15 for new employees.

  44. shahid says:

    as per notification of Estb Div,10.8.2016 all the assistant bill be upgraded in B-15 not B-16
    only only time dispensation(mean all present assistant working in B-14) my opinion in as per notification the post of Assistant upgraded in B-15 for present employees not for all in future.The Correct position will clarify after issuance of notification of Finance Div,

  45. Akhtar says:

    moderation is enabled

  46. Akhtar says:

    Article 25 of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan provides equal protection of law to all, under this article all the ministerial staff of the Federal Government are entitled for the same benefits as has been given to the employees of Provincial Governments. Hence, the employees of Federal Government must be provided/ensured same opportunities of progress as has been provided to all the employees of Provincial Governments of Pakistan. However, this time Federal Government has proved to be very miser in this regard. Hence, it is requested that this discrimination may be redressed as soon as possible in order to rectify the the feelings of deprivation and financial exploitation of the Federal Government employees.

  47. habib says:

    Assistants will be gazetted or not and will they admissible to get allowances of bps 16 like aps ?

  48. habib says:

    now assistants will be gazetted or not please tell me about allowances of bps will be given to assistants ?? #Galaxy World # Madam

  49. Ali says:

    I.T ASSISTANT bps 14 b bps 16 me upgrade ho gay kaya.....?

  50. zafar Iqbal says:

    when computer operator is up graded vide remind letter No.SO(D)CMO/16/OT-47/0093740 dated 02.08.2016.

  51. bilal says:

    Kindly btaen kay jo new assitant BPS 15 m appoint hun gy unko BPS 16 m promote hunay kay liay kitna time lagay ga

  52. aftab says:

    federal clerical staff should fight for their right ......APCA should apeal in supreme court

  53. Farooq Dar says:

    This is Pakistan, called Islami Jamhoria , All Provincial Governments including Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government has already upgraded their Junior Clerks and Senior Clerks from BPS-07 to 11 and BPS-9 to BPS-14, But our Federal Government is not provide justice to Federal Government Clerks.

  54. khalid says:

    Assistant BPS-14 BPS-15 The existing incumbents are allowed Grant of BPS-16 as one time dispensation. MEANS ?
    present serving asst will be in BPS-16 and new will be in BPS-15 ? ?

  55. Anjum Masood says:

    Madam. Establishment Division nay 10-08-2016 ko jo notification out kiya hay kiya us notification kay tehat Head Clerk ki post beh upgrade hogi ya nahi? Main Pakistan Railway main Head Clerk Houn BPS-14 main. Kiya mujhe beh BPS-16 milay ga ya nahi? Kiyoun kay notification main Head Clerk ki post upgradation ka zikar nahi hay.

  56. Tasadduq Hussain says:

    Dear Ma'm!
    Kia SPS waly assistants ki posts bhi upgrade hui hn ya ni? Agr hui hn to un ka notification kb tk expected hy? Plz share if you r any other know...

  57. Salman says:

    What is meaning of ministerial post? That. Like 20 percent special allowance 2013 all ministries/division???

  58. Salman says:

    What is meaning of ministerial post?

  59. Salman says:

    What meaning of ministerial? All federal employees or only ministerial staff?

  60. Imran Ali says:

    Any one who knows about the pre-mature increment

  61. Naveed says:

    It means Assistants are not declared as gezzetted.
    Realy unfair with ldcs & udcs as well.

  62. jawed bashir says:

    that is not fair for federal govt clerks, all province are be upgraded in ldc 07 to 11 but here not equal to the federal staff, sada haq aty rakh.

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