Payment Arrears of Pension upto 30th June 2015

Despite my efforts, no friend has apprised me about latest position on payment arrears of pension up to 30 June 2015 where the commuted part has been restored.  Restored pension along with all previous increases is being paid from 1 July 2015 only.  But old pensioners are still waiting for Punjab government orders which will enable them to draw arrears before 30 June 2015 also.  High Court had not accepted 7 years' period for such payments.  

I am attaching a complete case.  It suggests that all affected pensioners should join hands to hand and struggle for their right. I suggest that pensioners should themselves take initiative for receiving their respective arrears.

If someone knows about the proceedings in High Court for 29 June 2015, and thereafter, he should kindly let me know at my email address.


Best of luck to all of us

Regards Agha Amir


Payment Arrears of Pension upto 30th June 2015


Payment Arrears Pension

Pension Arrears of Payment


pension arrears 1








  1. Aamir says:

    Shehzad as the date of restoration is 04.08.2016 then he is not entitle to any arear. Arear is paid to those who's restoration date was due in the past let suppose if the date of restoration in your case was 04.08.2010 the he would be paid arear of six year.

  2. Aamir says:

    The KP govt has paid all the arears from the date of restoration. If KP govt can why punjab govt can't

  3. ahmed says:

    respected sister my father got retirement in 1986 at the age of 52 having lenth of service 33 years.he died in 2010 and family pension started .computation restored.can we eligible for arear.should my mother approach account office where got retirement.

    • Agha Amir says:

      Yes, the commuted part (along with all increases not given 2001 onward) is to be restored from 2006 or 2007 depending upon exact age on which your father retired.

      Please get in touch with me through email. Send scanned copies of first 5-6 pages of your mom pension book.

      Agha Amir

  4. Saeed Ahmed says:

    As per civil servants act, employment conditions cannot be changed into less favourable ones. I need any document or court oreder in this regard

    • Agha Amir says:

      Provision under Section 22 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act 1974 says that "where this Act or a rule is applicable to the case of any civil servant, the case shall not be dealt with in any manner less favourable to him than that provided by this Act or such rule.". This provision is adequate for court purposes, if someone can demonstrate in court that the case has been dealt with in a less favourable manner.

      Agha Amir

  5. Shabih Abbas says:

    Helpful in a sense that it is valuable service to a detached community. I had lost contact with this website but I will keep myself updated through regular visits. Thanks for active and behind the screen workers.

  6. Saeed Ahmed says:

    Thanks Agha Amir bhai. Have you any document or court order in this regard?

    • Agha Amir says:

      Beta, the court orders asking for fresh proposal to pay arrears have already been copied along with my article in Urdu. I have requested all readers to update ME too about what happened after that June 2015 hearing.

      Agha Amir

  7. Saeed Ahmed says:

    Thanks Agha Amer for reply. Any notification or court order in this regard?

  8. Saeed Ahmed says:

    Sir i want to know that government can widraw a facility after giving? I have getting a facility from last 10 years now my office has cancelled this facility. Any document which can supported in this regard.

    • Agha Amir says:

      As per civil servants act, employment conditions cannot be changed into less favourable ones. However if the facility itself was against rules, or irregular, or over-payment, correction can always be made.

      Agha Amir

  9. RAB NAWAZ KHAN says:

    dear daughter, In 2010 Zardari govt increased the pay of employees by 50% but the pensioners were given only 15% increase in pension.Someone told me that a case in this regard to remove the disparity is with FST or Islamabad High Court.Will you kindly throw some light on the said case of injustice done. Praying for your long life,

  10. Shehzad says:

    As advised I had already contacted Mr. Amir and he very kindly guided me very well. thanks once again both of you.

  11. Shehzad says:

    Dear Sister,

    Many thanks for your ever present help and guidance for all government servants. I could not understand what the issue is. However, I am asking you that present government has very kindly restored the restoration of pension facility to all government servants but no arrears are being given to Federal Government employees i.e. if an individual pension is restored on 04-8-2016 then his increased pension is given to him i.e. increased from 21000 to 37000 but for his last 12 x years (restoration period), he is not given any arrears. If you can kindly guide me now is there any suggestion/orders that they are entitled for arrears also or there is anything in pipeline to do so for Federal Government employees too. I shall be highly thankful.

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