Notification Enhanced Utility Allowance Sindh Govt Employees

Government of the Sindh, Finance Department has issued Notification No. SO(SR-III)5-145/2011 dated 14-02-2017 in connection with Notification Enhanced Utility Allowance Sindh Govt Employees.

According to this Notification, in continuation of this Department’s order of the dated 02-03-2012 and with the approval of the Competent Authority i.e Chief Minister Sindh the rate of Utility Allowance is hereby enhanced /revised for the employees of Sindh Civil Secretariat and Provincial Assembly, Sindh with effect from 1st March 2017. The detail is as under:


S. No Basic Pay Scale Existing Rate of Utility Allowance (PM) Revised Rate of Utility Allowance (PM)
1 BPS-01 to BPS-08 Rs. 2000/- Rs.4000/-
2 BPS-09 to BPS-15 Rs. 3000/- Rs.6000/-
3 BPS-16 Rs.4000/- Rs.7000/-
4 BPS-17 Rs.7000/- Rs.12000/-
5 BPS-18 Rs.10000/- Rs.15000/-
6 BPS-19 Rs. 15000/- Rs.30000/-
7 BPS-20 to BPS-22 Rs.40000/- Rs.60000/-


Special thanks to Mr. Gulzar Soomro & Mr. Ishtiaq Iqbal Khan for sending the copy of the Notification Enhanced Utility Allowance Sindh Govt Employees.

It is to mention here that the summary of the utility allowance for the sindh Government employees was approved on 08-02-2017.


Enhanced Utility Allowance Sindh




  1. Muhammad Faheem Mughal says:

    Salam Resp. Madam
    I have required Notification issued by Sindh Government regarding "Grant of Premature Increment on Promotion withtin Same Pay Scale" because Treasury staff does not allow One Premature Increment to my several colleagues

  2. Arshad says:

    Does only Secretariat employees do their job? Does only they have to pay bills?? What the hell is this?

  3. Amir Shahzad says:

    Appreciative act.. What about utility allowance for BS-17 and above in Govt. of Punjab

  4. Muhammed Zahid says:

    Please Sent my pay slip month of January 2017

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