Notification of Re-Fixation of Pension Punjab Govt Pensioners

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.SR-III/5-1/2015 dated 13-04-2017 in connection with Notification of Re-Fixation of Pension Punjab Govt Pensioners. The detail of the same is as under:

In continuation  of this Department's  letter No.FD.SR-III 4-1202016, dated 23 January, 2017, it is advised restoration, may be made/paid to all the pensioners, who retired under Pay and pension Package 2001, as and when their restoration becomes due vide letter referred to above.

  1. The matter may please be accorded top-priority.

Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal for sending the copy of the Notification.




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  • My Father has retired from service on 1994, now the age of my father now 80+ when he will be given arears amount?? Are amount will be given in installment ?? 03005103955