Expected Revised Pay Scale Chart 2017

I am sharing here the Expected Revised Pay Scale Chart 2017. I have received may pay scale charts. All friends are really done great job to prepare the pay chart 2017. They all prepared the charts according to their own view.

I am sharing the pay scale chart 2017 that is not prepared by me but it is according to my own view. So I am sharing the same here for the information of the employees. I don’t say that it is 100% accurate but it may be nearly the same as will be issued by the Finance Division.

According to many TV Channels during the budget speech, it was shown that 2010 Adhoc Relief Allowance and Adhoc Relief Allowance 2016 have been merged but as and when I saw the budget speech copy 2017, there was no mention of Adhoc relief Allowance 2016. So I am sharing here the Chart in which only 2010 ARA @50% is merged.

There are 4 copies of the pay scale chart and may be every chart has some mistakes. But these charts may clear the concept of new revised pay of the employees. You can download these copies for the link given below:

Expected Revised Pay Scale Chart 2017

Proposed Pay Scale 2017 by Asmatullah Khattak

Proposed Pay Scale 2017 by Asmatullah Khattak

Revised Pay Scales 2017

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  • aoa
    kindly guide me how can i chek my revised Pay 2017 4rm above chart.
    and how can an employer calculate his running basic pay in li8 of above posted chart.
    for example according to my pay slip
    BPS 12 pay stage 9 basic pay 21600
    what will be revised basic pay 2017

  • Dear Madam, Assalamu Alaikum,

    R.Benefits and death compensation. Kya ye siraf maut (death) per milta hai ya retirement per bhi kuch milta hai.

    • Dear Fahad every year on the 1st December there is granted annual increment and pay is fixed to next stage that is obtained by adding the annual increment in the previous scale.

  • BPS 14 RS 42090 where will be fixed in BPS 15?
    sir my 14 scale pay is 42090.
    what my pay will be in BPS 15?