Notification of Time Scale Promotion 2017 Punjab Government Employees

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.PC.40-80/2015 dated 26-07-2017 in connection with Time Scale Promotion 2017 Punjab Government Employees. Detail is available at the copy of the Notification.

Special thanks to the following employees for sending the copy of the Notification Time Scale Promotion Punjab Government Employees:

Mr. Muhammad Adnan

Mr. Muhammad Sajjad

Mr. Nadeem Ashraf

Syed Mohsin Raza

Syed Atif

Mr. Irfan Munir

Mr. Akram Muhammad

Mr. Abdullah

EDO Agriculture

Mr. Muhammad Humraz

Mr. Abdul Basit

Mr. Azam Sajjad

Mr. Sami Ullah

Mr. Muhammad Arshad

Rai Muhammad Asif Khan

Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Bhatti


Time Scale Promotion 2017


Time Scale Promotion



  1. sabir ali says:

    Nawazny or turkany mi waza furq hay. Junior clerk , Senior Clerk , Head Clerk and supern,tendant ko up grade scale 11,14,16,17 were given them simaltaniouly but left the stenographer, accounts& others employees to become victimization of the officers on the name of time scale promotion. Are not there definite up grade scale to them instead of promotion steps.

  2. gvtiw abad taunsa says:

    AoA, Mad, Accounts Clerks Direct Post 27 post aj tak 27 year services ky bawajod Ps.No. 08 main bherti howy hain aur aj tak Ps.No. 08 main hain , jab ky J/Clerk , Ps.11 main S/Clerk. Ps.14 Main , Accounts clerk Ps.No. 08 main hain , 28 July,2017 Ky notification main bhi , Accounts Clerk Direct post ko Consider nahen kia gia. hamary sath esa kion ho rah hy, please infome me k Direct post accounts clerk up gradation ho ya naheen , thanks. AYAZ Taunsa , DG Khan .

  3. gvtiw abad taunsa says:

    AoA. Mad, Kia Accounts Clerk Direct Post bhi upgrade ho gi please inform me. ayaz DG Khan

  4. ishrat tahseen says:

    time scale promotion notification on 26-07-2017 junior clarks in education department pay apply hota ha

  5. ishrat tahseen says:

    clarification notification 26-07-2017 time scale promotion junior clarks

  6. M. Ashraf Mumtaz says:

    Data Entry Operators(BPS-12) have been given 3 steps time scale promotion but notification of upgradation of D E O from B-09 to B-12 is not available. Please provide a copy thereof.

  7. Haji M Mastoi says:

    Respected Sir/Md.

    Telephone operator (BS-7) ko upgrade q ni kia gia???????
    Halankeh Punjab Govt. k kuch dept. men telephone operator (BS-14) men year 2012 men upgrade ho cheky hen.
    Junior Clerk (BS-7) se BS-11 men upgrade ho gia hi lakin telephone operator still BS-7 men hi. ye to na-insafi hi balkeh ye intishar pehlane wali bat.
    please dear Sir/Md. conveyed our voice to higher authority, please.

  8. Sajid says:

    Fazool hay yahan msg karna. Koi reply to karta nahi. Men nay 10 din pehly msg kia tha 27.07.17 ko but kisi nay respond he nahi kia. I m dissappointed. Sajid

  9. Imran Haider Qureshi says:

    Ye to store keepers k sath boht bari na-insafi h store keeper ki demand 12--14 thi or one scale upgrade kiya ye to zulam h stor.keeper 6 par thy or junior clerk 5 par wo 7 par up.grade huwy ham 6 Par hi fix rahy phr wo 11 Par up.grade ho gai ham6 par fareez ab Allah Allah kar k hamen up.grade kiya wo bhi 6 to 7 & 7 to 9 ye to boht bari ziadti h meri appeal h k please hamen bhi 12/14 scale up.grade kiya jay

  10. Khan says:

    plz can anyone clear that whether selection grade BS 15 stenographer also get promotion or not

  11. Habibullah says:

    clarification regarding time scale dated 26.7.2017 is solicited that Selection Grade holder having promotion structure in rules firstly Senior Scale Stenographer then Superintendent, but due to discriminatory in rules there is no early chance of senior scale stenographer. Whether stenographer is entitled for time scale BS-16? There is ambiguity in two steps. either directly claim for two steps or on one step BPS-16 only. I am stagnant since 25 years and cannot promote as Senior Scale Stenographer in near future due to discriminatory in rules. Guidelines are required for fixation of scale

  12. Sher Dil Khan says:

    Account Assistant bps 11 ki up gradation b ni hoi.plz hamari up gradation k bary main koi information day ga.

  13. syed ijaz hussain says:

    Madam kia ye notification genuine hay finance department ka notification hay aur sign chief statistical officer k kia koi justifiable hay ye

  14. M.Maqsood says:

    When will the time scale promotion effect? from 26.7.2017 or 4.1.2016 ?
    What will be applied first on TRACER post, upgradation or time scale promotion?
    What will be the new grade if existing is grade 5?
    Please answer as soon as possible. thank you.

  15. Malik Meher Ali says:

    Jo acounts clerks direct appoint hue hain remarks likh un ke sath itna zulm kuo kia gaya ha. Yeh remarks khatam kr ke un ke sath bhi insaf kare. Kuo ke yeh aik hi category main khulla tazad hai.

  16. Akram Rizvi says:

    Salam Dear Madam !

    Thank you very much for uploading the latest time scale orders for Punjab Government Employees working in BS-5 to 15. After reading these orders, a question has introduced in my mind.
    I am a Senior Clerk (BS-14) since 31.05.2017 in Agriculture Department in Punjab. I want to know that can i get the two higher steps after 10 years service?

  17. Imran says:

    Fazool and baghair faidey key hay. Sirf jaan churrayee hay.
    Hum tu iss ko reject kartey hain.

  18. Sajid says:

    Salaam. Pls ye bataen k kia Accountant ki bhi upgradation hui hay ya nahi. Men punjab govt k aik deptt men accountant hon or mera scale 11 hay. Pls zaror bataen if u know. Thanx. Sajid

  19. Muhammad Ajmal says:

    All types of Pb. Govt. Employees are include?

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