Resolution of National Assembly Regarding Restoration of Advance Increments (Educational Increments)

Resolution of National Assembly Regarding Restoration of Advance Increments (Educational Increments) has been passed on 19-09-2017. The detail of the same is as under:

This House (National Assembly) is of the opinion that the Government should take steps to restore the educational increments of all federal Government employees.


Advance Increments Educational Increments


What are Advance Increments (Educational Increments)?

Resolution has been passed and you know resolution is resolution and it may or may not implement in the case of restoration of advance increments. Let’s see how many increments were granted on specific qualification that were stopped with effect from 30-11-2001.


S. No Appointment/Qualification Matric FA/F.Sc BA/B.Sc MA/M.Sc
Where the prescribed qualification is Non-Matric 2 4 6 8
Where the prescribed qualification is Matric Nil 2 4 6
Where the prescribed qualification is FA/F.Sc Nil Nil 2 4
Where the prescribed qualification is BA/B.Sc Nil Nil Nil 2


Advance Increments to School Teachers on Attaining Higher Qualifications.- Primary, Middle and High School teachers who possess or acquire while in service higher qualifications shall be allowed advance increments as under:-

Primary School:

(i) A teacher who possesses or acquires F.A./F.Sc. shall be allowed two advance increments.

(ii) A teacher who (in addition to F.A./F.Sc.) also acquires C.T. shall be allowed one additional advance increment.

(iii) A teacher who acquires a degree of B.A./B.Sc. shall be allowed three additional advance increments.

Middle School:

A teacher who possesses or acquires a degree of B.A./B.Sc. shall be allowed three advance increments.

High School:

A teacher who possesses or acquires Master's degree shall be allowed three advance increments. In case of a teacher who possesses or acquires Master's degree in Education (M.Ed) and also a Master's degree in any academic subject shall be allowed six advance increments:

Provided that a teacher who has already drawn increments for possessing higher educational qualifications under the existing scales shall be allowed increments equal to shortfall in the number of increments, if any, between the increments obtained by him and the increments which have now been prescribed.

Advance Increments to Technical and Professional Categories on Possessing/Acquiring Higher Qualifications.-

Doctors, Engineers, Educationists, Economists, Management Accountant, Scientists, Geologists, Meteorologists, Archaeologists, Experts in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Forestry working in Universities, Colleges, Research institutions or technical departments shall be allowed advance increments on possessing/ acquiring higher qualifications as under:-

(i) In case a technical/professional employee of the above category possesses D.Sc., Ph.D. degree from a foreign university, he shall be allowed six advance increments on entry into service in B-17.

(ii) Those of the above categories of officers who possess M.A./M.Sc./M.S. or equivalent from a foreign university or Ph.D, or M.Phil from a university in Pakistan will receive four advance increments on induction in service in B-17.

(iii) Those of the above categories of employees who while in service obtain a degree shall be allowed four advance increments in case of (i) above and two advance increments in case of (ii) above.


Restoration of Advance Increments



  1. Gul dad khan says:

    Kia ye Pakistan Railway k mulazimen py lagu hota hai .Main ny suna hai k ye abhi bad kar dia gia hai .ap kia kehte hai Mrs

  2. waseem hussain awan says:

    Asalam u Alikum Respected Madam : may FBR may as a Driver Appoint hoa ho lakin mari qualification M.A LLB hay kia mujay Advance Increment mil sakta hay Driver ki post kay liya Metric ki requirement thi

  3. Muhammad Shahid Hafeez says:

    Sir I passed my BA in session supplementary 2001, and result declared in May 2002, can i entitle for advance increment e.f from the date of discontinuation of the scheme.

  4. Muhammad Shahid Hafeez says:

    Any progress on this resolution From Ministry of Fiance

  5. Maqsood ahmad khan says:

    The most reliable and highly fruit full information sharing site.we are highly respect your efforts.

  6. M Aksar Khan says:

    Respected Madam, My wife was TUGT in FG(C/G) school, she passed MA in 1991and M.Ed in 1999. At that time increments were not granted. Now, how many increments are allowed to her. She has promoted TGT in Jul 2007 after 18 years.

  7. azmat karim says:

    madam higher qualification per adv. increment milny kay kitnay chances hain aur kia GB waloon kw be milay ga

  8. Majeed says:

    Dear Shumaila,an employee who appointed on B.Sc qualification after dt he did his Master degree so he will be eligible for how many advance increments?

  9. Abdul Basit says:

    Nothing will done till the DAR is in cabinet Division. This lollipop was also given in 2014, Don't you remember that senate which is upper class suggested / ammended in budget discussion FY 2016-17 for increase 20% salary of govt employee but DAR is DAR and now he is in under observation of NAB.

  10. Shakeel Ahmad Anjum says:

    اسلام علیکم
    میڈیم پراسس رک گیا ہے شاید کیا کچھ ہو گا یا بس یہ بھی ملازمین کے لئے ایک تسلی ہی تھی؟؟؟؟؟

  11. Azhar says:

    Aslamualikum madam sahib kitnay percent chance ha Increments ki bahali Kay Allah karay 100%chance ban jayn agar MNA sahiba interest lan tub

  12. m azhar says:

    aslamualikum madam ab resolution educational increments ka pass hova ha next process kia ho ga duaian jari han namaz kay bad

  13. umar wahid khan says:

    All the previous govt. Employees has been granted the advance increments but it has been freeze since after that. The govt. Is requested to reward the advance increments to federal as well as provicial govt. Servants

  14. M. Azhar Iqbal says:

    اسلام علیکم
    میڈیم کیا اس میں کوئی سچائی بھی یا نہیں؟؟ اور جو کلیریکل سٹاف میٹرک بیس پر بھرتی ہوا ہے اور اس نے ماسٹر ڈگری بھی کی ہوئی ہے کیا اس کو اس کا حق ملے گا اور کیا وزیر اعلی پنجاب کا جو مشن ہے ایجوکیشن کی امپروومنٹ کا وہ پایہ تکمیل تک پہنچے گا یا نہیں ؟؟؟

  15. شکیل احمد انجم says:

    کیا پنجاب میں اگر یہ لاگو ہو جائے تو کیا فائربریگیڈ پر بھی یہ لاگو ہو گا یا ہمیشہ کیطرح فائر بریگیڈ والے اس دفعہ پھر رہ جائیں گے

  16. atta khan says:

    Oops, sorry i wrote cluntry instead of country.

  17. atta khan says:

    I appreciate your contribution to inform employees about updates and latest events, specially related to gov employees all over the country.

  18. FarazAli says:

    What about exemption of 5% house rent from BPS 1 to 5 announced in budget 2017 is notification issued or not?

  19. Rashid Ali says:

    I am government employee pl send me all government and other notifications

  20. Mudassar says:

    this increments are for all caders or only teaching staff

  21. Abdul Ghafoor says:

    Kash Punjab main bhe ho jay

  22. MAR Bukhari says:

    Medam, Kiya Defence employees per bhi lagoo hai?

  23. atta khan says:

    would kpk school teachers be the benefitiary of these increments?

  24. وہاب خان says:

    سلام مذکورہ بل نہ تو مجھے قومی اسمبلی کے انیس ستمبر کے کاروائی میں شام تھا اور نہ ہی مذکورہ نام کی کوئی ایم این اے اس وقت اسمبلی میں موجود ہے

  25. majid nazir says:

    madam iss notification ka ltr to uploud krin

  26. zeeshan says:

    An employee inducted on 14 year education, during service he acquired MBA 3.5 year (which is eqv to M/s Mphil) . How much increments he can claim ?

  27. Waqar ahmed says:

    Madam railways employees per laago hoga kia?

  28. zeeshan says:

    is the increments admissible to employees obtained higher qualification in 2015 or just prior to 2001 can get the benefit ?

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