Notification of Revision Motor Car Advance, Motor Cycle Advance & Bicycle Advance 2018

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division (regulation Wing) has issued Notification No. F.8(2)-Reg.7/87-698 dated 09-01-2018 in connection with Revision Motor Car Advance, Motor Cycle Advance & Bicycle Advance 2018. Detail is as under:

The undersigned is directed to refer to Finance Division O.M dated 20-07-2012 on the above subject and to state that keeping in view the demand of Government employees, revision of pay scales and the prices of vehicles, the matter of present pay limit and amount fixed for advances have been reviewed. It has been decided to revise the pay limits for eligibility and the amount of advances for grant of Bicycle, Motorcycle and Motor Car Advance with effect from 01-01-2018 as under:


S. No Type of Advance Existing Pay Limits Existing amount of Advance Revised Pay Limits Revised amount of Advance
1 Bicycle Advance On pay upto Rs. 7500/- PM Rs.7,000/- Upto Rs.15,000/-p.m. Rs. 10,000
2 Motor-Cycle Advance On pay of Rs.7,501/- p.m. to RS, 19,999/- p.m. Rs.75,000/- On pay of Rs.15,001/-p.m. to Rs. 34,999/-p.m. Rs. 100,000/-
3 Motor Car Advance On pay of Rs.20,000/- p.m. and above. Rs.450,000/- On pay of Rs.35,000/-p.m. p.m. and above. Rs. 1,000,000/-


2             It has also been decided that the names of officials who are already on the waiting lists for the above referred advances may not be deleted from the said lists. The other conditions on the subject will continue to be in force as before.


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  • How many times a person can draw Motor Car Advance. Can I get the difference as my FAC issued on 27-10-2017 and drawn in December 2017. My basic pay is Rs. 46270

  • what is the condition for.this loan
    what must be the length of service for this
    ihave been servng since last.four years
    can i apply

  • How much advance will be offered to those who are already on waiting list but having basic pay less than revised limits?????

    • Dear Saeed yes there is interest on Car & Motorcycle advance if the GP Fund is on interest.

  • Assalamo-Alaikum
    I am the Servant of the Government of KP working in BPS 17 for the last 11years. I m intrested to take House Building Loan. Please inform me about the complete detail procedure and documentation. Thanks.