As you know the telephone operators of various departments have been upgraded. Here I am sharing the Notification of Telephone Operators Upgradation of Federal Public Service Commission and Senate Secretariat for the information of the employees who have not yet been upgraded. Summary is as under:

In exercise of the powers delegated under Rule 4 of the Senate Secretariat (Recruitment) Rules, 1973. I am directed to convey sanction of the President to the up-gradation of the following posts, in the Senate Secretariat, with effect from 16-4-2014:-

    Sr.No.        Names of Posts        Existing BPS      Up-graded  BPS
       1. Telephone Supervisor           BPS-11           BPS-16
       2. Telephone Operator           BPS-7           BPS-14


  1. The incumbents of the up-graded post will also stand upgraded against their respective pots.
  2. The Expenditure involved is debitable to the Head of the Accounts “01-General Public Service, 011-Executive and Legislative organs, Financial and Fiscal Affairs, External Affairs, 0111-Executive & Legislative organs 011101-Parlimentary / Legislative Affairs, A 01151-99- Pay of other staff, A01151-Basis Pay, and will be met from the sanctioned budget of this Secretariat.
  3. This issues with the approval of the Senate Finance Committee in its meeting held on 16.04.2014.

Special thanks to Mr. Umar Habib for sending the copy of the Telephone Operators Upgradation Notification of 2013-14.



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  • Govt. of Punjab ne na-insafi k pahar thoor daley hen q k senate / civil secretariat / judicials Accountant General office etc Department/ Division k tamam Telephone operators upgrade ho kr BS-7 se BS-14 men pahonch gai hen Lakin Divisional/District k Telephone operators abhi tak BS-7 men mojood hen, in lawarsoon k baray men kon sochey ga aur ye kab upgrade hon ge.

    I am requesting to all brothers, please share my massage again and again and reach it to the higher authority.

  • Respected Haji M Mastoi Sb
    Punjab to door ki baat hai ye federal main bhi telephone operators k sath na insafi ho rahi hai Establishment Division nay general orders kiye hain 07 to 09 jo k 14 main upgrade karna chaiye tha sab ko. Ap ye na samjhain k ye sirf zyaditi punjab ya doosray provinces k saath hai ye zyaditi federal main kaam karnay wala tamam telephone operators k sath hai. Hum sab Secretary Establishment Division / Secretary Finance division say request kartay hain k general orders kiye jaye upgradation of telephone operator from bps 07 to bps 14 fil fore. Agar orders nahie kiye gaye to hum bhi Supreme Court of Pakistan say appeal karnay ka haq rakhtay hain.

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