I have already discussed about the disadvantage of not applying through proper channel. Here we are discussing about the topic Pay Protection on Appointment through Proper Channel. Detail is as under:

Protection of Pay On appointment, through proper channel, from one department (having regular / pensionable services) to other or one government (Federal, Provincial or District), to other government the pay of the employee is protected and fixed as per following procedure:

Pay Protection on Appointment through Proper Channel

Detail of Pay Protection on Appointment through proper channel is as under:

Appointment in Same Pay Scale

On appointment in the same pay scale the employee will retain the same pay and period of previous service during the current increment would also count for annual increment.

Appointment from Lower to Higher Pay Scale

In an Office of a Federal Government

In case of appointment from lower to higher pay scale, the pay will be fixed just like case of regular promotion i.e. after allowing premature increment after next stage on appointment in a office of a Federal Government.

Provincial or District Government of Province Punjab

If the appointment is in an office of the Provincial or District Government of Province Punjab then fixation would be made at next stage and premature increment would not be allowed.

Appointment from Higher to Lower Pay Scale

If such appointment is made from higher to lower pay scale, the pay will be fixed at immediate lower stage and difference between previous and new pay will be granted as Personal Pay which would be absorbed in the pay on earning of increment or other enhancement in the pay.

Pay Protection for Contract Employees

The protection of pay is also admissible to contract employees, who apply, through proper channel, in terms of S & GAD OM Wing #DS (O & M) 5-3/2004/Contract (MF), dated 2nd August, 2007. All above detail is with reference to DDO Handbook Chapter Fixation of Pay/Pay & Service Verification.



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  • I served in autonomous body (Public Sector University) as Lecturer BPS 17, from 17 March 1985 to 25 May 1999, then I joined, through proper channel, Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education Department as Assistant Professor BPS 18. University also transferred share of my Pension Contribution to Government Deptt. Unfortunately, the Finance Deptt refused to protect my previous pay and fixed my pay in initial stage of BPS 18. Can now I get my pay protection? Help please, as I almost lost 10 Annual increments which I previously earned in BPS 17.

  • Dear Admin
    I joined govt organization on 01 Sept 2010 through proper channel. Annual increment for that year was not granted to me. Please confirm if i am eligible to get annual increment and also share signed copy of notification, please.

  • respected Sir.

    I served six years service in federal govt as LDC in BPS 07 from 2009 to 2015. I have joined through proper channel federal Department in bps 15 through proper channel. my new department has count my service for pension purpose only. My Basic Pay in 2015 of BPS-07 was 9980 and my initial basic of BPS 15 was 10985. am I eligible for premature increment. i shall be very thankful to your kind consideration.

  • Please share DS(O&M)5/3/2004/CONTRACT(MF) dated 02.08.2007 Notification of Punjab Government regarding pay protection of contract employees

  • Dear admin.
    M working in health kpk as doctor bps 17 regular 2.5 years. Applied for the post of senior registrar bps 18 in autonomous institutue through proper channel. In these institute there is new act called mti act 2015. There is uncertinity about the job security and pension issues. Now department is not releving me asking for resign. What bout my legal position and options.wht bou lien

  • Salam to all.
    I am serving in federal government in Islamabad Police as DEO (BPS-12) since 2009. Received an interview letter from FBR Sargodha for the post of LDC (BPS-09). Not applied through proper channel but want to join FBR Sargodha if selected.
    Any chance for pay protection and saving of 8 years service? Please guide

  • Aoa,
    1. I have joined a federal government department from a provincial one i.e. Sindh High Court on higher grade, Please guide me what is the appropriate procedure to apply for pay protection?
    As the department is asking for service continuation from parent department which will surely make it difficult to get pay protection as it takes a lot of time and energy for service continuation.

    It is once again clearly being mentioned that I have been appointed through proper channel, it means NOC, LPC, Relieving Order, Leave Account, and Service book have been issued to me from parent department.
    2. Which form is recommended to submit for initiate the salary, FO-01 or FO-02?
    I have been issued Personal Number once I joined provincial government department but does service book necessary to apply to start of the salary via FO-01 or FO-02

  • Salaam.Iwas a regular PST teacher. At that time my pay was Rs.16500.(Bps14).In 2014 I was appointed as SST (Bps 16)payer.10000.on adhoc,my new salery is less than previously. Now my service has been regularised. Can I take my previous pay +premature increment.

  • Dear Admin,
    I have served 8 years in federal department and applied for higher post in federal department after getting departmental NOC . Now I am appointed in higher post . Please guide me how can I secure my Pay and rendered service, thanks.

    • Dear Rizwan u should have no breakage of service, get LPC, Gazetted History/Service Book, Joining Relieving Report, NOC (Through proper channel letter and apply for the pay protection and previous service counting.

  • Respected sir before 31-7-17 I was crop reporter on 11 BPS regular 31-7-17 I have joined education department as a educator bps 9 on contract basis through proper channel and 1-1-18 ko 14 bps ho giya hy DEO education ny pay fixation ka order bhe kr diye han kiya contract k iss period me meri pay fixation nahi ho Sakti please help and oblige me

  • I have joined in bs-7 in 2008 in federal department. In 2014 i was selected for bs-17 though proper chanel. My servicr years were counted in lenght of service. kindly guide me about can i avail for the said rule and the procedure also.

  • I have worked with BISP from 2014 to 2018 as field supervisor and now i hoined PMAD as senior auditor. Can I protect my previous pay as i was a contractual employee of Bisp. Please guide

  • Sir.aoa .
    I served 15yrs fronter corps balochistan from Oct 2001 to July 2017 in bps 9,than I joined education departmnt dera gaze khan panjab through proper channel in bps 14 as ese educater.now I am appointed higher post.plse guide me how I secure my pay and rendered service plse tell me methed sir plse

  • Respected Sir...

    Plz tell me if there is any rule. I was working in BS-14 in federal govt dept, after 2.5 years i got selected in BS-16 in same department. As i went to BS-16 without proper channel therefore I have to resign previous job. So i resigned and on the very next i joined next assignment in BS-16.

    Now kindly help me if there is any way to assemble my previous service of 2.5 years with current length of job.

  • AoA... plz tell me is there any rule for applying through proper channel in same scale, federal govt to federal govt.??? I yes, then kindly specify.

  • Dear Sir,

    I believe this is letter from Punjab Government. I am working in Federal Government so any such letter would greatly help me.

  • sir have any notification for pay protect ,from regular to contract ( low stage to upper) i.e grade 5 regular to grade 12 on contract.
    accounts office says there is contract to contract policy mention in all notifications not for regular to contract.
    i have appointed through proper channel without any gape or interval in my service

  • Please let me the the basic rule/notification regarding pay protection of employees upon their appointment in the same scale in another Department of KPK Government. If possible, a scan copy of the said rule/notification may please be posted on the website so that I can easily take its print out.

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