Detail of Interest on Advances for the Government Employees

Here I am sharing the Detail of Interest on Advances for the Government Employees. You will know here who are eligible for the interest on advance or not. Detail is as under:

  • There is no interest on cycle advance
  • There is no interest on House Building Advance for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-15
  • If an employee was granted HBA and he was in BPS-15 or below and later he promoted to BPS-16 or above then there would be no charge of interest on him.
  • In the same way, if an employee is granted HBA in BPS-16 and then he reverted to BPS-15 or below, he would have to pay interest even now he is in BPS-15.
  • The Govt Employee who don’t get interest on GP Fund, will have to pay no interest on HBA as well as motorcycle, car advance.

Reference: Guidebook for Drawing & Disbursing Officer


Interest on Advances



  1. Khan Muhammad says:

    I am Junior School Teacher (JST BPS-14) Education Department Sindh. Please tell me the procedure how to get HBA loan. My department does not guide me. please guide me

    • Imran says:

      10 years continuous service is required for HBA. You have to submit application alongwith copy of pay slip and CNIC to your accounts office.......

  2. Malik zaheer ud din says:

    Respected medam.

    Assistant ke Jo post bps- 14 say bps-16 me upgrade hoi hay un Kay HBA. per interest ho ga ya nahe.

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