Detail of Leave on Half Pay for the Government Employees

I am here sharing the detail of leave on half pay. I hope this detail will be effective for the new entrants as many employees especially the new entrants are not aware of the concept of leave on half pay.

I have already shared about the leave without pay (extra ordinary leave) for the information of the employees. An employee can get the leave without pay if there are no leaves in his/her leave account credit.

An employee can get the Leave on half pay by written application if he/she will so. There are two situations for the same leave.

  • There are less leaves in his credit as compared to the number of leaves the employee required.
  • The employee doesn’t want to finish maximum of his leaves and he wants to save leaves in his leave account credit.

In half pay leave, an employee will get double leaves by deducting half leaves in his credit.

Example of Leave on Half Pay

Its example is simple, suppose an employee needs 80 days leaves and he has only 50 leaves in his leave account credit, then he can opt to convert all or some of his leaves into half pay and in this way, he can avail 80 days leave. It is to mention here that he can convert his 80 days leave into half pay. Thus, there will be only deduction of 40 leaves from his account and there will be saving of 10 days leave in his leave account credit. There is another option for the employee In this option he/she can utilize all his 50 leaves. In this way he can will convert his leaves in credit into half pay and remaining 20 leaves on full pay.


Leave on Half Pay


  1. Shabana says:

    I availed 10 days LFP. after availing LFP i tried to save my LFP and requested to my admin to convert it into LHP.After approval Of head of departmnt admin branch did so but I was unaware that Basic Pay also will deduct .Conveyance allowance has already deducted
    Now i want to again wana to convert my LHP into LFP
    can I do so????

  2. sami says:

    Ghalat hai. Akhri jo remaining 20 days hon gay wo full pay nai hon gay. Zara Ghaur ki jye.

  3. Adil, Audit Officer KPK says:

    ap ka shukria ap na bohat achay tareekay sa samjaya ha.Allah bless u.

  4. Sajjad Khan says:

    Madam apki itni lambi kahani k bawajood bhi samaj main nhi aya.

    • Galaxy World says:

      It is simple
      U Need 30 days leave
      U have 15 leaves in ur leave account
      convert 15 days to half pay
      and enjoy 30 days leave

      • S. Adnan Haider says:

        Iss tarah hum leave 30 days to enjoy ker sakay gay lakin salary purpose to yehi hua na k 15-days full pay and 15-days without pay.

        Salary of one month Rs.20,000/-

        If you say half pay then Salary paid to me. Rs.10,000/-

        iss ka matlab k 15-days fully pay hue
        aur 15-days without pay

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