Detail of Maternity Leave Rules for the Government Employees

I am here sharing the Detail of Maternity Leave Rules for the Government Employees. Maternity leave may be granted to the female government employee on full pay. These leaves will not be deducted from the leave account. This leave is granted to maximum 90 days.

Maximum 45 days leave is pre-confinement leave and hence maximum 45 days leave is post-confinement. This leave may be granted in combination or continuation of extraordinary leave.

Punjab Govt also grants one week paternity leave for the male employee twice in his whole service.


Maternity Leave Rules


  1. Zulfiqar says:

    on the 3rd delivery, female employees of federal govt can avail materniyt leave or not. if yes please provide the copy of rules.

  2. Mrs sajid says:

    Can i avail maternity leave one week before delivery date rather than 45 days?

  3. Charnjit singh says:

    If somebody get transfered during maternity leave then what is the process of releaving and joining the new station

  4. Zafar Iqbal says:

    Whether conveyance allowance will b deducted during materenty leave or not ????

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