Payment of Group Insurance Amount On Superannuation Retirement

Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) has issued letter on 11-12-2018 in connection with Payment Group Insurance Amount On Superannuation Retirement. Detail is as under:

Ref:   Company Secretary PEPCO letter No.876-81/Secy/PEPCO/BoD/M-71/Iterm-7 dated 23.11.2018.

  1. PEPCO Board of Directors in its meeting held on 16-11-18 notified vide Company Secretary (PEPCO) letter referred above has all directed all CEOs of DISCOs to present the subjected matter before their respective BoDs within a period of 3 months for their approval or otherwise considering the following aspects for preparing a comprehensive uniform policy:

Further details are available at the copy of the letter of Payment Group Insurance Amount On Superannuation Retirement submitted by Mr. Zahid Khan.

Group Insurance Amount On Superannuation Retirement


  1. Rabb Nawaz Khan says:

    When and how the GLI will be paid to retired employees ?

  2. aamir says:

    where is supreme court decision copy

  3. Mumtaz Ahmad says:

    It is a demand of all Govt Employees to return Group Insurance deducted from their salary on retirement. May you would like to email copy of judgement of Supreme Court of Pakistan on the subject so we can struggle for early implementation please.

  4. M. Razzaq says:

    Can someone post the decision of Supreme Court so that everyone may know and also the govt letter in this regard.

  5. M. Akram Khan says:

    When retired employees may expect to receive the gli amount?

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