Final Payment Group Insurance to Government Servants Who Reached the Superannuation

Chief Minister’s Secretariat Sindh has issued letter on 10-12-2018 in connection with Final Payment Group Insurance to Government Servants Who Reached the Superannuation. Detail is as under:

I am directed to enclose herewith an application (in original), received from Sayed Zamir Hussain Shah, Retired Associate Professor (BS-19), Govt: Mehran (Boys) Degree Collage, Moro, on the subject noted above. Containing following minutes / remarks of the Honourable Chief Minister, Sindh:-

“For necessary action

  Bd/- Dated 05-12-3018

  Chief Minister, Sindh

2.    It is requested to kindly take necessary action in the matter as desired by the Honourable  Chief Minister, Sindh, in accordance with rules/policy, under intimation to this Secretariat, at the earliest, please.

                Special thanks to Mr. Tufail Lashari for sensing the copy of the letter of Final Payment Group Insurance to Government Servants Who Reached the Superannuation.

Final Payment Group Insurance


  1. ZeeShan Hashmi says:

    Plz post or email the copy of verdict from supreme Court of Pakistan regarding payment of group insurance to retired employees

  2. Muhammah Mansha says:

    Sir.kindly paste a ratification about group insurance full paid to retired person in Punjab Pakistan

  3. bashir says:

    Galaxyworld is requested to upload a copy of SCP decision on payment of group insurance amount to govt employees on/after retirement.Another recourse may be to give the reference # ,date etc of SCP order.

  4. Rafi Ullah Rafi says:

    Thanks for information. I want to come to know that I have been retired after 26 years of service from Pakistan Railways on 01.09.2008. Am I entitle for this Group Insurance.
    Kindly inform accordingly.
    Thanks once again.

  5. Sabir Chauhan says:

    Yes, where is copy of decision of supreme court of Pakistan, without which nothing can be done, because the departments are not ready to forward the cases to the authority.

  6. Abdul Haleem Paracha says:

    I become retired from Federal Government Islamabad in November, 2011. Can I be benefited from the decision of Supreme Court regarding payment of Group Insurance fund ?

  7. Abdul Hameed Ahmad says:

    please upload the judgement of Peshawar High Court about the payment of Group insurance to Govt. servant

  8. Khan says:

    Many thanks for keeping everyone updated. Can you please guide us what is the status of the news we are hearing everywhere that Supreme Court has given decision that henceforth on the eve of retirement after 25 years or at age 60, group insurance payment in lump sum will be paid to all employees, this amount ranges from Rs. 600,000 to Rs. 2,000,000. Need your expert and existing rule position, is it done or case is under consideration/circular issuance stage?

  9. Agha Amir says:

    What is the application of Zamir Hussain Shah about ? A copy should have been shown also.

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