Unified Pay Scales, Housing Monetization & Conveyance Packages for Employees

According to the Daily Times dated 04-10-2012 page number 7 a great package of Pay and Allowances is to soon finalized and announced soon by the Federal Govt. The case of finalizing the pay and allowances packages for the Federal Govt Employees is under process in the Ministry of Finance. This package will be presented before the Prime Minister on Friday dated 05-10-2012 for initial approval. Unified Pay Scales, Monetization of Housing Facility and Monetization of Conveyance are included in this package. The salient features of these packages are as under:

Unified Pay Scales

According to this package the Adhoc Relief Allowances already drawing the Govt Employees will be merged into the Basic Pay and new pay scales 2012 will be introduced. After merging all the various Adhoc Relief Allowances at various rates for various departments and ministries Unified Pay Scales are expected to be introduced.

Monetization of Conveyance Allowance

The Monetization of Conveyance Allowance for the employees of BPS-01 to 19 is also expected. According to this package the Conveyance Allowance for the Employees will be as under:

BPS Revised Conveyance Allowance
19 Rs. 30,000/-
17 to 18 Rs. 20,000/-
16 Rs. 12,500/-
11 to 15 Rs. 7,500/-
05 to 10 Rs. 4,500/-
01 to 04 Rs. 3000/-

Employees of BPS-20 to 22 are already drawing this package of Monetization of Transport.

Proposal of Monetization of Housing Facility

Monetization of Housing is also included in proposal as well as other packages. According to this the official houses of the employees residing in will be taken back and there will be House Allowance @ 75 % of the initial basic Pay of the concerned Basic Pay Scale.

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