Formula to Calculate the Age in MS Excel Sheet

Hey, it is a very simple formula presented by Mr. Hamid Ali Shah, UDC F.G. School Rawalpindi. You can easily find out your age by putting your date of birth and the present date. As there is requirement of Date of Birth as well as the Age in the vacancies recently announced by the FGEIs (C/G), so for this need this is simple formula that will be helpful for you.

Method to Find the Age

Open MS Office Excel Sheet.

Enter Your Date of Birth in Column “A”

Enter the required date or 03-12-2012 in column “B”

Copy the following formula and paste it into Column “C”

=DATEDIF(A1,B1,"Y") & " Years, " & DATEDIF(A1,B1,"YM") & " Months, " & DATEDIF(A1,B1,"MD") & " Days" After pasting the above formula press “Enter”. Your age is ready now.

If the formula does not work then

  • Go to the Control Pannel of your system
  • 2-      Select Regional & Language Option
  • 3-      Click the “Date” Tab then 1st select “Day” then “Month” and at the last “Year”.
  • 4-      Then click “Apply”

Now all is done what you require to apply the accurate formula.

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  • Dear Shumaila

    I have been searching this formula since two years. But i did not find anywhere in the net. thanks a lot.

  • Showing the formula calculation of pension is not showing the net pension, please guide about its. Thanks.

    • Dear u will also have to make some adjustments in the time format of ur PC as mentioned in this article.

  • i joined FDE islamabad as lecturer-17 through proper channel. before joining FDE i was serving in higher education department on regular basis as lecturer-17. i want to ask whether i am entitled to get premature increment or not.

  • respected Mam,
    i upgrded on 24-11-2011 fom ps6 to 9
    will i awarded annual incremnt of ps9 on DEC2011(01-12-2011

    • Surely You will get Annual Increment as there is no relation of Upgradtion & Annual Increment in this situation. Just see when the UDC/LDC etc were upgraded on 01-07-2007 they too got the Annual Increment. Only on promotion this situation occures.

  • salam mam shumaila

    m arsalan working in the jpmc karachi (federal govt hospital).I have got the upgradation of my post from b.16 to b.17 w.e.f 30 march 2011 through sindh high court karachi. please if u may help then let me knw that m i eligible for the pre-mature increment in the light of govt of finance division islamabd memorandum dated 05 november 2012 declaring upgradation as promotion as per supreme court directions in different upgradation cases time to time.waiting reply

    • Dear premature Increment is only allowed on promotion or re-appointment not on upgradation. However the case of premature increment on upgradation is under process in the FST (Federal Service Tribunal) Islamabad

        • Dear there is no mention that premature increment is allowed on upgradation. It is only allowed on promotion.

          • Now I have to clear it with example what m understanding here
            For Govt Servant wat I Know is there are three types of categories to jump to the next grade

            1-Direct Promotion

            In this criteria the Govt.Servant is promoted to the next grade with the Change of the post and Status such as

            1- Lacturer (BPS 17) To Assitant Professor (BPS-18)
            2- Assistant Director (BPS-17) To Deputy Director (BPS-18)
            3- Accountant (BPS-16) To Accounts Officer (BPS-17)

            2-Selection Grade

            In this Criteria the Govt Servant falling in the same post is jumped to the next grade but the status of the post remains the same i.e without having benefits of the next grade

            Medical Technologist (BPS-16) To Medical Technologist (BPS-17)

            The Medical Technologist of having selection grade BPS-17 would fill the ACR Of BPS-16 and all other rules are remain the same as of BPS-16 post


            In this Criteria the all Govt Servants falling in the same post are Promoted with the Change of Status of Post but the Post remains the same and the govt servant would follow the rules and regulations of higher post

            Medical Technologist ( BPS-16 ) To Medical Technologist (BPS-17)

            The ACR would be filled of BPS-17 Post and rules and regulation would apply of BPS-17 Post

            In the said Govt Notification No.F.11(30)R-2/2010 Dated 5th November 2012 it is mentioned there that the Pre-mature Increment is decided to allow to Govt Servant already drawing pay scale by virtue of Selection Grade, or otherwise holding a post in the pay scale is promoted to a higher post falling in the same scale
            Kindly reply what its mean here the govt servant holding the post in the pay scale is promoted to higher post falling in the same scale is it new promotion induction other than above 3 which I have explained thanx so much and lukng 4wrd

          • Dear Examples of promotion in the same escales:
            In FGEI the post of TGT (SG) is 17 and when he promotes he becomes AHM but the scale of AHM is also 17. In this situation he will get the benefit of 1x premature increment.
            In this situation the the employee has promoted but in the scale although the post is higher but the scale is same.

  • A.O.A

    Shumaila g wo jo mene Pension ki Calculation ka formula send kia tha us ka kia bana. Mujh se koi narazge he kia jo mera formula ba-wajod is k kah mene aap ko facebook pe b remind karwaya tha nahe aap ne upload kia or nahe mujhe reply kia. Wo formula 100% checked he aap khud b calculate kare sakte han. peher kia wajah he k aap response nahe de rahe.

    Waiting for reply

    Mirza Asghar Baig

    • Dear actually I actually i tested the formula but there are no actual calculation as there is always wrong pension and net amount by this formula. Plz send me the formula again with examples to prove it then I ll compare it with mine formula so that we see where the mistake occures.

  • Hi

    I tried to calculated using above given formula but result NA. Please upload excel file/example. Thanks.