Main Points to Keep in Mind While Going on LPR or Leave Encashment

I am going to explain some main points that can be very helpful during the process of LPR or Leave Encashment. If you follow these points you will really have to face no problem and your case of pension will really goes smoothly. Some times due to little mistakes the case of pension lingers on for months thus the employee have to face many difficulties and financial problems. I advise you that all the relevant documents Service Book, Gazetted History, Leave Account etc must be checked before applying for Leave Encashment or LPR so that at the eleventh hour you may not to face any problem.

Gazetted History for Gazetted Employees

The Gazetted History of Gazetted Employee must be complete with all respect. The same should be thoroughly checked and if any period is missing it must be completed before time. Some times the employee comes to notice at the time of retirement that his/her History Sheet for a certain period is not completed, this is really a sad for the employee as some times this process of completing the History of Gazetted takes a period of months.

Leave Account

Leave Account must also be checked thoroughly before applying for the subject matter. If any period of any station is missing then it must be completed and all the entries must be checked and it is to be ensured that the signatures of Head of the institution are not missing any where. It must be countersigned by the concerned Account Office or CMA for the Gazetted Employees. For Non-Gazetted Employees only the signatures/countersignature of the Head of the Institution are enough.

Service Book

Service Book must be checked thoroughly. All the entries must be checked and it is to be ensured that the full service is verified by the head of institution and countersigned by the concerned CMA or Account Office. There must be no lapse of period in the service book.

Last Pay Certificate (LPC)

LPC is required at the time of retirement, there should be mention the rates of Pay and Allowances in LPC not the Actual pay and allowances he/she drawn during the last time.

25 Years Service Completion Performa (In case of LPR)

25 Years Service Completion Performa is necessary if the employees goes on LPR. It is better that it be submitted to the Pension Cell for countersignature before submitting the other documents so that the delay in proceeding the pension case may not occur.

Documents to be submitted to CMA

The following documents must be submitted to CMA for just before the time of retirement of an employee.

  • Last Pay Certificate
  • Gazetted History (In case of Gazetted Employee)
  • Service Book (it is also necessary for a Gazetted Employee if the same employee also served as Non Gazetted period)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Main Points to keep in mind in Pension papers


All the entries in this Performa must be filled carefully. It is better the Date of Applying for Pension be mentioned a week ago date of retirement date.

Usual Increment

If the employee is being retired in the month of June or later; one usual Increment be added along with last basic pay of the employee.


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    • Dear Ishaq There is no issue of LPR he will be promoted to next scale. I think he will only to join the new scale.

    • Dear Naseem, according to my knowledge u can avail LPR just before the age of superannuation. If you have 365 days leaves in credit you can avail LPR for the last one year. If less than 365 days leaves then then also but your retirement must be at the age of 60 years of age. I ll also confirm the same soon. Thanks

    • dear Madam.
      It is requested that I am on LPR from Oct-2013 to Oct-2014, my service is 30 years and remaining service 10 year. the LPR is Cancelled on this time.