Grant of One Pre-Mature Increment on Grant of Selection Grade

Vide Finance Div (Regulation Wing) Islamabad O.M No. F.6 (13) Imp.II/91 dated 03-06-1992 one premature increment has been allowed on grant of selection grade.

According to the Finance Division para 4(ii) of O.M No. F.1 (12) Imp.II/91 dated 29-06-1991 & para 4(iii) of O.M NO. F.1 (12) Imp/91 dated 19-08-1991 on the subject noted above wherein the benefit of premature increment on the grant of selection grade has been allowed with effect from 01-06-1991.

The matter has further been reconsidered in the Finance Division and it has been decided by the competent authority that the civil employee who were granted selection grade prior to 01-06-1991 and were serving in selection grade posts on that date may also be allowed one premature increment for the purpose of fixation of pay wef 01-06-1991. Pay so fixed will be admissible from 01-06-1992.

These orders would not be applicable if the benefit of para 4(i) of Finance Div O.M dated 29-06-1991 and dated 19-08-1991 referred to above has already been allowed.

This supersedes clarification issued in Finance Division O.M No. 1(17) Imp.II/91 dated 09-9-1991.

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  • AoA, I need Government of the Punjab Notification No.FD.PC-10-1/78 dated 10.04.1982 SUBJECT: Premature increment in case of Same Scale promotion

  • What is the difference between grant of personal grade and selection grade? Is premature increment allowed in both cases?

    • Dear Wajiha, according to my knowledge, premature increment is granted on selection grade but not on personal grade.

  • Dear madam
    all SSTs post are up grated as per GOP services roles that SST up grade PBS 16 To PBS 17
    so there fore they are eligible for one Pre mature Incr are no just inform us in deatil.........................

  • AOA PLEASE SAND NOTIFICATION F.1(48)IMP/94-1141DATED 22/1/1997 2. O.M.NO.F.1/7/IMP.II/87 DATED 1/7/1987 3. O.M.NO.F.1(12)IMP-II/91 DATED 29-6-1991

  • Salam mam please upload the said notification copy nd further query is as one premature increment is allowed in selection grade and if the post is upgraded then the person will be given the premature increment again as allowed by the government

  • AOA, Madam kindly "Grant of One Pre-Mature Increment on Grant of Selection Grade"
    k matlik tmama ltr ki copies bhi apload kardey Finance Division O.M No. 1(17) Imp.II/91 dated 09-9-1991.
    M farooq