Notification of Restoration of Pension Dated 11th March 2013

Finance Division Regulation Wing has issued Notification No. F.13 (13)-Reg.6/2011 dated 11th March 2013 regarding the Restoration of Pension.

In the Notification it is stated that, in continuation of Finance Division O.M No. F.13 (13)-Reg.6/2011 dated 21st January 2013, it has been decided to implement the judgment of Federal Service Tribunal, Islamabad dated 05-01-2012 upheld by Supreme Court of Pakistan vide judgment dated 24-04-2012 in respect of all the equally placed pensioners wef 01-07-2013, in view of the fact that budgetary cover is not provided in the current financial year for this unforeseen expenses.

This is subject to the condition that if the constitutional petition to be filed by the Government is accepted by the Apex Court, the Govt would recover the amount of increases in pension on restored portion of pension being allowed to them. The beneficiaries of this O.M are required to furnish an under taking on Judicial Paper for Rs. 50/- as per the format to the concerned Accounts Officer.

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  • My father was teacher Sindh education he dead during the job in 1979 his job priode 20 years and his pension getting his daughter tell me

  • Assalamu alaikum Sir.

    I was retired on 31-01-2009 as a Havildar and my date of birth is 01-06-1964. I have served Pakistan Army for 26 years. Can I apply for the Commuted Portion of Pension in reference to letter No. F.13(13)-Reg.6/2011 dated 11-03-2013?

  • assalam o alaikum sir

    my father retired on 30-05-2001 and DOB 1947.
    According to this, is he entitled for double pension.....?

  • Dear Sir.
    Aaslam o alikum
    hope so you are fine?
    sir my father's was retired on 05-0-1999.His D.O.B is 03-10-1963.Can he apply for his restoration ?

  • dear sir mery walid sb 23 saal ki service k doran since 1997 me intqal kar gai thay walid sb baldia mirpurkhas sindh malhi post par thay ab pension walda ko milti hai Rs 6000/= walda ki umar 72 saal hai

  • Sir mare walid 2000 mai retied hoy ha aur unki dob 1942 ki ha kia unki pension double ho gi ya nai ?

  • Would this benefit be admissible to widows also, whose husbands have been died before taking the advantage from this scheme and they are already getting the family pension? Please guide in this regard.

  • Mere father ki d.o.b 1941 and he was died on 1998 during service is date pe 19.11.2015 on complete the 75 years and this time our pension Rs 16104 mujhe ye batayen ke restore hone ke baad kitna benefit amount milega or pension me kitna izafa hoga .

    • Dear Hafeez

      Aap ke walid 60 saal ki umr se pehlay faut huway thay taqreeban 57-58 saal ki umr mein, is lye unko taqreeban 17 saal ki commutation value mili thi. Chunanche un ki commute shuda pension 17 saal ba'ad bahaal ho jaey gi. yani 2015 mein hi.

      Mazeed tafseelat ke lye mujhe pe mail karain.

      Agha Amir

      • Sir ! Theek he lekin main ye poochna chah raha tha ke kiya ? 75 year poore hone ke baad hamari family pension double ho jayegi ? . Or extra kitna benefit banega . Thanks and regaurds agha sahab

    • Dear Hafeez just email to Mr. Amir Agha Sb whose detail is available bu just clicking CONTACT US at this site.

  • what is the recent position of the case against the appeal in the supreme court by punjab government about the double pension

    • Dear Abdul Haseeb

      Appeals of Punjab Government pending before Supreme Court are reportedly 47 or so. But the affected pensioners, mostly 75 years and still older, who are suffering are in thousands of numbers and are looking at Supreme Court for earliest action.

      Kindly consider writing letters to the editors highlighting that delay by Supreme Court may lead to some pensioners embracing death before they can get the benefit which they consider has already accrued.

      The cases are so simple in nature, as a pensioner is a pensioner, whether of Federal or Provincial government. Appeals from Federal Government, already rejected by Supreme Cout, are a good basis for dealing with appeals from Punjab government.

      Agha Amir

      • Dear friend

        You must have read the latest news that Supreme Court has dismissed the cases of Punjab government through short order dated 31.3.2014.

        It depends if Punjab government goes into Review by Supreme Court again.

        Otherwise, Punjab government can any time now issue orders that the benefit of increase on commuted part of pension may also be allowed from 2001 onwards with effect from date of restoration.

        Wishing all pensioners the best of luck

        Agha Amir

  • For Flt.Lt. Muhammad Banaras, his query of 4 Jan 2014 refers.

    Benefit of restoration of commuted pension was withdrawn from 1.12.2001. So, sorry, you having retired much after that, are not eligibiel for restoration benefit.

    Only those pensioners who retired before opting the 2001 pay scales cum pension scheme, are to get some benefit along with restoration as per latest government orders issued after Supreme Court upheld High Court / Tribunal orders [that upon restoration, the increases on commuted part (not allowed under 2001 orders) should also be given from the date of restoration.]

    Agha Amir

  • Dear Mr. Amir Agha
    I was retired on 12-11-2007 after 23 years of service, when the pension restoration will be due. My date of birth is 6-8-1968.
    Jahangir Ahmed

    • Dear friend Jahangir

      Sorry, but restoration benefit is not admissible to those pensioners who retired on 1.12.2001 and thereafter. They had accepted the 2001 payscales cum pension scheme which withdrew the restoration benefit.

      Agha Amir

  • Dear friends

    This notification confirms that all those pensioners who retired BEFORE 1.12.2001 and got their pension commuted, are now entitled not only to restoration of pension on expiry of the years (for which pension was commuted), but also now they are entitled to all increases in pension (not allowed from 1.12.2001) on commuted part. The increases would be admissible from the date of restoration,, and no arrears are admissible for period before restoration.

    For any particular case mail to me at

    Agha Amir

  • Those pensioners, who retired BEFORE 1.12.2001, are entitled to get the commuted part of pension restored AFTER the period expires for which commuted value was received.

    Upon restoration, all those increases will also be admissible which were denied from 1.12.2001 till date of restoration (however no arrears before the restoration date).

    For any particular case, mail to me at

    Agha Amir

    • Dear friend

      If your case is similar to those mentioned in Fin Div letter quoted above, you may give the undertaking in the said form, and apply to the officer who sanctioned the pension, for restoration.

      For further information required, if any, please send me an email at

  • Dear Shumaila kamal...

    My father " Ghulam Habib" was retired in April 12, 2002, as assistant account office(BPS-16) on the age of 60 years and he died on December 31, 2013. i just want to know that when my father's pension restoration is expected and also want to know if there is any facility regarding educatioin of my younger brother Farhan Habib(under the age of 19 years, is a university student). Help me in this regard, i'll be very thankful to you..

    Thanks & Regards
    Ghulam sarwar khan

    • Dear Ghulam Sarwar, the restoration of pension policy was for the employees who retired before 01-12-2001.

      • Dear friend

        I trust that your mother has started receiving family pension after expiry of your father (the date is apparently wrong).

        Pension rules do not provide for any educational support to children of pensioner.

        You may approach the Benevolunt Fund officials for such a support, if their rules allow it.

        Agha Amir

  • Sir I appreciated this method of communication, which is very fruitful for the ex-servicesmen to solve their problem or even their satisfaction they faced.
    I am retired from govt service (armed forces) in 19.8.1994). May I entitle for the restoration of pension . your reply in this regard will be highly appreciated sir

    • Dear Noor Plz contact Mr. Amir Agha Sb whose detail is present in the comments and I hope he will satisfy you fully. Thanks

      • Dear friend

        Yes, having retired before 1.12.2001, restoration of commuted part is admissible to you.

        But you have to wait till expiry of years (rounded off) for which you received commuted value of the pension commuted.

        If you let me know your date of birth, I may give my opiniion as to when the restoration is / was due.

        Agha Amir

  • Dear Shumaila kamal!
    I was retired on 9-6-2011 at the age of 60 years.Please let me know what benefits I could get from this restoration order dated 11-3-2013.Please reply as soon as possible on

      • Dear friend

        The benefit of restoration was withdrawn from 1.12.2001. Since you retired after 30.11.2001, you are not entitled for restoration benefit.

        Agha Amir

  • Dear Shumaila Kamal

    Commutation is restored on the basis of rate of commutation any pensioner earns at the time of retirement. 75 years condition is for those pensioners who retired on 60 years of age.

  • Correct legal position. There is a misunderstanding that amount of every 75 years old pensioner would be doubled. This is not correct.

    True position is that commuted part of pension is restored after expiry for that number of years for which the pension was surrendered. Pensioners retiring at 60 yeras surrender the commuted part for 15 years, so they would get it restored after 15 years (at 75 years age). Persons retiring before 60 years of age generally surrender commuted part for more than 15 years. So they will get it restored after expiry of more than 15 years (for the rounded off years for which pension was surrendered / commuted).

    Increases on commuted part of pension were not allowed by government from 1.12.2001. Serivce Trubnal and Courts have upheld that upon restoration, those increases should also be given, with financial effect from date of restoration.

    The restoration benefit has been discontinued for pensioners retiring from 1.12.2001 onwards.

    Any one needing more information, or answer to a specific question, may approach me at I shall be glad to render all possible assistance.

    Agha Amir

    • Dear Agha sahibl!
      I was retired on 9-6-2011 at the age of 60 years.Please let me know what benefits I could get from this restoration order dated 11-3-2013.Please reply as soon as possible on

      • Dear Shakil, and all others who retired on 1.12.2001 and later dates.

        The benefit of restoration of commuted part of pension was discontinued by government for persons retiring 1.12.2001 onwards.

        Personally I think that step can be challenged by affected persons. Government can change such major terms of service only in respect of those employees who JOIN on or after 1.12.2001, and not for those who were already in service.

        Some good service lawyer could take this point, which has not so far been discussed in any Service Tribunal or Court to my knoweldge.

        Agha Amir

  • Salam, mere father 29.10.89 ko retire huey they , after 15 years un ki half pension bahal ho gai thi ,2004 me wo about 5000 pension le rahey they is me comuted pension 1900 shamil ho gai thi , kia is notification ka ye matlab he ke un ka izafa 5000 banta tha ,aur kia is notification ka merey father ko koi faida he ,shukria.

    • Dear XYZ Just contact your pension cell or account office for the detail of the same as i m not confirm about the same. Thanks

      • Dear friend

        Agar aap ke father ko commuted pension kay part per 1.7.2003 wala izaafa naheen mila tha, to ab un ko woh izaafa bhi mil sakta hai.

        Mera khyal hai keh 2004 wala izaafa to unhain commute shuda part par mil gaya ho ga.

        Agha Amir

  • Alamo aly kum
    Der sister
    mera name zahid latif ha mery ap sy request ha mery father ka intkhal ho choka ha mey father blouchistan plolec me ASI they our 31-3-1995 ko Reated howy our un ka intkhal 2010 me howa ofter 17yers ky bad pension doo barea reestore hoti ha but Acounts walun ka key na ha pension restor nahi hosakti wo is leye ky notifachion july 1995 ky
    ha na wo azafa karty hun ulka tal motol kar rhy hun ap sy gozaresh ha aya 15% yah ofter 15 yers yah 20% ofter 17 yers and abouve ap sy mad bana gazresh ha ky ap humy tafsel sy aga karny ap ki mherbani hogee
    ap ka naz mend
    zahid latif
    uthal blouchistan

    • Dear Zahid according to my knowledge, the pension is restored after reaching the age of 75 years.

      • Dear friend

        Apnay waalid ki date of birth pehlay batain, to andaaza ho ga keh keh kab un ko pension restore honi thi.

        Kya aapki walida ko family pension mil rahi hai ? aur kam az kam Rs.2,500 ya Rs.3,750 mil rahi hai ?

        Agha Amir

  • Dear Madam

    I retired from service in 09-01-1999 at the age of 50 years on completion of 27 years service. Am I eligible to get the restored commutation after 15 years from the date of retirement. Please advice.

      • Please let me know your date of birth.

        Normally, if your age was 50 after retirement, then you are entitled to the benefit of pension restoration on expiry of 23 years.

        But along with restoration, you would be entitled to all those increases on commuted part of pension, which have not been allowed from 1.12.2001 onwards.

        Agha Amir

  • Assalam Alaikum!!
    Sister i want to know,, mere father 9.1.1995 ko faut hugaye thay..2011 tak humay 50% pension milti rahy.. phir 2011 mai court ki decision per pension revise huker 50 se 75% hugayee or sath e sath humain ik saal ka arrear b mila..
    sawal mera yeh hay k acoording to my father age, wo 2015 ma 75 years hugyi... jab death hui tb age 53 years thy 1995 ma..
    matlub death hue almost 18 saal hugye..
    tu kia hamara is stage per iss judgment ka koi faida ha ya 2015 ma he is k consequences milein gy..
    one more thing, please guide me in simple easy words, kia humay pension ka 50% ( at the time of death/retiring) fix k hisab se 15 years (180 months ) ka milay ga.. ya jis jis hisab se jab jab pension increase huti rahy hay wo increament b as it is shamil huga.. phr agar hum aisa kaheyn k jitni pension aaj tak hum lechukay hayn agar us sb ka grand totel karyen tu utni e pension amount humay lump sum milnay wali hay...
    agar aisa ha tu its wonderful,.. aur ye tu bht zada amount ban jaty hay.. nd i dnt think so k hamari poor govt itne paise dyne k kabil hu,... as we r not in canada :(..
    please guide

    • Dear Ali Riaz, I advise you to contact the concerned Pension/Account branch for the clarification of the same. As they finally made the final decision and calculation. Thnaks

        • Mujhay yeh batain keh aap kay waalid ki date of birth aur date of retirement kya theen ?

          Mazeed opinion ba'd mein doon ga.

          Haan, yeh bata doon keh commuted part restore ho janay par woh tamaam izaafajaat bhi milain gay jo keh commuted part par 1.12.2001 kay ba'd naheen diya gaye.

          Agha Amir

  • Dear Sister

    I have a question up there asking for some clarification about gratuity amount of a deceased government servant whose payment is not being made to widow of the deceased, kindly update me in this context with ruling/supporting docs, I shall be highly thankful to my sister.


  • Dear Sister

    Hope you would be fine, many thanks for educating all of us. I have one very important advice from your kind end that my close relative died after 06 months of his retirement, he was medically boarded out in the age of 52 years. His gratuity amount was deposited with NBP, now the bank is not giving his gratuity amount to his widow despite the fact that his widow have been granted all the pension and other amounts payable to her under the law but the bank is not giving gratuity amount to the widow. They have demanded 'Succession certificate' to be taken from court of law, I could not understand why a poor widow is not being gratuity which is her just right as this is not amount of any land/property owned by his deceased husband, in spite it is his hard earned amount which was given to him for his government service, sister can you help me with provision of necessary rulings in this context to claim this amount without the passage of court as it is very lengthy, cumbersome and a widow can not afford it. Need your kind help and advice as always.

    My regards.

    • If the pension has been given to the widow, then the pension and gratuity sanctioning Accounts Office must write to the bank that gratuity should be also given to the widow. Without this clear authority from Accounts Office, bank may continue to insist on production of succession certificate.

      Send me detailed email if further guidance is desired.

      Agha Amir

  • Madam can you please me what does restoration of pension means?
    It refers to double the pension or not and This notification is applicable to those who retired before 60 years (My father was retired at the age of 49 years service of 32 years). Can he eligible for restoration of pension?

    Please Reply as soon as possible

    • at the time of retirement , a gross pension is granted to person. he has option either get whole amount of pension or he can get commuted portion of pension for 15 years and then will get a lump sum amount and rest of the portion as monthly pension. on completion of 15 years the commuted portion is restored and become part of pension . previously practice was , u of time r commuted portion didnot increase with the passage, Now by this notification u will get restored amount as same amount which u r getting amountly pension.

      say at time of retirement Rs 1000pm gross pension sanctioned.

      u communted Rs 500 pm for 15 years abd get a lump sum amount. and Rs 500 net pension monthly

      in these 15 years ur net pension increased as per govt increase granted years to Rs 1200pm

      on completion of 15 years ur communted portion is restored as Rs 500pm( in past before this notification) now pension will b Rs 1200+500=Rs 1700.

      after this notification wef 1/7/2013 no arrears

      Rs 1200 + Rs 1200=Rs 2400. which portion u commuted is also increased at govt side and now it is returned back yo u.

      • Bundle of thanks for your kind reply
        Please tell me that this notification is only applicable to those who completed his service time and got retired in 60 years or this noticfication is also beneficial to those who had service of more than 25 or 30 years but retired before 60 years

        • Dear Nouman this notification will be applicable for all retired employees, but after the completion of 75 years of age.

          • Dear friends

            Restoration of commuted part of pension is admissible to all those retired BEFORE 1.12.2001.

            Upon restoration, all those increases on commuted part shall also be admissible, which were denied. No arrears are however admissible before the date of restoration.

            For any particular case, please email to me

            Agha Amir

          • please tell me that widow are also entitled for the double benefit of pension restoration cases?

          • DEar Zille Rehani Khan Plz contact Mr. Amir Agha whose detail is available in these comments. He will surely give you the right advice. Thanks

    • Dear Nouman Just clarify it from any Account Office. I think it is for the employees who retire after 60 years age.

  • sis ye notification smjh nhi aya kia ye hr Retired govt employes k liye hy or agr hy to kb se hy main abu 25..10,,,1995 se retired hin g plz mrei rehnomae frmae thnx.

    • When an employee is retired some of the pension part is commuted that is to restore after 15 years and in the past this portion was not allowed to the pensioners after 15 years of retirement. I think it is the same.
      Dear just go the the concerned account office for the full clarification.

          • Dear Agha sb. Aslam-o-Alakum. I was retired from PAF as Honorary Flt Lieutenant on 13 Nov,2006. My DOB is 2 March, 1963.I have seen an Add in daily jang Rawalpindi in Nov, 2013 that those pensioner who was retired between 1.12.2001 and 30 June, 2013 their commuted portion of pension has been restored vide Fin Div Notification F.13(13)-Reg 6-2011 dt 11-3-2013. they are to send applications through post office / NBP with Rs 50 Stamp Paper, copy of pension book, PPO, Copy of CNIC to controller Military Pension Lahore Cantt to Sheikh Muhammad Nadeem Amjad(CMP Lhr Cantt). ph# 042-99220702 cell# 0332-4698531. but on contact he informed that that it is only applicable to the pensioner who retired before June, 99. Please guide me what is true pictured.Is it applicable on me. Thanks & Regards. Banaras.

  • Sister what is this all about I could not understand anything from this notification, what will be benefit of this O.M and who will get benefit for this restoration of pension, kindly help and explain in easy English so that every body can get benefit